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Les adjectifs -position

Most adjectives are placed after the nouns they modify.

1 – However some are placed before the noun. To remember them, use the acronym BAGS, beauty, age, good and bad, size. 82 more words

Reading Skills

Drive home

Dark streets, quiet of traffic on a Monday evening, with laughter and conversations with friends swirling through my head, I drive, passing from unfamiliar to familiar streets as I wind my home, driving is easy at this hour, instinctive, no traffic to fight through, just the road, the bike and me. 138 more words


Starving in the Land of Plenty: Three Ekphrastic Responses

by Ashlie Stevens

Still Life with Dressed Game, Meat, and Fruit
Alexandre-François Desportes
French, 1661–1743

Pink meat pulls and stretches, contoured over protruding, blunt-tipped ribs; forming a fleshy marbled mass just above the bony sternum. 622 more words



It was one of those Saturdays—you know the kind. You don’t wake up quite on time and from that point on everything is sort of disjointed and out of phase. 198 more words

A dream I had just now

I had one just now and it was strange in epic proportions. This was halfway into the dream, I’ve forgotten about the first half.

I was at a mega-store in an ancient Indian tribe that was going into war. 171 more words


Mythological Monday: Banshees

Often underrated and lumped in with the ghost category is the loud and frightening banshee of Irish mythology. They are not seen as a mainstream creature, but are a particularly terrifying creature when examined. 320 more words


The first appearance of the morning sun slept across the walls and sheets of my quiet room. Weightless dusts decorate the silence in frozen time.

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