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Dumb White Girl and My Use of Ignorant Language

Yesterday I referred out loud about a song idea of mine as being “gay” in front of my band mates. This is a term that I ignorantly use all too often. 530 more words


Derogatory Terms

Fag, dyke, homo, faggot, butch, lesbo, todger dodger, anal assassin, cock jockey, fairy, queen, flamer, nancy, twink, tranny, queer, pussy….. Sadly this is only a handful of words that are used in a derogatory way against the people of the LGBTQA community. 389 more words

LGBTQA Community

Lawmakers want to remove derogatory terms like "retarded" from PA public school code

Hurtful words you would never use to describe a kid these days, like retard and crippled, are part of Pennsylvania’s Public School Code. The code is a combination of school laws which was put in place by lawmakers in 1949. 413 more words


Good Times in Agnes Water/Town of 1770

On November 4th, I set out for Agnes Water/Town of 1770 on what would be a full day by Greyhound.

We passed Bundaberg, location of the famous Rum Distillery, which I’d heard of from my neighbour. 1,901 more words

Bad Luck Ross

Twisting Emotions

Many behavioural traits are linked to emotions which control our responses to external events. Some are immutably entrenched, like “do not harm children”.

However these “directives” to behaviour were evolved in the context of a society which preceded much of the contextual change which we now take as granted and which influences our current behaviour forcefully. 1,061 more words

Top NFL Referee Has Not Officiated Washington Game Since 2006

Mike Carey is considered by NFL coaches to be the best official in the league.  He was the first African American to ref a Super Bowl game.   143 more words


On the Use of Derogatory Terms in Hong Kong

Recently, renowned Hong Kong English-language daily newspaper South China Morning Post banned the discriminatory use of the word ‘locust’ with reference to Mainland Chinese. This act raised concerns as to whether it was self-censorship that led to this decision. 1,056 more words