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Can you smell this?

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3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge: Day 2

No one can deny that the use of sensory description in writing is of utter importance. 251 more words


A Memoir Recipe

A couple of days ago I began working with a student who is editing a memoir as part of her thesis project. Most of my editorial experience is with fiction, and the student was originally working with a novel, but had to switch due to circumstances out of her control. 434 more words


Writer Interrupted.

Sunday. The pale peach-pink glow of the sunset paints the side of the dirty white building. The sky hasn’t begun to darken yet, but the shadows stretch and skew, languid acrobats of darkness. 280 more words


"The Whisper in the Bricks" (Story Dice Sundays)

Listen closely. Can you hear it? The whisper in the bricks.

Look around you: the skyscrapers, the houses, our modern castles. How far we’ve come from caves and tents. 458 more words


Yes, I Like Character Descriptions!

Reaction post to Cait Grace’s question-raising post “Do You Even Like Character Descriptions?” over at Paper Fury (which, FYI, is my very favorite book blog and is hilarious and insightful). 1,475 more words


An Underwhelming Rescue

I look around; catch a glimpse of white and blue above, until the murky green water swallows me whole again. It jolts me around like a lifeless doll, only serving to make me feel that much more small and insignificant. 591 more words

May evenings

Hot, dusty May evenings are not supposed to be so beautiful.

May evenings are sweaty brows and yellow light shining through unforgiving azure skies. They are pigs running from howling dogs and cars honking and the dust offending noses and eyes. 66 more words