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Graphene and Desalination

…the heat over the last few days got me thinking about water.

As the world’s population continues to increase, the demand for freshwater is growing fast. 458 more words


Israel's Revolutionary Water Management Methods Aren't Going To Be Enough To Solve California's Devastating Drought

Christopher Woody
Business Insider
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June 15 2015 – “National efforts to desalinate seawater and recycle wastewater have enabled the Mediterranean country, which is more than half desert, to satisfy its water needs even in times of drought — though that new water costs more. 150 more words

The Eco Beat

L.A. County Looks For Ways to Fund Catalina Desalination Plant

June 30, 2015

CBS Los Angeles

Summary: Los Angeles County is looking toward financing a $1.5 million desalination plant for Catalina Island, currently undergoing a severe water shortage. 33 more words


Powering desalination with the sun -- in India and New Mexico

Natasha WrightPhoto/Bryce Vickmark

When graduate student Natasha Wright began her PhD program in mechanical engineering, she had no idea how to remove salt from groundwater to make it more palatable, nor had she ever been to India, where this is an ongoing need.

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Orange County's Other, Better Desalination Project

June 24, 2015

O.C. Weekly

Summary: A proposed Huntington Beach desalination plant from Poseidon (the Boston-based company that developed the Carlsbad plant) is expected to cost $700 million to build, leading to $1800 per acre-foot bills and serious questions about the environmental impact. 70 more words


California Looks to Ocean for Water During Historic Drought

June 22, 2015

Al Jazeera America

Summary: California is attempting to diversify water sources in the face of a historically devastating drought. Expanded use of desalination is key to the state’s efforts, with the Poseidon plant in Carlsbad set to provide 50 million gallons of water per day. 133 more words


California is figuring out the whole drought thing for the rest of us

California drought,yadda yadda yadda. You’ve probably heard it all by now — water rights debates, evil almonds, lawn hate — but that overexposure could be a boon for the rest of the world, where drought is forecast to be a serious and growing problem as the climate warms. 483 more words

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