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Essay Verbs

Knowing what type of essay to write can be confusing; do you write a descriptive essay or an evaluative one? Identifying the essay verb in the question can point you in the right direction. 147 more words

A Psalm for Vietnam

Photo: Hải Vân Pass, border of  Đà Nẵng. Shot w/35mm film

“And edgelands, by and large, are not meant to be seen except perhaps as a blur from a car window, or a backdrop to our most routine and mundane activities”. 3,050 more words


A Small yet Big Portion of the World

I reckon not all of you are going to travel the world – and if ever you do, you might not even want to spend your time away from home in a normal urban third-world country neighborhood.  164 more words


“Whoooo! Whoooo! Whoooo!
The sounds of the road is furious.
When you see death. There is no fear, you cannot wait for its icy hands to quench the fire of wonder in your eyes… 193 more words

She's Totally Unique

Have you ever spotted a girl with a beauty like Monalisa? How about with a posture like Angelina Jolie? Well, she’s not totally perfect but with her black shinny hair, tantalizing eyes, and gorgeous structure, she’s like a shining star walking over the moonlight. 384 more words


A Night In The Jungle

The moon was high up in the sky, its light falling down on the jungle making everything glow in an eerie light, accompanied by the hooting of owls and the screeching of bats. 621 more words

Short Story


Their eyes on the waist beads my lover paid for
“Fine girl,  sexy girl” their hails rung
“Its not safe here for you alone at this time… 308 more words