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Six Months Later...

It occurred to me this morning that we are now exactly 6 months into this unschooling journey. How did that happen?! It still feels so new. 778 more words


The strangest species called Parents and children

”We have had an experience, which we don’t want our kids to have, but the kids want to plunge into the same experience again… I suppose this is what generation gap is”, A parent.

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Learning And Unlearning

Farm Fresh

I’ve decided–for the summer at least–to plan 1 field trip per week. It can be local or within a few hours drive, free or at least not ludicrously expensive. 731 more words


Episode 17: What it's Like to Be an Unschooled 10 Year Old, with NL Morehouse

My 10 year old son told me he wanted to come on the podcast to talk about being unschooled.  He thought maybe kids or parents who were unsure might enjoy hearing from someone who’s in the process. 60 more words


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When I came across this interview I was a little skeptical, I have to admit, but it is actually poignant, entertaining, and surprising. Give a listen. Even if you're doing dishes.

Catch Up and Changes!!

It has been a while since I have blogged. It has been very busy around here. I have a lot to tell you :

CALF Festival was a great success and I will be trying to post some pictures here later today or tomorrow of the Festival. 1,313 more words


Deschooling Your Writing: How to Write for Real People (Not Teachers)

I’ve always enjoyed writing. It is one of the few activities through which I can fairly regularly achieve a state of flow and really focus my efforts into an act of creation. 1,263 more words