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Physical Commodities and Derivatives- The History of a Pricing Pyramid

April 26, 2015

There are many derivative products these days in the world of commodities. In my latest piece for About.com I take a look at the various commodity derivative vehicles that all seek to reflect action in the prices of physical commodities. 34 more words


Iranian Invasion: Get Ready for Possible SUDDEN Economic Devastation in the West

We don’t know when it will be; before September 13, 2015, or after.  But after it happens many of the things you could have done to prepare before it happened may very well be much harder or even impossible to do. 4,761 more words

Signpost #2: Iran

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Nasdaq sets record high, 15 years after dot-com bubble
If you're an export-heavy company, your results have suffered from a strong dollar," said Randy Frederick, managing director of trading and derivatives for Charles Schwab. 9 more words

The Impact of Derivatives Trading on Bitcoin Spot Market Volatility

Bitcoin fell another 14% against the USD this past month. Or maybe bitcoin held steady as the dollar rallied. Depends what universe you live in. … 306 more words


Long Straddle: Making profits in highly volatile conditions.

Frequently sought by some investors and often avoided by many others, volatility represents how much and how quickly the value of a security or market fluctuates over a period of time. 632 more words


Integrating Humor Into Your Daily Life

Two mathematics professors, Bob and Steve, are talking in a bar.  Bob laments to Steve that the average person just doesn’t understand math anymore.  Steve thinks Bob is being too hard on people.  

1,256 more words