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Recipe Alert! Oven Jerky

Since I have had requests for a recipe on oven jerky I am indulging those who want in the know.  There are many different recipes out there for marinades, feel free to find what you like best since all tastes differ.  413 more words


Back in the saddle AGAIN!

I have three months (if baby boy follows the predicted schedule) until our second little prince arrives.  This means that I will be going back to a strict diet to prepare my body for the postpartum journey ahead.  546 more words


3/7/17 Resident Morning Report - Nausea, Vomiting, Unintentional Weight Loss, Hyperpigmented Rash, Dermatomyositis

CC: nausea, vomiting, weight loss

ID: 21 yo Hispanic male presents with 4 months of persistent nausea, NBNB vomiting, and unintentional 60 pound weight loss as well as a hyperpigmented rash across his body.   245 more words

Resident Morning Report

Thou Shalt Get Walking!

After weeks of torrential flooding rain, the damn sun came out today and dried up all my excuses.

That meant, that I finally had to get outside and do “the 20 minute walk”. 783 more words


#RareDiseaseDay February 28th (not spon) 

Before you click off, don’t worry this isn’t a sponsored post or a “pity party” this is just the truthfulness, completely unedited, and non formatted writings of someone with a Chronic Ilness that’s taking its toll. 2,022 more words


Go ahead and LOVE yourself!

Valentine’s Day brings emotions of love for some and heartache for others. For those that have someone to love and enjoy the day with it brings feelings of love, joy, and happiness. 210 more words



Reflection is defined as the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected. This can be something such as light or an image that is reflected. 313 more words