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You Graduated! Now Deschool Yourself

Congratulations, Class of 2015! You’ve completed your higher education journey and graduated from college! Sure, you may be the most indebted in history (until 2016, that is), and… 1,123 more words


James Altucher: Don't Go To College

James Altucher, hedge fund manager and successful entrepreneur known for his podcast and as the author of The Power of No, has a quick video with Business Insider ( 309 more words


A Distractionless Retreat

I am currently at the Praxis company retreat in Wilmington, NC, with my colleagues at a beach house with nothing but a notebook, a pen, and several books. 601 more words


A Deschooling Reading List for Starters

Deschooling yourself is a long psychological, emotional, and spiritual process for somebody who has spent 12+ years in traditional schools. You come to view the world, incentives, and success in a very different — but very subtly different — way than somebody with a deschooled mind. 263 more words


What Am I Here For?

We all seek purpose in our lives; I am no different. I have asked myself this countless times. Sometimes out of desperation, sometimes simply from a place of wondering. 2,054 more words

Parenting And Kids

My Deschooling Journey

It has been eight months since my 11 year old daughter, hereafter named Faith, left primary school at the end of Year 6 and we embarked on our deschooling journey towards an unschooling, or life learning, life. 8,935 more words

The Decision to Change

First off, this is not a blog that is anti-public school, anti-charter school, or anti-private school. This blog is not really anti-anything (except hardboiled eggs, which I can’t stand!) Instead, this blog is pro-J-man and pro-my family. 780 more words