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Secret Squirrel Solves California's Water Problems.

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California: 93.91 percent of the state is in severe drought or worse.Well now is there a solution to the problem the American government, AND the State Of California, have not considered,nor looked at? 989 more words

The Seriously Political-Humor Of Secret Squirrel

Earth’s groundwater mostly unrenewable in human time

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❝An international team of hydrologists has found that much of the Earth’s groundwater isn’t renewable within a human lifetime after mapping out the important resource…❞

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MIT: A "Shocking" New Way to "Desalinate" - No Membranes and Less Energy

As the availability of clean, potable water becomes an increasingly urgent issue in many parts of the world, researchers are searching for new ways to treat salty, brackish or contaminated water to make it usable. 833 more words


3-d printed turbine freezes seawater to make it drinkable - via FastCoExist

The new approach could also be significantly (up to 8 times) cheaper than existing desalination plants, most of which rely on heat to remove salt from seawater. 9 more words


Graphene Aids Water Desalination

From TLN, by Tim Sandle

As a result of recurrent droughts in the U.S. state of California, research is going into desalination so that sea water can be turned into water suitable for drinking (through the removal of salts). 260 more words