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Quirky's Quest for Connection.

I don’t know if anyone feels truly connected…as snug as a bug in a rug within the community blanket. As much as I would love to, sometimes even I find myself standing back quite content to watch from the sidelines lest I am somehow consumed or engulfed by the need or pressure to conform. 1,002 more words


An Acceptance Speech

I did not win a Grammy. Or an Oscar. Or a Pulitzer. Or a Nobel Prize (I wish). I did however, win over my own heart.  904 more words

A New Perspective

I talked with three very wise women today, women with whom I used to work when I first arrived in Texas. Two of them were teachers and one of them was a counselor, and they are now all retired.  277 more words


My Life Problems began...

So I think the majority of things I’ll be posting (aka complaining) about will end up being medical things. Sorry if this is oh so boring. 228 more words


Tidal Wave

Thursday night I went through an inordinate amount of stress.  I lay awake for hours, crying and praying, and when I finally did sleep, I had a terrible nightmare. 488 more words


About Kori

It’s a bird… It’s a plane! Wait, actually, it looks more like a 20-something-year-old, educated Black woman spreading her wings as she soars to higher heights. 76 more words

Kori Winters

Rambling; Skipped a Few Days.

All I want today is ramble.

1. I have missed a few days blogging this week, so I guess  I have a restart my timer of going for a year, since that was my goal I had in mind. 751 more words