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Unschooling thoughts 

The more I learn about unschooling, the more that I feel that anything else would be negligent (for us, we are lucky enough to feel that unschooling is one of many options that we can choose). 202 more words


Nature As Our Teacher

We spent the weekend enjoying some of the nature trails where we live. I immediately noticed a peppy bounce in my son’s step when we hit the trails. 179 more words


Why de-schooling is just like rehab

This week hasn’t been quite what I had planned.  Originally we had decided that we would go through a de-schooling process, for as long as it took, to get the kids used to no longer being at school and doing things the way they always had.  759 more words


Find your Flow

Have you ever been so immersed in a project that it seems as if nothing else was going on, it’s as if time has stood still and you are completely focused?  263 more words

Organic Learning

Education by Exploration

What better way of learning can there be than to dive in and EXPLORE! That is how we often learn as infants and toddlers,we put our fingers into our mouth, and throw things to see who will pick it up. 327 more words

Organic Learning


What does it mean to deschool? Basically, it is an undoing of our thoughts, actions, and mindset of what school is, and what learning looks like. 491 more words

Organic Learning


I hope to provide some answers to what our unschooling life looks like over the next month. I’ve joined the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge as an effort to get myself back on track with my blogging goals. 387 more words

Organic Learning