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Russian Doll

I stopped mid-stride and stared, my jaw hanging slightly open. Nestled between two large brick buildings on the side street was a tiny shop, its front panelled with glass. 478 more words


Introduction to my Freshman Portfolio

Throughout this year there has been a plethora of ups and downs. I feel that my emotions and life experiences are truly woven into my creative writing. 438 more words

Freshman English

My Safest Safe Haven

In the second largest city in Pennsylvania, also known as Allentown, my grandparents live in an average sized home in a fairly decent neighborhood. Centered in this house is a cozy kitchen where I spend all my time during the late autumn and early winter months. 715 more words

Freshman English

The Library

By Stella K

Assignment: Descriptive essay of a real or fictional place

The steps of the library lead up to large oak doors, tucked underneath a large, white, marble archway. 313 more words

Descriptive Essay


By Paolo A Marchiano


Assignment: Pick a single topic and write one descriptive paragraph and one expository paragraph about that topic.

I have a bird named Hue. 227 more words

Descriptive Essay

Carpet Room

She stood in the middle of a very strange room. Layers upon layers of different coloured rugs, carpets, and mats lay on the expansive floor. Carpets of many different textures and types, some had various patterns; some represented cultures, feelings, fairy tales etc. 559 more words

Random Ranting

The Canyon

This is an essay I’ve been mulling over ever since we arrived in this remote location where we are now staying.

Truly, you have to see The Canyon to appreciate its grandeur, much as you have you have to ride a roller coaster to experience the thrill of it.   446 more words

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