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10 Tips From A Nomad

After a hiatus of sorts, the bun is back. With more thoughts than ever before. Moving is an incredibly educational life experience. If you ever feel like you need to learn a thing or two about life, yourself, and faith in general – I recommend moving… Preferably to another country ;) 1,271 more words


10,000 steps a day for life

It all started with a fitness tracker. That, and the fact that I just turned 60 and felt like I was wandering unknowingly into uncharted senior citizen territory. 714 more words


A little bit stronger

Can it be? Is it possible? The time has finally arrived that I am no longer on any, that’s right, ANY medications! Zero, zilch, nada! I have been Methotrexate free for almost 5 weeks now, Prednisone free for 8 months, and Plaquinil free for a year. 338 more words


Phantom Pains

Today has been one of those days that I have been having phantom pains in my leg from the muscle biopsy that I had in the beginning phases of my diagnosis. 121 more words


Away from Home

This week I commuted to north Dallas for a conference and although I received a lot of value from this conference and made some new friends, pasta, sandwiches, rolls, and cake were common parts of the meals they delivered to our tables, although there was a lot of chicken and salad as well. 364 more words

Wheat Free and Feelin' Good

I have been successfully living free of wheat for two and a half weeks and feel good. You see, two and a half  weeks ago, I slipped up when we went out for barbecue, and I ate two rolls as well as some macaroni and cheese. 408 more words

Good Bye Moonface

Prednisone! I knew going into it thatprednisone causes “moon face”. Moon face is that in which your face is round, puffy, and swollen. In the midst of it I thought I was doing pretty well with not letting the prednisone get the best of me and then I look back! 260 more words