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Yep. My home educated kid is actually socialising! 

Woooo! Found another unschooling parent in my city, so we took the kids to check out some science and then let them loose on the beach park. 370 more words

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Deschooling-We really like tennis! 

We went back to tennis this weekend, we’re seriously thinking about getting some lessons on the go. The coach came and said he’s a good candidate for “moulding into the tennis life”. 259 more words

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Deschooling Update- Discussions and conversations coming back!! 🎉

Amid plenty of cbeebies, YouTube and Minecraft there has been returns of conversations. Before Monkey would come in from school and every question you asked him would be met with an irritable reply. 477 more words

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First Week of De-School

I tend to just dive into work, but with one more visit from relatives and other things going on, it didn’t seem like a good idea to start in on regular math and writing and so forth last week. 322 more words


eek....it's the end of the summer holidays!

So that’s it, the summer holidays are almost over, my daughters old school goes back next week and we truly begin our home education journey… and we couldn’t be more excited. 519 more words


Freedom in Education

Summer is coming to a close, and the planning for next year is (basically) complete. I’ve organized and reorganized, printed more pages that I care to count (if you don’t have a continuous feed set up on your printer, you’re doing it wrong), and purchased far too many supplies. 520 more words


Home education: Welcome to my life

I’ve spent the last week in a very temperamental part of Wales for the annual Home Educators seaside festival that takes place around July-August every year in the UK. 2,423 more words