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Taste of pure water produced through reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is increasingly used for desalination and purifying water unable to be treated by other means for removing trace contaminants known to impact on human health. 77 more words

Environmental Engineering

Integrated Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis for Desalination

Talaeipour M, Nouri J, Hassani AH, Mahvi AH, An investigation of desalination by nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and integrated (hybrid NF/RO) membranes employed in brackish water treatment.  391 more words


Shower... more expensive than an ounce of Silver

A human is 60% water, so the news about less water on the planet inevitably means trouble. As the earth gets hotter, many wealthy countries now struggle with a poverty problem; a simple but brutal drought. 280 more words

Where there’s smoke…

Looking very reminiscent of smoke spewing chimneys of the past that polluted the air and the lungs of those living nearby, Israel’s Hadera Desalination Plant is one of the technological marvels that began a revolution that has turned Israel into the Desalination Nation. 82 more words