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A Shawking Encounter

By Aditya Shah

Last Tuesday, crowds of people, students, faculty, and staff alike, gathered in front of Lindsay Center. What for? Not a square dance or an orientation activity, no. 580 more words


I’ve gone through a few phases in my life in terms of monetary donations. My parents were good about raising me to give, telling me when I was young that two dollars of my five-dollar allowance was to go to my church every week. 870 more words


Seminar-Review: Vorstellung unterschiedlicher Methoden zur Verbesserung von Ängstlichkeit, Reaktivität und Aggressionsverhalten beim Hund (Nicole Pfaller)

Endlich mal wieder hab ich was zu reviewen, das ich richtig, richtig toll fand, und damit einen Grund, meinen Blog wiederzubeleben! Am Samstag hat Nicole Pfaller zum Thema “unterschiedlich[e] Methoden zur Verbesserung von Ängstlichkeit, Reaktivität und Aggressionsverhalten beim Hund” referiert. 4,355 more words

Hypnosis/ Exposure Therapy/ Desensitization

Classic icons for hypnosis are typically a clock swaying back and forth, or psychedelic spirals.

Hypnosis also contains the concept of a meditative state. Saying the same thing over and over, mantras, Ohm, are all the loop function applied to human thought. 179 more words

Unit 5 States Of Consciousness

Equine Playground Activities

Fun was had by all this past weekend! We had a fabulous group her for the Equine Connections workshop. Participants learned about softening and had a fabulous time playing on our Equine Playground.

We put the D in Desensitize

As I sit here, trying to think about what topic could generalize today’s rides and desensitization was at the center of each training session today. 375 more words

Sepia Saturday--The Importance Of Socializing Your Puppy

Other than trips to the vet, the pups hadn’t been anywhere just for the sake of going.  Now that their vaccinations are current, they are able to get out and about and begin the very important business of socializing.   992 more words

Cane Corso