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A Thousand Nights - E. K. Johnston

A desert demon has entwined itself into the mind of desert king Lo-Melkhiin.  The good king stays entrapped within a corner of his own mind while the demon rules the kingdom.  155 more words


The Periwinkle Sky

I woke up from a lost dream
to the Periwinkle Sky
Before the sun was agleam
And before time flies

The sorrowful desert is resting still… 132 more words


Madrean Alligator Lizard

I spotted a juvenile alligator lizard winding its way along a gravel path and it looked so much like a snake.  I thought, “What is THAT…I have to catch it.”  So I did.  90 more words


Observation Points

In a moment of meteorological clarity we catch a glimpse of Muley Point through a hole in the clouds…The illuminated view of this observation point (from our private observation point) gives us a sense that we are enjoying the view from above of people who are enjoying the view from below. 6 more words

Aerial Photography

40 Days And 40 Nights

It’s understandable that such a change as going to University is going to mess up your routine and seem like it’s messed up your life; and it does for a time. 365 more words

Don't Worry - - - Go Deep

Go Deep.

  1. Bring a friend, one of those good friends.
  2. Not all friends will go deep.  Frustration  and sadness may result.  If this happens, flush eyes saline solution, drink plenty of water, and be nice.
  3. 262 more words