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DeSchooling: Getting the Wiggles Out and the Importance of Staying Active

Deschooling is a period of adjustment that a child goes through when leaving school and beginning homeschooling. It’s a way for a child to decompress and disconnect from school being the default. 935 more words


The Radical in Unschooling

Some people really don’t like the term “unschooling”; they don’t like the image that what we’re doing is “against” schooling. Also, what we’re doing is so much more than justĀ  880 more words

The Number One Question On Everyone's Mind: When Will They Go To Bed?

In the spirit of becoming a less controlling person, I am not “sending my kids to bed”… on a trail basis. My husband has become more intrigued with the lifestyle of… 351 more words


Thoughts About Deschooling

My very first blog post, which I wrote about a week ago, was focused on unschooling and my husband’s misconceptions about it. This time I want to discusss deschooling, which I’ve heard is an important component of unschooling. 297 more words

The Beginning of Homeschooling

Off topic Friday has begun. Homeschooling was a lot different at first for me and i was really surprised when i came back from school and all the sudden i was home schooled. 178 more words

To School, or Not To School

It has been a long time since I have posted. I spent some time enjoying the last few posts that I did, following my own introspective mind through the process of debating keeping my business going, what my thought processes were and how I moved forward. 1,848 more words


Silencing the Voice of Conformity

My twelve year old unschooled daughter has been waking up late these days. Around 9 am, the sticky, stubborn residue of conformity whispers in my ear that perhaps I should wake her. 577 more words