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Staying in the Moment

Puzzle Pieces, The Five Minute Journal & The 90 Second Rule.

As I watch myself growing older partnered with the enormous life shattering experiences I’ve had to this point, I find myself in a place where things seem to be speeding up. 776 more words

90 Second Rule


I have a countdown in my head. It’s one of my magic powers.

Acquired over painstaking years, it is a very accurate measure of exactly what my children will and will not be able to manage. 466 more words


The choice to home educate

If you asked me 6 weeks ago my reasons for home educating, I would have replied with “my children will need to go to 3 different schools” I physically and mentally did not want to go through this. 228 more words

What is De-Schooling?

So you’ve de-registered your child from school?

What next?

The first thing is to make sure you understand what your responsibilities are in regards to your child’s education.   968 more words


Memilih Pendidikan Keluarga

Mengapa banyak lulusan sarjana yang menganggur tak tahu harus berbuat apa?

Mengapa banyak orang bekerja tak sesuai dengan jurusannya?

Mengapa banyak orang bekerja (hanya) untuk “mencari uang”? 1,061 more words

Pendidikan Keluarga

Sebelum Keputusan Besar

Tidak terasa anak kami, Risa, sudah menginjak usia 4,4 tahun, per saya tulis esai ini. Setiap kali melihatnya saat ini kami sebagai orangtuanya merasa sudah harus mengambil keputusan besar dalam perjalanan keluarga kecil yang kami bangun. 450 more words


How will they ever learn maths? Unschooling in action

“How many ice lollies did you order?” said G.

“Two boxes”
“Six ice lollies then? Why not three boxes? That would have been nine. Or four boxes, for twelve?” 67 more words