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Am I already in the After...again?

Somewhere around the end of January to the beginning of February I barely took notice of a rounded, not very pimple looking, a bit bigger than that, more like a blister, but tighter thing on my nose…but really even this description is months-later remembrance and anyone that knows me can tell you I have a TERRIBLE memory. 863 more words

Chronic Illness

My New Experiment

Last week was a real wake up call for me. Not only have I been really tired, achy, and itchy as well as having more chest pain, I got my latest lab test results back. 442 more words


Proof is in...my hands!!!

As I write this I am so super excited!  I am excited to actually see the proof that the changes I have made to help reverse my autoimmune disease are working.  191 more words


Playing the Guinea Pig

I went to the rheumatologist yesterday for my regularly scheduled three month visit. I didn’t increase my steroids above 5 mg. this week even though my joints, muscle, and skin were inflamed. 576 more words

What's on the menu?

I often get asked what I can’t eat and my usual reply is “It’s easier to answer with what I can eat”.  I have decided to answer this question via blog post, for those of you who keep track of me ( 504 more words


Myositis Stardust and a Black Goat Riding a Unicycle

Click-bait titles, man, oh man do I enjoy falling into that trap. I write things like that for a living, you’d thing I’d know when a click-bait is… baiting me. 1,411 more words


To Your Health...

Eleven years ago, I was ‘officially’ diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that had probably started its insidious attack years prior.  Dermatomyofuckingsitis.  It started with little things, symptoms that doctors couldn’t quite peg.   291 more words