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To Make Fresh Water without Warming the Planet, Countries Eye Solar Power

Technology Review

May 12, 2016

Summary: The United Arab Emirates are experimenting with solar-powered desalination at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. Current desalination efforts require tremendous amounts of power, leading to greenhouse gas emissions that ironically increase the likelihood of droughts necessitating these facilities. 45 more words


Marin water supply report sees no urgent need for desalination plant

Marin Independent Journal

May 1, 2016

Summary: In their recently-released 2015 Urban Water Management Plan, the Marin Municipal Water District revealed that desalination will not be a likely water source moving forward. 65 more words


Drought-hit South Africa partners with Iran to build desalination plants


May 11, 2016

Summary: Drought from El Nino storms has prompted South Africa to enter into partnership discussions with Iran to build desalination plants all along its coast. 40 more words


I'm very Salty about this

Living next to water that is undrinkable is one of the biggest sources of frustration for coastal communities going through a drought. The combination of ocean levels rising, and drinking water becoming ever more scarce points people toward the direction of thinking about the idea that all this extra water could be put towards good use. 651 more words

Thesis Update #1

I will be tracking the progress of my thesis research on this blog as a measure of accountability. I need to finish by the end of July, so I will be creating a schedule and deadlines for myself along the way as it is the only way I know how to focus and accomplish this task. 184 more words

College Economics

Water, the Elixir problem

Our failure to answer nature’s challenge

Finally IPL – Maharashtra water problem is fading away after the decision to shift the matches. But still the water problems of the state had gone? 478 more words


Water Desalination Investing: So Long, and Thanks for All the Water

Energy & Capital

April 8, 2016

Summary: With a majority of the world’s aquifers in a state of depletion, accessible water reserves are waning. The U.S. 21 more words