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Describing the Weather

(photo credit: Dave Bolenbaugh)

“In his ten deadly sins of crime writing Elmore Leonard urges the writer never to open a book with the weather. What Leonard means by this, presumably, is not to go into great detail about the weather at the outset; however weaving the weather into the fabric of your narrative adds texture. 194 more words


Me. Myself. I.

I grew up with Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles and Mecano. Also dancing with Grease and watching every movie about romans broadcasted on television. 352 more words


Cast of Purple Starfish Adventures

Cast of Purple Starfish Adventures

Annie (Dutch) & Christie (Canadian)

Christie describes Annie: 

“Annie is a weirdo in the best possible way. She is that game changer friend for me. 388 more words


Central Park Lake in Summer: The Marriage of Manhattan and Nature

Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York
Credit: Maddy Streets

There’s the sound of oars frantically slapping water, then excited squeals of anticipation and finally the thud of wood hitting wood. 559 more words


A Fragment And A Burning Fire

Here is a fragment and a burning fire. It floats through nothing very much, a piece of a universe torn off and drifting. Snow falls. Inside thick walls and sturdy doors a log falls with a sharp crack, flames licking at it. 93 more words


Description About Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Adobe Acrobat X Pro application allows you present competent PDF marketing and sales communications. Establish and view PDF records data with splendid storage devices bundled, talk about facts more strongly, in addition to accumulate remarks more resourcefully.
Benefit from properly intended…

To See the Windrunners

Above you is a clear, brilliant blue sky. Around you is golden rock and lush deep green grass. You feel a warm breeze whisper across your face and tease your hair. 517 more words