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Changing the way we 'school' ourselves

In this article, I am not going to be as heretical as Ivan Illich whose book ‘Deschooling Society’ (1971) gives examples of the ineffectual nature of institutionalized education. 365 more words


Deschooling? What? …yeah, that was my first reaction. Unschooling seemed like a foreign concept to me to begin with. I felt like I had to rewire my brain around deschooling. 510 more words

Child-led Learning


Ok. So. I decided, almost a year ago, to homeschool my oldest child who was thirteen at the time and my second child, who was eight at the time. 1,992 more words

Child-led Learning

Great Joy, Great Sorrow

What I’m feeling could be described as just post-vacation blues. Or I could write a novel about family histories, poverty, capitalism, abuse, misogyny, white supremacy. Or I could tell the story of my kids and their small joys, challenges, victories, discoveries. 736 more words


Fear and Failure

He is not stupid. In spite of his nervousness and anxiety, he is curious about some things, bright, enthusiastic, perceptive, and in his writing highly imaginative. 705 more words


From Heart Break to Shine

My heart was broken recently. A comment was made about my daughter to me by a friend of hers. Her friend being a few years older sees the world in a slightly different light than my daughter. 1,509 more words

Radical Unschooling


Last year, as I was bringing my kindergartner home for the summer, I knew that we would need some kind of guidance, at least for the first couple of weeks, to keep us from the “I’m bored!” “What can I do now” stage. 114 more words