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Come As You Are

I found a tee-shirt at a thrift store in Canada several years ago that said “Stereotyping Saves Time.” Because I have a quirky sense of humour, I bought it. 4,392 more words

Nameless is Easy: A Guide to Death Tolls and Other Statistics

I’ve changed the way I watch television. I need to… I think we all need to. Art imitates life imitates art? What happens when its all gory?  1,668 more words


Desensitization: The Good Kind

Most parents will admit that they learn as much from their kids as they are able to teach. The other day, I had the opportunity to observe my oldest son playing a PvP version of Mindcraft called “Hunger Games” (due to its similarity to the popular book and film series), and a funny thing happened. 814 more words


Session Journal 7/18/15: Answering the Door with Person Outside

So far, we have had people enter the house with Sarge in his kennel in the back of the house (with a view of the front door from afar). 440 more words

Answering The Door

A Shawking Encounter

By Aditya Shah

Last Tuesday, crowds of people, students, faculty, and staff alike, gathered in front of Lindsay Center. What for? Not a square dance or an orientation activity, no. 580 more words


I’ve gone through a few phases in my life in terms of monetary donations. My parents were good about raising me to give, telling me when I was young that two dollars of my five-dollar allowance was to go to my church every week. 870 more words


Seminar-Review: Vorstellung unterschiedlicher Methoden zur Verbesserung von Ängstlichkeit, Reaktivität und Aggressionsverhalten beim Hund (Nicole Pfaller)

Endlich mal wieder hab ich was zu reviewen, das ich richtig, richtig toll fand, und damit einen Grund, meinen Blog wiederzubeleben! Am Samstag hat Nicole Pfaller zum Thema “unterschiedlich[e] Methoden zur Verbesserung von Ängstlichkeit, Reaktivität und Aggressionsverhalten beim Hund” referiert. 4,355 more words