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a common goal

When Katie coughs, Brooke shrieks. It’s a visceral, reflexive, heartbreaking response. It looks, for all intents and purposes, like a reaction to a physical attack. 1,689 more words

Netflix is toxic to society

Ah, just look at this lovely picture above from the 1950s. Look at how mother and child are together, presumably watching a wholesome family program meant to instill values along with some entertainment. 1,337 more words

My Years As An Arachnophobe

I spent the bulk of my childhood as an arachnophobe, all because of two incidents which occurred when I was rather young. The second incident was even more jarring than the first, and scarred me for many years. 907 more words


All Are Volatile

A Clockwork Orange divulges on the brilliance of the human condition, commanding its audience to recognize dichotomy inherent to morality. In his novel, Anthony Burgess details a not-so-distant future wherein a totalitarian government has dismantled most social order resulting in a society dictated by violence. 1,265 more words

It's Like Nike...Just Do It!

Want to know one way to get over social anxiety? Well, the answer is simple. Just go out and socialize!

Or so doctors say. We as socially anxious people know better! 352 more words

Digital Neighbors and Desensitization

I’ve been thinking on and off (for almost two years now..) about the concept of being awake to the world.

How awake are we supposed to be? 921 more words

The Basis of Unity

Beautifully united

Of the infant church it is written that they were “continuing with one mind in the temple” (Acts 2:46).

How is this degree of unity possible? 355 more words