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2015, 24 August ∣Lesson 24 Testimony.

Occupation: Accountant
Name: Nicholas

Age: 27
Number of mistakes: 5
Test completion time: 32 min

To be honest, I’m passionate about the mind and the power that each one of us carry with us every day of the week. 1,484 more words

Lesson 24 Testimony

The curious case of the telepathetic psychic

So who believes in spirits or even the afterlife? I have to say that I have always been rather curious about this and so when I heard that my local pub had booked a psychic for the evening, I could not wait to get my tickets! 834 more words

Things That Make Us Go 'hmmmm'

A little bit about Mentalism.

I thought it might be an interesting topic to discuss the huge expansion of mentalism as a commercial form in the last few years. It has been quite a phenomenon here in the United States and it appears that this is also a worldwide trend. 807 more words

Magic And Magicians

Where are they all?

Sceptics in search of ‘truth’ haven’t been on TV or Radio with me. I wonder why? Randi even claimed many years ago ‘I was deluded’ but he had no intention of proving it. 179 more words

Why only closed minded people believe in Psychics

The definition of open minded is “willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced.” I ask you, that should you currently believe that there are people in the world, able to contact the dead, tell you your future or help you with problems or cure ailments using paranormal powers that you consider a new idea without prejudice, and that is: 3,302 more words

Opening The Debate

When ignorance challenges the intellect of great people!

Derren Brown & Richard Dawkins displaying enormous ignorance. TV or radio await you guys. http://www.thecockneybard.com 

When ignorance challenges the intellect simply refer to the great people here – Dummies Guide To Conversing Spirits  60 more words