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Aussie Tidal Power And Desalination

Australia has deployed a system that simultaneously uses tidal and wave action to produce power and desalinate water. If feasible, the system can be an pervasive and non-invasive solution for coastal communities. 17 more words


The World's Largest Modern Seawater Desalination Plant

MIT Technology Review reports on a massive reverse osmosis desalination plant in Israel, that produces 20% of the country’s drinking water at much lower costs than traditional desalination.

Source: MIT Technology Review


Innovative, Disruptive Technologies in Desalination

By looking at the recently announced Desalination Prize Semi-Finalist by the desal prize: http://www.securingwaterforfood.org/blog/2015/2/10/introducingthe-desal-prize-semi-finalists
Seems clear to conclude that the future of research in water desalination is taking a new path, and this new trend points towards the use of electricity to provide the water desalination; what makes think this is the right path is the fact that three out of six semifinalists are using an electrical approach in their innovations, and to me it makes a lot of sense to pursuit the desalination using an electrical potential, let me explain. 352 more words


Cold Flesh by Andrew Knighton - Free Extract

After the free story from Alt Hist Issue 7, which we posted a couple of weeks ago, here’s the first of our free extracts from the other stories in Issue 7. 901 more words

Issue 7

They Said That? 2/18/15

California is in the midst of a horrendous drought. California is also right next to the biggest pool of water in the world, the Pacific Ocean. 289 more words


Water Crisis and Desalination

Is Desalination a feasible answer for all of our water problems we face in the world?
Throughout the history of humanity technology had played a significant role finding solutions for these types of challenges, and this time is not different, but first a major technological breakthrough is needed to overcome the major drawbacks desalination has in order to be a feasible answer for the crisis. 428 more words


This Plant in Dubai Makes Half a Billion Gallons of Fresh Water a Day

It’s in your clothes and your food, the appliances in your home and the electricity that powers them. It’s in television and the Internet and the air. 255 more words