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Derren Brown: Miracle (Channel 4 2016) – A What I’ve Been Watching Review

From his first appearance on TV back in 2000 with the series “Mind Control” I’ve watched almost everything illusionist Derren Brown has done.  This is with the exception of his live Russian Roulette (2003) where the presence of  a loaded gun was too much even for me.  569 more words

What I've Been Watching

5 things I liked this week - 14.10.16

  1. Walking in Richmond Park with the stags; I actually went twice this week, once last Friday and again on the Saturday. The Saturday walk wasn’t actually that relaxing, the park, if that’s at all possible, felt too crowded but I shouldn’t let that detract from the fact that I 
  2. 1,737 more words


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Derren Brown, the magician, mentalist, entertainer, has recently published a new book: Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine, … 618 more words


TV viewers hail Derren Brown as a 'genius' after watching Miracle

Illusionist Derren Brown tried his hand at faith-based healing in his last stage show Miracle, presented at London’s Palace Theatre back in November 2015.

Nearly one year on, Channel 4 has shown a special one-off filmed edition of the live event on Monday evening, where the trickster has attempted to cure the real life conditions of his patients. 490 more words


The enemies of reason

I can’t stand Richard Dawkins but he has said some interesting things about the importance of reason and how people cling to strange beliefs. Derren Brown is a very intelligent man, who’s conditioning has given him a justifiably critical and cautious mind. 72 more words

An Attempted Mugging

This post isn’t really writing related, game related or even about esoterica. This is just about something that happened to me last night and I thought it was worth sharing as… catharsis? 882 more words