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The Voice of Joyce: Periscope today 11AM Our World

Hi dear followers:

This is a bury week, tune in today and let’s talk about our Economy and your suggestions for a better day.  Don’t forget the live photos of PLUTO! 11 more words

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The Voice of Joyce: Algorithms are an unfair advantage

I finally understand why millisecond trades are like Insider Trading and an unfair advantage!  I now realize, it’s not that they purchase subscriptions to trade in milliseconds, or that they buy  stocks in bulk,  it’s ” the algorithms “, that make their trading unfair, uncompetitive and something I can’t follow and read about. 340 more words

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Why is the futures contract marked to market to future market prices and not to cash prices?

Contract entered at present to trade in future at certain price is a futures contract. This future price is even determined by the market players since futures contract is a standardized exchange traded contract. 546 more words


How To: Exponential Functions (Differentiation and Integration)


The following shows the derivatives of both Exponential Functions with base e and other bases as well:


This is the integral of an exponential function with a different base. 15 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Word Press Statistics: 2014 in review/Thank you followers!!!

The WordPress.com stats” helper personnel ” prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

  • Thank you all my followers for making 2014 a successful year!  In particular, thank you for your comments, words of encouragement and the links you’ve provided to other sites.

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How To: Implicit Differentiation


Guidelines for Implicit Differentiation:

  1. Differentiate both sides of the equation with respect to x.
  2. Collect all terms involving dy/dx on one side of the equation and move all other terms to the opposite side of the equation.
  3. 44 more words

QUARTER 2 BEGINS... How To: The Chain Rule


 The Chain Rule is better explained by an example:

f(x) = (4x – 1)^3

f'(x) = 3[(4x – 1)^2](4)

f'(x) = 12(4x – 1)^2… 43 more words