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Seeing Difference Quotients

Third in the graphing calculator series. 

In working up to the definition of the derivative you probably mention difference quotients. They are

The forward difference quotient (FDQ):  465 more words


Chain Rule for Calculus

This post will be about the chain rule. The chain rule was one of those topics that took a bit of time for me to understand when I was a younger math student. 201 more words


Obama is a Failure — The World Needs A New Financial Architecture Now!


Obama must be ousted, regardless of time left, if there is to be any functioning New Presidency in the United States during the period ahead. 904 more words

Glass Steagall

A Guide to Integration by Parts

In this post, I will talk about a key calculus topic. This topic will be on Integration by Parts. It is a tricky topic at first and this post will provide a quick and simple guide to this topic. 436 more words


A financial market for weather

People suffer from bad weather. In particular, extreme weather events increase cost of doing business and cause in turn financial losses. In order to decrease economic and financial impact of volatile weather, people have started to protect their assets initially by means of insurance. 828 more words


Understanding Product Rule and Quotient Rule in Calculus

Here is a quick lesson covering the Product Rule, and the Quotient Rule  in Calculus.


This lesson assumes that the student knows what a calculus derivative is and is familiar with derivatives of functions such as , and so on. 294 more words


Tangent Lines

Second in the Graphing Calculator/Technology series

This graphing calculator activity is a way to introduce the idea if the slope of the tangent line as the limit of the slope of a secant line. 449 more words