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The Lightbulb Project

At the start of September I embarked on my first 52 week photographic project. This was instigated by photographer Joel Robinson on Facebook. The idea behind the project was that he would issue a different theme every week, that all the participants could interpret, and create an image/artwork as they saw fit. 324 more words

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Conceptual Shoot - Strong Female

The aim of this shoot was to portray a strong female character, along the lines of a character from CSI or NCIS. I was experimenting with colour grading to try and give some shots a more “Cinematic look, not sure if that worked, but we were happy with the end results. 31 more words

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Recent Book Covers

A couple more recent book covers using my Rights Managed images, through my agency Arcangel Images.

David Bell, Never Come Back

Mathieu Neu, IDP 37

Dervish Images

Waverley Beach Tree Stump

Half burried tree stump on Waverley Beach, South Taranaki, New Zealand.

These tree stumps are from an ancient Totora forest, and have been dated to be 80,000 years old. 14 more words

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The Daily Challenge - Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

The Te Rewa Rewa Bridge is 70m long and spans The Waiwhakaiho River in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand. It’s form is said to mimic a breaking wave, or a whales rib cage. 12 more words

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Inspired by George Hurrell

George Hurrell inspired shoot. George Hurrell was an American photographer in the 1940’s & 50’s who shot what became to be known as “Hollywood Glamour”. He shot all the famous movie stars of the time in contrasty monochrome. 19 more words

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Hunger Games

I’ve recently been shooting more conceptual images with models. This is all new to me, as I don’t usually photograph people all that much, but I must say i’m enjoying the challenge immensely.  50 more words

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