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Casualty Series 32, Episode 12 ~ Review

So, Lily’s gone leaving Iain a bit nowhere and Sam eager to pounce, Ethan is still wracked with guilt, Connie is battling on with her diagnosis seemingly at the back of her mind and all is busy as usual as we pay another visit to… 421 more words


The Great Western (and Liberal) Dilemma

In his new book, “The Strange Death of Europe,” British author, editor and political commentator Douglas Murray relates a remarkable account of Edward Pusey… 675 more words

Jim Langcuster

Casualty Series 32, Episode 8 ~ Review

In an episode of Casualty which so easily could have centred around Connie and disregarded all else around such a harrowing turn of events, there were plenty of moments to detract from the seemingly hopelessness of Connie’s secret condition. 440 more words


The men who sold the moonshot

When you ask Google whether we should build houses on the ocean, it gives you a bunch of results like these. If you ask Google X, the subsidiary within the company responsible for investigating “moonshot” projects like self-driving cars and space elevators, the answer that you get is rather different, as Derek Thompson reports in… 1,338 more words


Casualty Series 32, Episode 6 ~ Review

Another storming episode of Casualty with Connie taking centre stage yet again and the return of Duffy to our screens, which was a welcome sight! Plus there’s Charlie and Josh still making a motley pairing! 477 more words


Casualty Series 32, Episode 5 ~ Review

Sam’s return meets with mixed reactions – which was always going to be the way if we’re honest! Alicia is on a mission to get Elle laid…. 503 more words


Casualty, Series 32 Episode 1 ~ Review

A brand new series of Casualty and what an episode it was! An absolutely stellar instalment with terrific performances from all concerned and ‘heart in your mouth’ scenes. 366 more words