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10 Bad Common Arguments for College

Parents, teachers, and guidance counselors happily push bright young people under them off to four years of college with the belief that it will help them grow into successful, fulfilled adults. 5,054 more words


We Must, We Must, We Must Increase Our Trust!

Saturday was T’s first performance with the Jedi Academy at a local minicon. He was totally badass! So focused and didn’t seem nervous in the least. 517 more words


The Greatest Lie We Tell Children

One of the greatest lies we tell young children is that they go to school to learn. 619 more words


Beyond School Daze: The Deschooling Process

At the VaHomeschoolers Conference yesterday, one of my talks was “Beyond School Daze: The Deschooling Process.”

Deschooling is the transition time between school and homeschooling, a period of adjustment that both parents and kids have to make as they change from school norms to new family norms. 700 more words

Engaged Learning

The College Trap and the Schooled Mind

I noted the other day how thinking in terms of your major when it comes to the job search can actually limit you more than it can open doors. 1,134 more words


Schooling is Not Education; Or, a Lesson In Status Quo Bias

If you asked the average high school graduate if they feel like they learned a lot in school, they’d likely laugh at you. If you asked the average college grad why they went to college, they wouldn’t tell you that it was to get an education, but rather to get a job. 891 more words


College and career ready, flexible time line

I heard a student debate this week on CBC The Current on whether high school should be optional. The pro side argued that teens should be free at the age of fourteen or so to consider many options besides or in addition to formal schooling, including internships, work, volunteering, travel, or personal scholarship. 1,379 more words

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