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A little bit stronger

Can it be? Is it possible? The time has finally arrived that I am no longer on any, that’s right, ANY medications! Zero, zilch, nada! I have been Methotrexate free for almost 5 weeks now, Prednisone free for 8 months, and Plaquinil free for a year. 338 more words


Phantom Pains

Today has been one of those days that I have been having phantom pains in my leg from the muscle biopsy that I had in the beginning phases of my diagnosis. 121 more words


Away from Home

This week I commuted to north Dallas for a conference and although I received a lot of value from this conference and made some new friends, pasta, sandwiches, rolls, and cake were common parts of the meals they delivered to our tables, although there was a lot of chicken and salad as well. 364 more words

Wheat Free and Feelin' Good

I have been successfully living free of wheat for two and a half weeks and feel good. You see, two and a half  weeks ago, I slipped up when we went out for barbecue, and I ate two rolls as well as some macaroni and cheese. 408 more words

Good Bye Moonface

Prednisone! I knew going into it thatprednisone causes “moon face”. Moon face is that in which your face is round, puffy, and swollen. In the midst of it I thought I was doing pretty well with not letting the prednisone get the best of me and then I look back! 260 more words


Gluten Free...it's not just a fad (for me)

It’s no doubt that you have heard of being Gluten Free or of Gluten Free products. I feel that the “popularity” of gluten free has sky rocketed over the last decade or so. 1,036 more words


How to win when you can't get out of bed

“Some days are born ugly. From the very first light they are no damn good what ever the weather, and everybody knows it. No one knows what causes this, but on such a day people resist getting out of bed and set their heels against the day.

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Anti-synthetase Syndrome