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Sinful Confessions

I love gadgets.

I have always wanted an Apple Watch ( and recently a Ticwatch E).

Me, me, me, I, I,I,want, want, want,

I’ve watched so many YouTube vids, and ads from Apple and Google, but I am saying no. 42 more words


It’s not a lie or cheat.

You can see the treat.

This mode or column and space,

Makes room for all of the human race. 50 more words

The magical beach

By Tiegan Wright

The beach that was in the middle of nowhere they call this the magically beach

As the sun is beaming onto the clear blue water the children and adults are running in to have lots of fun and play lots of games. 802 more words

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The two tone sea beach

By Nadine Dunnington

Radiating shining light beaming down on the people lied on the beach having a chillaxing day. The sun is red hot people tanning very quickly it is around 22 degrees. 697 more words

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The gloomy forest

By Joshua Riddell

Dense mist consumes the forgotten forest as the lifeless trees block out the bright sun only letting a few deathly rays pierce through the fragile branches. 479 more words

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The Tower of Paris in France

By Dianne Choi

The tower stands by the river Seine, with boats beautifully gliding along. It called the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, in France. Red leaves makes it look like the season is autumn and the shiny sun rising shows the time is the dazzling morning. 397 more words

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