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ALL LIVES DO MATTER. Reflections on why whites just don`t get it and blacks don`t either.

There is much talk these days about white privilege and white supremacy. As my readers know, I am vehemently opposed to these forms of oppression. However, the truth is most people who bandy about these terms have little idea just how to employ them. 988 more words

Dr. Charity Clay on Say Word Book Club, Hip-Hop Education and the Internet [Exclusive Interview]

Dr. Charity Clay is a professor of sociology at Merritt College in Oakland, California.  Her role as an educator reaches far beyond the hours that she puts in on campus teaching classes or at home grading papers. 2,639 more words

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Reflection on The Electric Slide Protest by Derrick Bell

“The Electric Slide Protest”


Derrick Bell

When I think about Jesus and what He’s done for me
When I think about Jesus and how He set me free… 3,117 more words


"Anchor Babies" and Interest Convergence

You’ve probably heard by now about Jeb Bush’s “anchor babies” remark, and his subsequent doubling down by clarifying that it’s “frankly… more related to Asian people coming into our country…” 198 more words


Sandra Bland and Black Girls Matter

Kimberle’ Crenshaw, law professor and co-founder of the African American Policy Forum, discusses the death of Sandra Bland in the context of her report, … 7 more words