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Fiancé Update - by April

Hey everyone! So there’s been some ups and downs since the last post:

The downs include the stimulant bringing TJ’s blood pressure way too high. The first few days were fine; lots of clarity and clearness which was so neat to see from him again! 220 more words


Million Dollar Smile!

Okay, not quite $1,000,000, but so far we are up to $31,000.

Holy crab cakes. Thank you prednisone and methotrexate!

*insert eyeroll here*

After almost an entire year of budgeting, saving, stressing,    624 more words

Change is Inevitable

Today I found out that I am going to be switching my medication from Imuran to Methotrexate… It may not seem like a big deal, but when you’ve been married to the same medication for four years switching it up can be a bit frightening… Especially when you google the side effects and the first thing listed on the National Institute of Health’s website reads  341 more words

Dealing With Illness

Tapering Dermatomyositis Vampire

When you’re stuck with steroids and chemo you start to read up on the various withdrawals, side effects, symptoms, and biochemical changes that occur in your body. 1,101 more words


Having a Rough Day?... Me Too

Today I feel a bit discouraged, I have been trying to figure out why I feel so terrible on a day-to-day basis and there is just no getting to the bottom of it.   357 more words

Dealing With Illness

When Myositis Meets the Exodus Faith

Artists lead a life full of struggles and constant muse-deprived depressions – if you’re not sure who you’re creating for. See, when you know where your talent comes from, there isn’t a person, a wall, a disease that will stand in your way. 1,519 more words


It Was Fine / Fall Favorites

In the spirit of fall, chemo weekend, and another step towards making myositis look awesome – I remembered I have an overdue post to write. Plus, I have a bunch of pictures on my phone that, in  ode to the beauty of fall, deserve to be shared. 809 more words