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Saving the Planet?

A Review of The Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen

I have read this book three times. I have read many of Derrick Jensen’s books, some more than once. 682 more words


Quote for the day - August 2

“Since science has defined its methods as the only way to discover truth, the only acceptable criticisms of science are those conducted within the methodological framework that science has set up for itself. 32 more words


The Rise of the Middle Finger

Embarking on the road of sexual exploration with malnourished senses, imprisoned in our respective cages in a destroyed, sterile world, is an endless pursuit. We’ll end up sexualizing everything, while still remaining deeply unfulfilled within.

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Comics Analysis: "As the World Burns" by Jensen and McMillan

Environmentalism after “As the World Burns”
Yasemin Çelebi, 16th March 2015
(Essay assigned by Mehmet Emin Adanalı during his class FA 490: Advanced Graphic Novels, Boğaziçi University) 1,625 more words

3rd Year Essay

Writing is really easy. Tap a vein and bleed onto the page. The rest is just technical.  — Derrick Jensen



“When everything is falling apart, it’s not hard to see that everything is falling apart.”  – Derrick Jensen

From this podcast interview on Nature Bats Last… 9 more words