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Great Dermalogica Review

This is a great review of Dermalogica’s Daily Superfoliant, Skin Smoothing Cream, Special Cleansing Gel and Precleanse Balm.  I have many clients that get similar results with these products – these products bring positive results when incorporated into a daily skincare routine and used consistently.  105 more words


Acne, Part 3

If you have been keeping up, you now know what the four main causes of acne are, and why it seems to be happening more and more in today’s society.  628 more words

[REVIEW] Dermalogica SkinCare

Haii jadi kmaren ini kan aku sempet diinvite ke event dermalogica trus disana aku ikut skin bar class yg bisa kamu baca disini n aku dapet goodies yg isinya produk2 mereka yg uda aku coba pake n skarang aku mau review buat kalian 😆😆 422 more words

Beauty Diaries


Time to get serious here and talk hormones! Those pesky, bloody hormones.

Mine are in full force around my moon cycle and while they always have been up and down, post baby they feel just that bit more intense. 324 more words


March Beauty Favourites 2018

Last month was a great month in terms of skincare finds, my skin on the other hand, didn’t have such a great month. This was not skincare related, I started a new job and moved house so stressed played a big role in this. 915 more words


Acne Again Part 2

In my last acne post we discussed what the four causes of acne are, with a lot more detail about how it is caused and how those four things interrelate to make for problem skin.  694 more words

Acne Again

In the last two months I have had many new clients come in to Desiree’s Skin Care.  The number one source of frustration, concerns, and questions is acne.  832 more words