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Review of Framework for Stocks in Derivatives Segment

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has issued circular number SEBI/HO/MRD/DP/CIR/P/2018/67 dated April 11, 2018 for Review of Framework for Stocks in Derivatives Segment. 789 more words


Derivatives Done Discretely

I have often thought about the way that humans derived the concept of the derivation. As a more algebraically minded person, I have wondered if we needed to develop calculus at all in order to discover it (and understand it). 305 more words

A Couple of (Dreamy) Functions!

Hello Readers!

It’s not often that one dreams about math equations in their sleep, but that’s exactly what happened to me the other night. ¬†For whatever reason, the functions… 373 more words

Finance Scholarship Professional Interview

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FINCAD, the leading provider of sophisticated analytics for multi-asset derivatives and fixed income portfolios, today announced Shagoon Malhotra as the recipient of their annual Women in Finance Scholarship award. 634 more words

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Death by Derivatives

Trading in derivatives has led to great losses for some speculators some of who ended their lives. This has been happening since 1848, ever since the birth of modern financial derivatives. 116 more words


Trading Psychology - #KamDev Language

So, many of the fellow trader’s requested for writing on Psychology – Dekho bhai humare bhasha mein Psychology sab ke liye same rehati hai…Psychology bole toh – Ek he Kaam ko Insaan Kaise Karta Hai aur agar sahi yah galat hojaye toh Kaise React Karta Hai !!! 1,563 more words

BabaGyaanDevJr Vs BabaKamDevJr

So mere pyaare kutiyon, kaisan laga yeh wala hafta….aaya hoga bada mazzzza khud ki lagwane mein….Pehale Sab Ko Bull Banaya….Phir Bear Ka Sapana Dikhaya…Phir 200 DMA se Return Legaye aur Humare sab Pornshop walo ne toh news chaap di….khareedo…khareedo….200 DMA Support Strong Hai….BC !!!

1,932 more words