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So, what would YOU do about education? Part 2

This is a brief mention of possible alternatives to what we have done with education. As usual, I do not claim to be an expert. 519 more words


Unschooling Fun

I’m 39 weeks pregnant, waiting for baby, feeling huge and very slow and with lots of practice contractions slowing me down. Plus my daughter and I are sick. 711 more words


Good Stories

A month or so ago, I noticed that every story I had told recently about my daughter was negative. We’d had some exhausting weeks–for her, illness exacerbates every symptom of autism, and her dad and I often feel that we’re banging out heads against a wall. 1,278 more words


Ep. 311 (10/12/2015) -- "Deschooling Society"

Book Title: Deschooling Society
Author: Ivan Illich

Presenter: Moath Eldali

Venue: UC248, University College,
University of Toronto – St. George Campus,
15 King’s College Circle, 69 more words

Cultural Cafe

Wreckage and self-control

Today we had Jess at home as her school was shut for some urgent building work, she was pretty anxious as she struggles a lot with changes to her routine and because her previous school put so much energy into impressing upon her that any day of education missed would be a Very Bad Thing because of government attendance statistics.   472 more words


The unexpected benefits of home education for parents

So we’ve been home educating for a couple of months now, and it’s honestly more than I could have hoped for. I had all these hopes and dreams of what it would be like, and don’t get me wrong, we have days where it all goes out the window, but for the most part we are loving our new journey. 1,236 more words


Learning By Example: Thoughts about "radical unschooling"

I think I finally understand radical unschooling. Radical unschooling expands the concept of child-led learning to all areas of life. Children are trusted to make their own decisions about everything, not just what they learn. 620 more words

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