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Becoming Lighter. Choose Love.

I wish to become lighter.

I’m tired of feeling sad, mad, heart broken. I’m tired of feeling afraid, lost, at a loss, hopeless, overwhelmed. I’m tired. 196 more words

Radical Unschooling

The perfect cuppa

Whether you drink tea or coffee, or hot chocolate or something else entirely. Most of you will agree that however you like your drink to be made, it is so important to have it made properly. 509 more words

Home Education

Busy doing nothing

How does one go about running away with the circus?

I love that expression.  My Mum always used to say it when people were negative about my countless surprising decisions, “Blimey, it’s not as if you’re running away with the circus”.   518 more words

Home Education


This morning I struggled with the desire to whip my kids into shape. Make them eat what I want them to eat, so I can be organized and manage my day. 297 more words

Social Media, the perils

I’ve been on the wrong side of some of the home educating posts a few times over the last few weeks. With varying arguments occurring on these sites, it’s easy to see why people leave and why people stay far away. 374 more words

Learning to Trust the Process

When our daughter was born 4 years ago I had never heard of Unschooling. It wasn’t too long though that I was knee deep in the Unschooling online world, which seemed a natural progression from Attachment Parenting (another term and concept I learned about after my daughter was born). 1,224 more words

Radical Unschooling