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Where will our water come from?

Australia: the world’s driest inhabited continent. And yet we’ve managed very successfully to provide ready access to sweet, fresh water to our denizens despite our limited and variable freshwater resources and expanding townsites.  1,343 more words


Production of Caustic soda by desalination of sea water.

There is a great deal of misconception about desalination of seawater and the word ‘desalination’ is taken literally as a method of separating  fresh water from seawater but not the separation of salt from seawater. 999 more words

Clean Energy

The Niigata Sea Paddies

The port city of Niigata on Japan’s Honshu Island is the country’s largest agricultural city. Situated on the Sea of Japan on the northwest coast, it is called “the City of Water”. 2,897 more words


Water for Emerging Nations: Access NanoTech and Get Ready for NEWT!

Bottoms-Up Leadership and Partnerships for Long-Term Solutions

If such development is bridged with a proper platform for innovative technologies and management practices, it is quite certain that the technology and investments can be scaled up to generate paramount economic and environmental impacts for years to come –  1,023 more words


MIT and Kuwait University researchers awarded $5.5 million for work on next-generation desalination systems

Funding sponsored through the Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment.

A team of MIT researchers, together with a team from Kuwait University, has been awarded a $5.5 million dollar grant for a collaborative research project titled, “Next Generation Brine Desalination and Management for Efficiency, Reliability, and Sustainability”. 627 more words


MIT: Powering Desalination with the Sun

MIT’s Natasha Wright

MIT: PhD student Natasha Wright makes water safe to drink for rural, off-grid Indian villages. 

When graduate student Natasha Wright began her PhD program in mechanical engineering, she had no idea how to remove salt from groundwater to make it more palatable, nor had she ever been to India, where this is an ongoing need. 693 more words


Water's Lesson - The Future Favors Development, not Growth

Third in a series of blog posts on water. Click here for first, second.

A Google search on economic growth yields 65 million results – double that of a search on economic development. 812 more words