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Water, the Elixir problem

Our failure to answer nature’s challenge

Finally IPL – Maharashtra water problem is fading away after the decision to shift the matches. But still the water problems of the state had gone? 478 more words


Water Desalination Investing: So Long, and Thanks for All the Water

Energy & Capital

April 8, 2016

Summary: With a majority of the world’s aquifers in a state of depletion, accessible water reserves are waning. The U.S. 21 more words


Two Decades In The Making, Egypt’s Big Desalination Breakthrough


April 9, 2016

Summary: A team of Egyptian scientists led by Mona Naim have developed a process of desalination that uses far less energy than traditional reverse osmosis techniques. 51 more words


Desalination: The Last Resort

National Resources Defense Council

April 4, 2016

Summary: Writing for the NRDC’s Expert Blog, Schneider Sustainable Energy Fellow Kala Viswanathan urges California to “proceed with caution when considering desalination” and utilize it only as a last resort. 43 more words


Faith Base Scaling Up Nano Models

If not us, then who …at the base of the pyramid? “…there is a ‘need to catalyze and scale up solutions that drive greater social inclusion and sustainable development in emerging markets,’ especially those at the base of the pyramid.” 5,865 more words


leca in filtration

LECA used in Filter Techniques /Waste Water Treatment :

 A careful treatment of the natural resources includes the economical treatment of drinking water.
The reduction of the contaminant loads of wastewater forms the condition for safer quality and supply of drinking water. 862 more words

Water Demand and Desalination

With the present restrictions placed on the public’s use of water hoses and power washers, in terms of watering their private gardens and washing their vehicles, there has been an outcry by many persons about increased water rates (although lower rates are subsidized for customers without meters, which can be noted in the… 161 more words

Water Supply