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What I Learned From Writing a Piece of Long Fiction

Since I started writing I have been doing mostly short stories, especially flash fiction, with a few poems and some writing exercise jumbled in between. But about a week ago I finally finished my first long piece, a fantasy novella. 509 more words



I’m hoping to get into a schedule of posts by the time the school year starts, but until then, I’ll just be doing a few smatterings of things here and there. 202 more words

Poem- Requiem for the Dragon

While I’m doing writing inspired by pictures, here’s a poem I wrote a while ago in response to this painting of the legend of St. George and the Dragon. 163 more words


How to Describe a Deep God Without Being Shallow

Ever try to describe someone that you don’t really know that well?

It’s pretty shallow stuff like…

“He seems like a great guy.”

“She seems pretty cool.” 427 more words

Christian Living

So where do I start?

I’ve challenged myself to write about these twelve girls, classmates I think, at a state school, a private school, a boarding school? Are there any sisters, twins maybe? 294 more words


Hello Lovelies!

Let me introduce myself. Im a 20 year old girl living in northwestern Ontario, I live for adventure and most of the time i hate people. 63 more words


The Balcony

I have had an image stuck in my head for a while now, and I figured I would write it down as a sort of description. 213 more words

Wednesday Post