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Equine Playground Activities

Fun was had by all this past weekend! We had a fabulous group her for the Equine Connections workshop. Participants learned about softening and had a fabulous time playing on our Equine Playground.

We put the D in Desensitize

As I sit here, trying to think about what topic could generalize today’s rides and desensitization was at the center of each training session today. 375 more words

Sepia Saturday--The Importance Of Socializing Your Puppy

Other than trips to the vet, the pups hadn’t been anywhere just for the sake of going.  Now that their vaccinations are current, they are able to get out and about and begin the very important business of socializing.   992 more words

Cane Corso

The Distracted Life: A Slow Death for Deceived Souls

Desensitization: A result of people too busy, blinded, and oblivious to pay attention to the things that make the heart ache, the things that encourage people to show compassion for the suffering of their fellow man. 431 more words



This week I have been focusing on words. I’ve been looking deeply into definitions and seeing how relative they can be from different mouths and… 391 more words

Real Life

Am I Desensitized?

Recently, I watched a bunch of movies where many people were shot or killed in some other way or beaten severely. I also finished reading an urban fantasy novel in which a reluctant werewolf was tasked with hunting and dispatching several vampires who slaughtered multiple people. 796 more words



Have you ever walked into a room with a horrible smell only to find that within a few moments you were barely aware of the noxious fumes? 543 more words