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To Push or Not To Push?

I recently watched a social experiment conducted by mentalist and illusionist Derren Brown on Netflix called The Push. I’ve always been a huge fan of his because he, like myself, is fascinated in what it means to be human and how we behave in different situations but, unlike me, he’s doing something about it. 1,201 more words

Nature Vs Nurture

Derren Brown: The Push

I thought I’d start this page off with an easy and sarcastic review just for laughs, but I never could imagine I would watch this masterpiece before that. 451 more words


Derren Brown - The Push (SPOILERS!)

Hey lovelies ♥

I’m doing a bit of a different post today as this really got me thinking and definitley left me with a profound message. 787 more words

Personal Growth & Self-Care

Derren Brown 'The Push' Review

Derren Brown’s latest offering went straight to Netflix this time and three days after watching it I’m still thinking about it.

The Push is a psychlogical experiment conducted by Derren Brown which sees a subject manipulated into pushing a man off a building. 468 more words



The problem with being partially psychotic at the time I started stalking researching Derren Brown is my memory is kind of unreliable…

After seeing him at a philosophy conference in late 2015, I’m sure my pokings about on the internet brought up an article in which he spoke with infuriating mystery of ‘the five words the brain just can’t handle’. 701 more words



Last night, I had a prophetic (sort-of) dream, in which I – apparently – received Derren Brown’s mobile phone number.

I’m going to Blackpool Magic Convention later this week and am particularly looking forward to meeting anyone who attended Head Hacking’s ‘Manchurian Approach’ training. 646 more words


Robert Kennedy's Lone Nut Assassin - Not

The Strange Case of Sirhan Sirhan

James Corbett (2016)

Film Review

In this 2016 documentary, James Corbett examines various evidence suggesting that Robert Kennedy’s alleged assassin was operating in a hypnotic trance. 277 more words

Hidden History