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Socrates Vs. The Student: God’s Messenger

God’s Messenger is implicit in this dialogue about pride and reason. The real question is hidden from view. But the most important question is whether reason is enough to motivate one into a good practice or the ‘good life’. 483 more words

Pain Stops Us From Eating Any Fruit

Eating physical fruit like lemons, limes,

Eating emotional fruit like love, hate and the complete spectrum of feelings,

Eating mental fruit like reason, thoughts, and belief, 24 more words

From this Pressboard Tower

My back is hot, but the sunlight slapping my skin is sex. I’m a shirtless tower of colonial bronze. Daily, working with this beast—a machine. My orange Hitachi. 504 more words

Creative Writing


Dublincore, Personality, Myself

Internet, Habits, Data

photoshop, life goal,

cable 8, film, camera, cinema

reddit, data, soccer, noise, energy, hurricane,

father, passion career, games

WMD, NBA, LeBron James, dikw, jobs… 9 more words


Disregard Culture

A fresh cinnamon bun stuck and steaming on the sidewalk.

A bra, still in packaging and the shopping bag, left on the backseat of a returned rental car. 24 more words

Book Review #7: Long Way Down

 Long Way Down

written by Jason Reynolds

   320 pages

Ages 11-13

         Three rules of life govern the neighborhood that fifteen-year-old Will lives in: No crying. No snitching. 317 more words