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Casualty 'End Of The Road' ~ Episode Review

Casualty’s main focus was on Connie’s relationship with Hugo, this week – as well as heralding the return of Lily (against Dylan’s better judgement). Here are some highlights from a fast-paced and intense episode… 314 more words


Casualty: Break Point ~ Episode Review

The episode following Cal’s death was always going to be a harrowing one to watch, it was distressing to see Ethan returning to work and also watching the rest of the team coping with the fall-out. 276 more words


Casualty 'Reap The Whirlwind: Part Two' ~ Episode Review

Oh my days, Casualty! It’s no wonder they’re up for a BAFTA after those last two episodes, filmed so innovatively and cleverly written, too. Here are a few highlights of the tremendously sad episode from last night. 468 more words


Hit Maker: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction

Hit Maker: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction by Derek Thompson

Synopsis: Nothing “goes viral.” If you think a popular movie, song, or app came out of nowhere to become a word-of-mouth success in today’s crowded media environment, you’re missing the real story. 355 more words


Casualty 'Child Of Mine' ~ Episode Review

Saturday’s episode of Casualty was deeply uncomfortable to watch at times, I was cringing (which is totally what was supposed to have happened, I’m sure and testament to some incredible performances). 419 more words


Casualty 'Sleeping With The Enemy' ~ Episode Review

Budget cuts, suspected indiscretions and a snake in the ED – sounds like a normal day in the NHS, eh? Here are a few highlights from last Saturday’s Casualty: 470 more words


Kenan & Derek Rank Among Top SAs!

Shout out to Kenan Hyseni and Derek Thompson, who were the Top AO Supervising Agents and ranked Top-15 in all of AIL for the week! 13 more words

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