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Casualty: Charlie Fairhead. Kind but daft

(Series 30, ep. 36) Is it just me or is Big Mac nothing but a misery drain? He seems to lurch from one crisis to the next. 290 more words


Tax filing: Is there a better way to do it here in the United States?

Tax filing day has come and gone, and for millions of Americans, it’s another reminder of how complicated and convoluted our current tax collection system is. 624 more words


Sunday Surfing and a Follow-Up on Mars Retrograde

Every day, in relation to whatever I was going to explode about 2 or 3 days ago, I get new information or insight that alters what I would have let play out in that moment and I get to enjoy a moment of thankfulness and relief at sparing myself embarrassment.

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Thinking & Meditation Points

When choosing a college, ask 'Who will I become?'

The questions we ask when selecting an undergraduate or graduate program focus on the financial and vocational. What will it cost? Will I get a job when I graduate? 270 more words

Work Thoughts


Here, now, is the idea from “A World Without Work” (The Atlantic, July 2015) that plumb arrested my attention:

if the balance of work continues to shift toward the small-bore and episodic, the simplest way to help everybody stay busy might be a national online marketplace of work…

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Clay Shirky tells us it’s a jump-ball situation: there’s a trillion hours a year’s worth of “cognitive surplus” out there essentially up for grabs. And if digitization and automation sharply reduce the number of full-time jobs available, as The Atlantic’s… 568 more words



A World Without Work” was the cover story in last July’s issue of The Atlantic. The big proposition it puts forth? Digitization and automation will eventually produce great wealth – but far fewer workers will be needed to produce it: … 651 more words

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