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How Immigration Became So Controversial - The Atlantic

Good long read with polling data that appears to contradict the highly polarized political debate:

Immigration seems to be the most prominent wedge issue in America.

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Predicting the Future of Legal Products

Content might be king, but distribution is the kingdom. – Derek Thompson

InĀ Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction, Derek Thompson explains what makes a hit. 253 more words

The Future Of Law

Dear Atlantic: Do you really want to know why the "Media Apocalypse" Happened? Spoiler Alert: It's your bad reporting. The Anyone But Us Narrative keeps right on happening.

The Atlantic is not a thinking person’s publication.

It is arrogant sophistry that feels deep to sheltered teenagers.

The latest diatribe from Derek Thompson called “ 358 more words

Alleged Journalism

Casualty ~ Spotlight on 'Robyn' played by Amanda Henderson

For the next few weeks I’m going to be focusing on the characters in BBC One’s Casualty as opposed to a full episode review each week – inspired by the storylines becoming so much more character focused at the moment. 553 more words


We all want economic growth. So let’s ask: what’s the bottleneck on growth?

Ask one of today’s republicans, and you can expect to hear a host of false-fact fantasies, such as that we would grow faster if only American companies had competitive tax rates (spoiler: they do), or if they had more money for hiring (spoiler: corporate cash is at record levels), or if they had more money for investing (spoiler: ditto), or perhaps if the rich had more money that could magically trickle down to the masses (spoiler: LOL). 599 more words

Republican Party

Casualty Series 32, Episode 12 ~ Review

So, Lily’s gone leaving Iain a bit nowhere and Sam eager to pounce, Ethan is still wracked with guilt, Connie is battling on with her diagnosis seemingly at the back of her mind and all is busy as usual as we pay another visit to… 421 more words


The Great Western (and Liberal) Dilemma

In his new book, “The Strange Death of Europe,” British author, editor and political commentator Douglas Murray relates a remarkable account of Edward Pusey… 675 more words

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