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Unheard voices

This morning I was reading an angry thread on a home education group. I’ve read threads like it before. The OP said that radical unschoolers are judgemental and narrow minded and refused to admit the possibility that it doesn’t work in the same way for everyone. 731 more words


Our one year Home Ed anniversary!

Well I can hardly believe it, we have just had our one year Home education anniversary. One whole year since we took the (quite frankly terrifying) decision to Home Educate the MiniMan … and to be honest it is the best decision I have ever made! 519 more words


I used to think success was what you did. I used to think that a worthwhile day was one where a ‘to do’ list had been finished. 338 more words


Just do it like me!

When I was training to be a psychologist, we started off by learning about the different mental health problems people can experience and by reading case examples of how treatment worked. 697 more words


It works

It really works, this Unschooling lark. They really do learn, and thrive, and bounce from cooking fairy cakes to watching Stampy to writing stories to playing mastermind. 157 more words



I woke up this morning with a post on my mind, a list of all the things I must embrace because my daughter is autistic. 888 more words


So this is my story.  This is the story on how I became DESCHOOLED.  Now, if you look up the term “deschooled”  you will notice that it is about deconditioning the conditions that traditional schooling presents on you.  702 more words