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Clay Pots Provide Clean Water in Uganda - via FastCoExist

Locally produced clay pots lined with silver nitrate are offering a simple solution to the lack of clean water for many in Uganda.

Source: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3055944/how-simple-clay-pots-can-provide-clean-water-where-there-is-none


Red Sea to the Dead Sea: Our Last Days in Israel

When a border crossing forces you one kilometer north of the Red Sea, you’d better take advantage.
When a bus ride takes you along the coast of the Dead Sea, you’d better take advantage. 1,255 more words


Carbon Nanotubes: the Next Generation of Global Water Purification?

My typical day (maybe like yours) involves waking up, taking a 10 minute shower, cooking breakfast, running the dishwasher if it’s full, going to work, eating dinner with a refreshing glass of filtered water, and maybe tackling a load of laundry in the evening. 1,348 more words


Desali(nation) starts now !

India is a nation that receives good rainfall for four months every year.  Add to this the riches of Himalayan, rivers like Ganga, Krishna & Brahmaputra and of being surrounded by oceans from 3 sides. 289 more words


New Desalination Technology for China’s Artificial Islands

In its report “China’s desalination system may ‘tip the balance’ in South China Sea land disputes, scientists say” SCMP says, “China has made a breakthrough in desalination technology that could help it produce fresh water on remote islands and also quickly expand habitable areas on reclaimed land or natural islets in the South China Sea, where it is engaged in territorial disputes with several of its Asian neighbours.” 185 more words

What is Desalination and what could it mean for the world?

Desalination is the process by which salt is removed from seawater enabling water from the ocean to be transformed into a fresh drinkable source for human life. 263 more words


4th Tap: Desalination

Last, but not least, is the 4th National Tap: desalination.  Singapore is an island surrounded by ocean water, so it only makes sense.  However, desalination was a last resort as it is extremely costly and energy intensive. 240 more words