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On Writing Economically: A Challenge

I once argued with a man, whose writing I greatly admire, about a phrase he used in conversation. He is a brilliant man, but not musically trained, so I surmised that he’d simply never learned the actual definition of the word in musical terms. 581 more words


It's a shame it's not proper writing

Let’s write crap that keeps us in the loop
Disjointed descriptions while I scratch my head
‘She walked to the door’ can’t be right,
But ‘sauntered’ sounds too sassy. 173 more words


-- From Willa Cather's O Pioneers!

(No one quite does description like Willa Cather…)


The Devil Is in the Detail

Description writing is an art on its own. One can easily describe how something looks, but sight isn’t our only sense. For most people, there are five senses that are used to experience life, and as you do in this exercise, to describe an item. 116 more words

Adult Literacy Center

A Wild Spirit with a Tame Heart

My mother always had a inappropriate way about her. To this day I can still see something like a wild, passionate teenager in her that wouldn’t look out of place at a beer-bong party or tearing off her top in a wet T-shirt contest. 817 more words


The Nightmare

Maura heard an unexpected knock at the door of her bedroom, it was a very light knock, only two knocks, but her dad never lightly knocks on her door, he hammers the door like her bedroom is a mansion. 385 more words

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Fiction Friday #28 - The Red Shoes (Flash)

The Red Shoes

(a flash fiction piece)

By M.J. Moores.

The red satin shoes lay discarded on the plush crimson carpet in such a way you’d think their owner had chucked them off in a hurry… on purpose. 209 more words

M.J. Moores