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Resolving Cauvery Dispute

I am writing this blog to propose possible solution in detail steps to resolve Cauveri Water dispute. This i am doing by the wisdom i have so any critics i welcome to correct me anytime. 405 more words


Using Storm Water Harvesting as a Water Management Tool in Saudi Arabia

by Chloe Soltis

The natural landscape of Saudi Arabia is quite dry and has few natural freshwater resources. Currently, the main freshwater source is desalinated seawater, a product that is expensive because it uses electricity generated from fossil fuels. 253 more words

Water Supplies

Climate change to desalination of water

Hello chemicals!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I conducted a lot of research in preparation for my UCAS interviews. One of the targets that I set myself was to find how topics linked to chemistry. 532 more words


Concept: Solar-Powered Desalination Plant Looks Like Sci-Fi Art

FastCoExist highlights a concept design for a desalination plant that proposes a novel approach to extracting salt from seawater. As explained in the article, ‘The Pipe’ would use a magnetic field to remove the salt, rather than using filters which are commonly used in existing desalination plants. 7 more words


Charity of Ideas | David Magazine

Industry Leaders, Technology and Social Justice Converge to Create New Possibilities for Tikkun Olam (Healing the World)

Source: Charity of Ideas | David Magazine

My second piece this month is about people who are changing the world. 18 more words


This Solar-Powered Pipe Desalinates The Water That Flows Through It

This Solar-Powered Pipe Desalinates The Water That Flows Through It

It’s called ‘The Pipe.” And if it works, it could change the calculus of our water problems. 554 more words

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Water... our most precious resource

Ahh water the one thing we can’t live without and what most people take full advantage of by wasting most of their use or trying to make a buck with it. 500 more words