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Memilih Pendidikan Keluarga

Mengapa banyak lulusan sarjana yang menganggur tak tahu harus berbuat apa?

Mengapa banyak orang bekerja tak sesuai dengan jurusannya?

Mengapa banyak orang bekerja (hanya) untuk “mencari uang”? 1,061 more words

Pendidikan Keluarga

Sebelum Keputusan Besar

Tidak terasa anak kami, Risa, sudah menginjak usia 4,4 tahun, per saya tulis esai ini. Setiap kali melihatnya saat ini kami sebagai orangtuanya merasa sudah harus mengambil keputusan besar dalam perjalanan keluarga kecil yang kami bangun. 450 more words


How will they ever learn maths? Unschooling in action

“How many ice lollies did you order?” said G.

“Two boxes”
“Six ice lollies then? Why not three boxes? That would have been nine. Or four boxes, for twelve?” 67 more words


Cakes: unschooling in action

When T was 3, he started baking cakes daily. He would jump out of bed and shout ‘new cake unlocked!’ He would run to the kitchen where he would get out bowls and ingredients. 499 more words


Works for Us

In today’s episode, I attempt to answer the age old question proposed by King Julien the Thirteenth of Madagascar: “Who the heck are you?”

Currently my brain hurts from scouring the internet for living history books that align with our secular worldview, and repeating choruses from the songs of “Madagascar; a Musical Adventure” that are perpetually stuck in my head.   625 more words

Unheard voices

This morning I was reading an angry thread on a home education group. I’ve read threads like it before. The OP said that radical unschoolers are judgemental and narrow minded and refused to admit the possibility that it doesn’t work in the same way for everyone. 731 more words


Our one year Home Ed anniversary!

Well I can hardly believe it, we have just had our one year Home education anniversary. One whole year since we took the (quite frankly terrifying) decision to Home Educate the MiniMan … and to be honest it is the best decision I have ever made! 519 more words