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Best Meal- A Descriptive essay.

I walked hand in hand with my muscular father alongside my mother towards a world-renowned café. The weathered walls on the entrance were painted a deep bright orange whose surface was embellished with large letters that spelled out ‘The Cracked Mug!’ I was eager to enter but a little turned off by the weather. 830 more words



The smoke drifted and curled in the warm afternoon sunlight, pirouetting with adagio grace. The source of the slowly-thinning smoke was a gunmetal grey barrel, surrounded by the machinations of a slick, elegant handgun. 398 more words

Story A Day

Winter is Coming Here

It still feels surreal, these gray skies and salt crusted roads.

Veer off this beaten path and land into a hidden dell, deserted by nature, oppressed by the wintery fist of iron and ice. 930 more words


Descriptive Essay

Final Draft

As I got off the double-deck bus, I stood still, and breathed in the chilly February air of north London. Today was the day. 1,378 more words

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay: Skiing Experience

My First Skiing Experience

It was the winter of 2015, and my family and I have just arrived at a skiing resort in Korea. We have been asleep on the bus from the long drive and was extremely excited to finally be able to get off. 943 more words

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay (Sept. 19 Version)

It was a quiet, mild, and peaceful afternoon, and with enough concentration, you can hear the birds chirp, feel the wind on your skin, and just about taste spring in the air. 387 more words

Descriptive Essay


Normally on Sunday morning, I go to my church. There are two church services on Sundays: one a nine o’clock, which is the one I attend, and one at eleven o’clock. 1,035 more words