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My Deschooling Journey

It has been eight months since my 11 year old daughter, hereafter named Faith, left primary school at the end of Year 6 and we embarked on our deschooling journey towards an unschooling, or life learning, life. 8,935 more words

The Decision to Change

First off, this is not a blog that is anti-public school, anti-charter school, or anti-private school. This blog is not really anti-anything (except hardboiled eggs, which I can’t stand!) Instead, this blog is pro-J-man and pro-my family. 780 more words


My Podcast with Isaac Morehouse on Education, Aviation, and Innovation

I joined Isaac Morehouse for a discussion on education, aviation, and innovation in the podcast below. We discussed some topics like college, schooling, deschooling, unschooling, and some thoughts on aviation and barriers to major innovation in that sector.


Now in Color!

So I haven’t really started the coloring process. To do that I need all the pages exactly how I want them, then I’ll mix up a huge batch of a two or three colors and then paint in mass. 39 more words


Too difficult for grown-ups

I didn’t post for a while as I finished–and recovered from–graduate school. I put aside this winter to do some “deschooling” as unschooling families talk about, some finding myself, some peace after 25 years of school and pressure. 551 more words


The "Steve Jobs Fallacy" of Opting Out of College

When a young person tells their friends and family they are thinking of dropping out of college, they may make reference to the successful college dropouts and opt-outs of our day. 712 more words


10 Bad Common Arguments for College

Parents, teachers, and guidance counselors happily push bright young people under them off to four years of college with the belief that it will help them grow into successful, fulfilled adults. 5,054 more words