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Planting Roses for Our Daughters: Creating a Community in Time by Carolyn Lee Boyd

Outside my childhood home grows a yellow rose bush descended from one planted by my great-grandmother, Jennie, a century ago.  That bush has given her descendants many gifts of spirit over the years— her love of beauty despite a life of tragedy and constant toil, her deep connection to nature persisting through four generations, her hope for the future inherent in planting anything that will take years to fully develop. 951 more words


How "Game of Thrones" led to literary discoveries

Lately, I’ve gotten into watching “Game of Thrones” videos on YouTube. I haven’t seen most of this series about a group of feuding medieval families that’s appeared on HBO for the last six years, because it’s a bit too explicit for me. 348 more words


Getting Serious About Genealogy Blogging

With Kwincy (my RV) in storage, following my departure from the Big Sur summer position, I have now had lots of time to play with a hobby I am passionate about – Genealogy!   497 more words


English’s offspring

English is descended from Anglo-Saxon, which is descended from Proto-Germanic. French is descended from Latin. Both are descended from Proto-Indo-European. Fine, fine. What about the future? 38 more words


The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz ~ review

What a cute story! I have to admit I love Disney Channel’s movie Descendants.  This is the perfect prequel, full of excitement and ending just moments before the movie begins. 29 more words


"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" and "Return to the Isle of the Lost"

We bought two novels yesterday, August 01, 2016. My sis and I are super excited to have these books!!! :D 115 more words


Krumkake Update…

First of all, the spelling is without a “b” as previously reported.  Second, they are made on a specialized electric waffle iron-type appliance.  Third, I didn’t use any band-aids.  379 more words