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What is going on here: sum of cos(nx)...

This started innocently enough; I was attempting to explain why we have to be so careful when we attempt to differentiate a power series term by term; that when one talks about infinite sums, the “sum of the derivatives” might fail to exist if the sum is infinite. 278 more words


The Space Shuttle Discovery

Repetition can create good humor. Repetition can also form the foundation for some good connections between subjects. Not repetition in a particular class, but repetition of the same set of data, used a multiple points in the course, for a variety of purposes. 410 more words


Differentiability of power series

I might be putting the “cart before the horse” here, but I will talk about complex power series for the following reason:

If a function is differentiable on some open disk centered at , then has derivatives of all orders AND has a power series representation valid at . 483 more words

Complex Functions

Homework due February 26 (Monday)

Text from 2.1: 14, 16, 18, 22, 25 and the following problem:

Extra problem:

Recall from calculus: the Mean Value Theorem: given continuous on and differtiable on there exists where… 84 more words

Complex Functions

Are the Rothschilds selling?

To understand what really makes the Rothschilds tick, read this.  It’s a serious redpill.

For over two years, the alternative financial media has been predicting that if Trump won, the puppetmasters would blow up the financial system and blame it on him. 1,765 more words

The Storm

Stuff you have to KNOW ...

Learning mathematics can be puzzling at times. Yes, insight and creativity is often called for. But there are some tools of the subject which must be mastered for creativity to be productive. 315 more words

Cauchy-Riemann Equations

The sensitivity of the futures price to a yield change (formula)

Δf ≈ – Modified Duration of the futures * futures price * basis point change in the implied yield on the futures.