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The Devil's In the (Schooled) Details

Schoolteachers help me gain control of the minds of children not so much by what they teach the children as because of what they do not teach them.

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Drips and Drabs

We’re still officially deschooling, but T manages to ask me at least one question a day that turns into a learning opportunity. Granted, those questions are often as quirky as he is (see: “Mama, what’s Chtulhu?” and “Mama, what’s the Illuminati?”). 533 more words


Human Capital (Travel Notes)

So I am traveling again… which means I am away from my proper paper and paint, but I still have sketchbooks and thoughts!

So, the writing is in cursive, and I know cursive is a bit uncommon these days (I have at times thought about lettering the comic in cursive, but, well, readability and all that…), but if you are up for the challenge, it might be worth reading! 7 more words


Some actual pages!

So I think it is due time for some actual teaser pages.

These are from a scene well into the book. At a small turning point. 26 more words


The hand-wringing of deschooling

I am so far behind. What a schoolish thought.

Sage matriarch of household organization, Marla Cilley, aka The FlyLady, rings in this blogger’s head: “You are not behind. 679 more words


Our first project!

We are officially in homeschool mode and it’s exciting to feel the stress level lower, no longer hear myself yelling, see my son happier and more free than he was in public school.   232 more words

Deschooling and Illich

Ivan Illich — Deschooling Society

I’m going through Illich’s book Deschooling Society. The first essay is called Deschooling Society. It presents a flurry of arguments against the institution of school and calls for a recognition that education does happen outside of schools and given the right support can happen more often and provide better education than schools. 543 more words