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Sink or swim - a quick note on desensitization vs flooding.

These terms are applicable to both human and non humans. To achieve potential and overcome fear (both instinctual and learnt) we must break the ultimate goal into small manageable steps, how small depends on how difficult the challenge and how sensitive the animal. 118 more words


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Dr. Robin Ohringer has maintained a private psychotherapy practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for more than twenty-five years. Dr. Robin Ohringer draws on advanced training in a variety of treatment modalities, including… 213 more words

Robin Ohringer

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

This morning, after a ferocious clap of thunder, I was reminded of the power of classical conditioning.  Most of us know the story of how Ivan Pavlov in 1902 showed how classical conditioning can be used to make a dog salivate to the sound of a bell. 543 more words


An Accident Waiting To Happen

JOY FULL Horses: Ten Things You Should Know About Cues: Number 9.) You Can’t Not Cue: Part 2 of 12

Use Your Cues
Cues evolve out of the shaping process.  697 more words

Clicker Training

By Degrees

When I started working in the college cafeteria, two things bothered me: the heat of the freshly-washed dishes I stacked, and the high-decibel din of the kitchen. 100 more words

Systematic desensitization (Behavior therapy)

Systematic desensitization is a technique developed by Joseph Wolpe, in which, the individual imagines a hierarchy of anxiety-producing situations under conditions of physical relaxation with the goal of weakening or eliminating the anxiety responses. 735 more words

Behaviour Modification