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Morning Light...

The light from a rising sun peeked through the random cloud formations at Zion National Park yesterday morning. The filtered light helped to produce a soft but beautiful landscape.

Desert Southwest

Autumnal Sunset

The sun sets beyond the Pine Valley Mountains in Southern Utah. This past Monday

Desert Southwest

Fun With Photoshop At The Grand Canyon

In my previous post, I showcased my friend Ali’s First Trip To The Grand Canyon. However, a  whimsical streak hit me so I played around in Photoshop and produced….

Desert Southwest

Milky Way Wonder

The Milky Way on a clear night can get one to wonder about our world and beyond. My friend Alison’s first trip to the Grand Canyon was a wonderful experience, even at night. 21 more words

Desert Southwest

Milky Way Week

The Milky Way Galaxy will be easily observed in the night sky for the next week. The moon will be rising later into the night, each night.  30 more words

Desert Southwest

Some More Stormy Zion Images

Another week of cloud-laden skies which produces some personality to the landscape in and around Zion National Park, Utah

Desert Southwest

What Is A Hoodoo?




noun: hoodoo

  1. voodoo; witchcraft.

    • a run of bad luck associated with a person or activity.

      plural noun: hoodoos

      “when is this hoodoo going to end?”

  2. 90 more words
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