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A Beleza de poder testar varias coisas

Testar e experimentar, fazem parte da rotina de qualquer pessoa que gosta de cuidar de si. É assim que descobrimos o que funciona e o que não funciona. 158 more words

Summer Skincare 2017

I have the oiliest skin on earth, but as we all know, oil can combat excess oil. And as summer is heavily upon is in Georgia, I am hydrated by drinking tons of water and using the right products for my skin. 1,163 more words


6 Ways I Got Control of My Acne

Since I was a teenager, I have been insecure about my skin. Acne, blackheads, and extremely oily skin bothered me daily, and continued to do so into my twenties. 1,173 more words

My Story

Dry or dehydrated skin - whats the difference?

When you are challenged by dry skin, it can be hard to look your best. Your skin feels tighter, your makeup doesn’t go on smoothly, and you just don’t feel as beautiful. 585 more words

Talk it out Thursday 

Hey everyone! For this week’s talk it out Thursday, I am choosing to discuss a skin care product that will rock your world.

The brand: Dermalogica… 185 more words


Dermalogica Skin Care

My face routine begins with my Dermalogica precleanse. It is a deep cleansing oil that melts “impurities”. I apply the oil to my dry face and massage it around. 124 more words



Fun fact about me: I’m obsessed with skincare…like I can’t get enough. Despite absolutely loving the vast makeup selections at ULTA and Sephora, I prefer a bare face (when I can get away with it) 99% of the time. 1,078 more words