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Life with a recovering reactive dog​: Part one

Note: This is the first half of a two-part post.


The damn snow was dragging at my feet, and I knew I wasn’t going to make it to my car before I started to cry. 888 more words

German Shepherd Dog

Typical SPD "Therapy" vs. Stimming

It’s sad that normally therapy for sensory processing isn’t about what feels good. It’s code for desensitization and other things. It’s sad that most of the time a sensory diet isn’t filled with fun things that feel good. 136 more words


Relaxation is a feeling of being calm. In some situation you may feel drowsy when you relax, especially if your tired. At these times relaxation can help you sleep. 686 more words


In Defense of a Closet-Faith

I dare say that as we go through the 42 month storm, the Great Commission is going to grow increasingly more difficult to perform, and by the end of the storm it may in many respects even become impossible, which would mean the end could then come! 1,203 more words


A Dangerous Shrug ...

Roger Cohen has been a writer for the New York Times since 1990.  This morning, an OpEd he wrote titled Truth, Lies and Numbness caught my eye and I would like to share parts of it with you today, for it makes an important statement. 901 more words

Political Commentary

This Umber`World

The world
some say
goes grayer
by the day
I must say
more umber

The brown
of hills
once green
now so dry
once trees… 54 more words


is there something called being desensitized to adversity?

So much is going on, and a lot of these are going in a direction that I wish they did not. Under different conditions, even upon one such event, I would be pulling my hair and stomping my feet. 284 more words