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I am constantly in motion,  why? I know that it is absurd, but I know that this is how it should be!! My physical self is seated in front of a laptop typing away, the mind is constantly travelling. 287 more words

The Shifting Sands

Lost and alone

In these treacherous lands

Known only as

The Shifting Sands

Many have entered

Yet none survive

Not even the ones

Who make it out alive… 100 more words



I have traveled these bleak expanses
For days, my throat parched and my lips dry and cracked
Sheltering my body as best I can
From relentless sun and sand filled wind… 144 more words


The wilderness doesn’t love you back.

Photo Credit Jay Kolsch

You are uninviting, treacherous and hostile but also hauntingly beautiful, mesmerizing, inescapable. I find myself possessed by enigma. Unable to resist my long trips to see you. 463 more words


O man It's Hot

In the desert heat people say all kinds of crazy things. Among the craziness that the heat waves cast upon its victims, I’ve heard statements that may seem ridiculous at first, but somehow end up being true: ‘Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk’ is one of these saying that I found to be true the hard way. 156 more words