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Quote for the day - December 22

“How do we go on living, when every day our hearts break anew?”

Derrick Jensen, Dreams


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Quote for the day - December 9

“I’ve never had much patience for those – and there are a lot of them – who consider humans to be the ‘apex’ of evolution, who evidently believe that all of evolution took place so that we can watch television”. 19 more words


Who are you?

What is our place in the world?

“And still our neighbors—hummingbirds, craneflies, huckleberries, the sharp cracking report of the earthquake that shakes you awake in your bed—ask us, who are you, who are you in relation to each of us, and to yourself?” 1,038 more words


What To Do When You're in Rome

Here’s a pretty good but also somehow laughably bad discussion between Chris Hedges and Derrick Jensen:

Obviously I’m very sympathetic to both their views in general, but parts of this definitely make me cringe, in the very embarrassing sense that I hope I don’t sound like this when I’m talking to others about ecological collapse. 237 more words

Forget Shorter Showers

Forget Shorter Showers

by Tom Shadyac (2011)

Film Review

Forget Shorter Showers is a documentary based on an essay by anarchist Derrick Jensen that challenges neoliberal dogma that makes each of us personally responsible for reversing the ongoing environmental destruction caused by industrial capitalism. 308 more words

Things That Aren't What They Seem

Quote for the day - September 14

“If a foreign power (or space aliens) were to do to us and our landbases what the dominant culture does – do their damnedest to turn the planet into a lifeless pile of carcinogenic wastes, and kill, incarcerate, or immiserate those who do not collaborate – we would each and every one of us – at least those of us with the slightest courage, dignity, or sense of self-preservation – fight them to the death, ours or far preferably theirs. 32 more words


Saving the Planet?

A Review of The Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen

I have read this book three times. I have read many of Derrick Jensen’s books, some more than once. 682 more words