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“Just as the first sign of life in an infant when born into the world, is the act of breathing,” wrote J. C. Ryle, “so the first act of men and women when they are born again, is Every Christian prays. 8 more words

Looking At Life in Light of Eternity

“How, then, should we view this world and our existence in it? The Puritans would answer, sub specie aeternitatis-“in the light of eternity”: we must “consider” (Rom. 102 more words

Not All Suffering is Spiritually Beneficial

“The link between suffering and glory is more than chronological-suffering logical-suffering now, glory then. The link is causal: we can see glory only through suffering. First comes affliction, through which we are brought to the end of ourselves and forced to lean on our Savior. 76 more words

Easy Believism

“Easy believism -the view that we can confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord without the engagement of our hearts (cf. Rom. 10:10)-is outlawed by what Paul writes here in Romans 8.” -Derek Thomas

The Misuse of Legalism

“The word legalism is overused. Sometimes I tell my students at the seminary where I teach that they may use this word once a year and no more. 157 more words

Motivations to Holiness

“What is our motivation in pursuing holiness? Perhaps, to be more accurate, we should ask: what are our motivations (plural) in pursuing holiness? There is more than one motivation for holiness in the New Testament.

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Mortification without the Gospel?

“Keeping gospel principles before our eyes is essential if mortification is to be successful. Otherwise, we may find ourselves killing one sin and giving life to another-pride.” -Derek Thomas