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How We Started Homeschooling in 5 Steps

This is not the story of why we started homeschooling. You can read that here if you’re interested. Rather, these are the steps we took to actually begin our homeschooling journey, one of the best choices we’ve ever made as a family. 943 more words


In Honor of Those Who Have Passed

My friend died April 6. He wrote me the week prior telling me he was fading. That he was quite ready. He told me he loved me. 1,270 more words

Unconditional Love

Coping without the structure of school

A quickie post…

We’ve been out of school (this time round) for four weeks and it’s been great when everything’s going great, but not so great on down days. 346 more words


Revolution through Education

By Oletta Branstiter

The nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education caught many by surprise.

Candidate Trump had included the Department of Education in his wish list of cuts during his campaign efforts to prove his Republican bona fides. 1,317 more words


Enjoying the freedom of home-ed

Re-adjusting to life without school

The first few weeks of home-ed can be truly blissful. Free from the constraints of the school system, your time is now your own. 733 more words


Becoming Lighter. Choose Love.

I wish to become lighter.

I’m tired of feeling sad, mad, heart broken. I’m tired of feeling afraid, lost, at a loss, hopeless, overwhelmed. I’m tired. 196 more words

Radical Unschooling