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Good news for patients needing Kidney transplant

There is good news for tens of thousands of patients with kidney failure  waiting for a compatible donor as in a revolutionary study , researchers have successfully changed patients’ immune system so that they can accept kidneys from an incompatible donor. 408 more words

How to beat your fears and try new things

Let me tell you a story.

Last year, I wanted to go to a guided meditation in a Buddhism center in my hometown. Since I can be shy and I didn’t know anybody there, it made me uncomfortable. 2,505 more words

Beat Fear

Desensitization in Modern Society

One thing that I am coming to realize is that it is so easy to become desensitized by the impurities of our modern culture. Media surrounds us from every angle whether it’s television, radio, billboards, magazines, and many more. 257 more words


Systematic Desensitization: A Short Overview for the Professional Animal Trainer

The term “systematic desensitization” is tossed around quite a bit in the animal training world, and judging from my observations, I suspect many trainers don’t accurately understand the procedure because they have never read up on it in the scientific literature. 1,427 more words

Animal Behavior

Here's Reality

Reality shows have risen in popularity since they hit the airwaves years ago. Now it seems there’s a reality show for everything under the sun, from singing to cooking, to singing while cooking, to underwater basket weaving. 317 more words

Human Trafficking

Unnecessary Intergalactic Violence: Excessive Force in The Force Awakens?

The night before seeing The Force Awakens, I said to a friend, “You know what I’m excited about? Han Solo now lives in a galaxy where respect for women is a cultural norm and he can no longer go around sexually harassing every women who sits in his cockpit.” 1,109 more words


Poem - Meltdown of the Senses

I used to be blind, but now I see,

It was what television was doing to me.

Sex and violence in constant waves,

affected me, until I forgot HOW to behave. 99 more words