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The Lock

Time to see if the key fits…

From Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon still. I will take a break from this at some point and do something else but for now I’m on a roll and motivated by wanting to do the girl that’s fourth from now. 105 more words

The Grasshopper

Hop hop grasshopper! Bad joke, sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway next up from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon, the Grasshopper boy. It’s a boy to me. His name is Roger. 25 more words

Drawing Tools.

Hey everyone! So on my last post, Bella, a dearest junior of mine, suggested that I share my drawing tools here. And because I’m so keen on writing and posting (yeah, right), I gladly took the idea. 536 more words


Noor! Design and Passionate Paper Creations Blog hop!

Welcome to the Noor Design UK”s First Blog Hop.  We are joined by the girls from Passionate Paper Creations so there will be lots of inspiration and ideas on how to use the LDRS Creative Basic dies along with products from the Noor Design UK Shop. 353 more words

Coloured Pencils: Derwent Signature Pencils (review)

While browsing eBay a while ago, I came across someone selling a box of Derwent Signature pencils. Though I’d been using Derwent products for a long time, I had never heard of the Signature range, so I did some investigating and discovered that they had originally been created for artists who wanted a much more lightfast coloured pencil, but that they had only been in production for a few years before being discontinued. 434 more words


Adventures with Inktense

I’ve been working on the door from Secret Garden Artist Edition with Inktense, now I think I’m ready to say I’m done.

I work on the dining table, you probably can see where this is going, right? 494 more words

Snapping Ducks

Snapping ducks through a window during breakfast early morning from the Woodbridge On The Derwent (a small luxury hotel) as they paddled through reflections under a bridge on the Derwent River in New Norfolk, Tasmania.