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By Degrees

When I started working in the college cafeteria, two things bothered me: the heat of the freshly-washed dishes I stacked, and the high-decibel din of the kitchen. 100 more words

Systematic desensitization (Behavior therapy)

Systematic desensitization is a technique developed by Joseph Wolpe, in which, the individual imagines a hierarchy of anxiety-producing situations under conditions of physical relaxation with the goal of weakening or eliminating the anxiety responses. 735 more words

Behaviour Modification

Equality for Terrorism: A Response to the New York Times

New York City is not only one of the most important cities in the world, but one of the most heavily targeted. Just last year, terrorists implied their intent to make NYC their next target for attack after the… 423 more words


How Much Longer?

The word “desensitization” is defined as “being less¬†likely to feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty, violence, or suffering by overexposure to such images”. 824 more words


Fear is an emotion, not a behaviour

You Can’t Reinforce Fear

Fear is an emotion, not a behaviour. It is subject to classical conditioning (the way we form associations between different things) rather than operant conditioning (how we learn by the consequences of our behaviour). 496 more words


Desensitization (trigger warning)

Crake said these incidents were bogus. He said the men were paid to do it, or their families were. The sponsors required them to put on a good show because otherwise people would get bored and turn off.

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Oryx And Crake

Good news for patients needing Kidney transplant

There is good news for tens of thousands of patients with kidney failure ¬†waiting for a compatible donor as in a revolutionary study , researchers have successfully changed patients’ immune system so that they can accept kidneys from an incompatible donor. 408 more words