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Faking it

Sometimes in life, you need to be hit over the head two or three times with a blunt something or other, before things can really sink in. 1,348 more words

Our Way

(Happiness) Daniel Kahneman and Two Selves;

I have recently started reading a book called ‘Happy‘ by Derren Brown. I figured if I’m ever going to read a book to change my outlook on happiness and how to find it, it should be sooner rather than later. 384 more words


Alluding To Illusions

When something unexplainable happens, you could spend a lot of time exploring scientifically and logically how it could have happened. Or you could just say  780 more words

Review: 'Happy' by Derren Brown

The best non-fiction books are ones which state the obvious, whilst presenting it in an entirely different light which changes our view on an issue. So, when the illusionist Derren Brown explores a feeling we’ve experienced on many occasions during our lifetime – happiness – one would be forgiven for thinking we know all about joy, feeling good and how to be positive. 232 more words


The first exorcism, or was it a trick?

Thomas, Tuesday May 30

If I ever had any doubts about the ability of Jesus to add healing to his portfolio of skills, the things I saw yesterday blew them away like a toy boat in one of Galilee’s squalls. 665 more words

Jesus, Thursday 25 May

The things I am learning!  I don’t think of them as tricks or techniques, more as ways of liberating my latent abilities and channelling the power of God.  512 more words

Jesus, Monday 22 May

I finally fell asleep just before dawn, and when I awoke the sun had almost finished climbing the side of the sky.  Mary must have risen long ago but I was aware of someone looking down at me.  627 more words