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The Burkean Sublime, i: Why We Must Care


This is the first post in a long series about the Burkean Sublime and why it fucks everything up in American politics.

This series was inspired by two people: 796 more words


A General Unified Theory of Real Assholes.

Consider the following social realities:

1. “Edgy”, “unconventional” people who eschew “politeness” and “respect” are not just tolerated but admired because they are often exciting and fun to be around. 754 more words


The DERPosphere sure is upset with Brett Kimberlin.

So there’s this guy named Brett Kimberlin who blew up a lot of people in Speedway, Indiana many years ago.  Then he served his time… 1,419 more words


The Queen of DERP is really mad at Amazon.

I’m not going to link every one, but Michelle Malkin found out that Amazon decided to stop supporting American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, the organization behind the ridiculous “stand your ground” laws that allow unhinged people with guns to gun down people they don’t like and also behind changes to voter registration laws that serve to suppress the vote. 879 more words


Can S. E. Cupp object to Larry Flynt's douchebaggery based on her own values?

So, Larry Flynt’s Hustler recently did something that Hustler does all the time, which is publish an awful photographic representation of a woman.  This time, though, the… 425 more words


Debunking the AEI is so easy even a hobbyist can do it.

Sit back, my friends, and I’ll show you why teabaggers and other assorted nutjobs are better off when they simply make things up.

Some blogger named James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute wrote a post called “ 347 more words


Right-wing nutjobs are better at Marxism than most progressives.

Some dude calling himself “WalterGa” tweeted this:

When Dems say “Bain”, replace it with “Capitalism” to get their true meaning ‪#tcot

To which I say: 

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