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Mind ManipulationūüĎĆ

Have you ever completed a purchase on impulse, or perhaps signed up for something you had no real interest in, then afterwards considered WHY? 

Do you question РHow did they entice, & lure you into a signing a contract? 1,132 more words


Why are humans so easy to hypnotise and manipulate?

Most conspiracy theories seem to be enjoyed and believed by drug users. With the extensive and regular taking of their recreational drugs, the side effects are the allowing of it to stimulate paranoia and the dis-inhibiting of the logical thinking process. 763 more words


One Million Prize - Be Mad Not To Take It Up Wouldn't You?

http://www.thecockneybard.com¬†ONE MILLION PRIZE – Simply appear on TV anywhere in the world & prove that it’s fake

This offer is open to anyone, anywhere in the world including well known debunkers Richard Wiseman, Chris French, James Randi, Derren Brown & Richard Dawkins. 175 more words

Oh the irony of it all!

One who doubts the possibility of true knowledge!.

Skeptic (n.) also sceptic, 1580s, “member of an ancient Greek school that doubted the possibility of real knowledge,” 100 more words

Derren Brown has created a 13 minute 'psychological' rollercoaster that can delve into the human mind

Theme parks could be about to change forever thanks to illusionist Derren Brown who is developing an ‘immersive, psychological’ ride which intends to manipulate the human mind.¬† 303 more words


2015, 16 October ‚ą£Lesson 24 Testimony.

Occupation: PhD student in Electrical Engineering + mother of 2 children (aged 4.5 and 1.5).
Name: Nadya
Age: 28
Number of mistakes… 273 more words

Lesson 24 Testimony

Able to easily recall the details in Video tutorials using PMemory!

What’s up, what’s up – it’s been a while guys!

I hope you are all thriving and living life

Just wanted to throw a quick update: 249 more words

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