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Z is for Zero %

Z: Zero %
Zero %….that’s the chance of myself giving up on fighting for a symptom free life. A life where I don’t wince from pain while putting my hands in and out of my pockets. 128 more words


Y is for Yes

Y: Yes

Yes, I have an autoimmune disease. No, I am not contagious!

Yes, my hands may look like I have been stung by a swarm of killer bees while getting ran over by a truck just when the sun appears to be burning my face off. 78 more words


X is for Xanthan Gum

X: Xanthan Gum

It is possible that you are reading this and thinking…”what the heck is Xanthan Gum? Is she just making up words now?” Actually, if you look through your cupboards and pantry you are highly likely to find this and many other strange looking ingredients in your processed foods. 239 more words


W is for Weak

W: Weak

I have often been asked what my muscle weakness felt like in the beginning and what it is like now. Before my diagnosis I started to notice that when I washed my hair it was getting more and more difficult to keep my arms up to lather the soap. 389 more words


V is for Vulnerable

V: Vulnerable

First things first, I took the day off from writing yesterday. Our world lost a beautiful soul and I felt compelled not to write about myself and just reflect on him. 242 more words


U is for Uncommon

U: Uncommon

It’s always a little alarming when you are diagnosed with a disease that is uncommon. As described on AAFP.org, “Dermatomyositis is an idiopathic inflammatory myopathy with characteristic skin manifestations. 105 more words


T is for Tired

T: Tired

I already want to take a nap tomorrow! Seriously, I am tired a good amount of the time. I thought that once my son grew out of the infant phase my days of feeling rested would return…jokes on me. 128 more words