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Cities and The Future of Fresh Water: Desalination and Deep Tunnels

It’s clear that seven billion humans cannot continue to rely on Earth’s natural cycles to provide for our increasingly urban civilization. To sustain our current and future needs, and to protect the rest of life on Earth, we need reliable systems that minimise our impact on the environment. 593 more words


A Desalination Battery Could Replace a Lithium Ion Battery in the Future

People are hailing the lithium ion battery as being the gold standard in the industry because they can be recharged hundreds of times and are excellent for providing the power needed to run man different devices, including electric cars. 256 more words


Sea change: As desalination technology advances, oceans may hold the answer to the world’s water crisis - Diane Stopyra SATURDAY, JAN 21, 2017 03:30 PM PST

Global water usage is growing twice as fast as the population. Could we turn salt water potable on a mass level?

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. 280 more words

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Bioflocculation: Chemical free, pre-treatment technology for the desalination industry (PDF Download Available)

 Article (PDF Available) in Water Research 47(9) · March 2013 with 5,322 Reads


Rapid sand filtration (RSF), proceeded by chemical coagulation and flocculation, is a commonly used, … 15 more words

Water-short Singapore charts a course toward self-sufficiency

The island nation has little water of its own but is determined to shed a reliance on water imports. One key is water recycling, alongside desalination and catchment. 96 more words


Brackish Water Desalination

Desalination or the process of “desalting” removes minerals and salts from either ocean water or “brackish” water. The term “brackish” is used to identify water that has high concentrations of nitrates (saline) and total dissolved solids (TDS), however it is not as salty as ocean water. 616 more words