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Saguaro Sentinels

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Whenever we enter the Sonora, we watch for the lone saguaro on a hill. This one stands apart from the rest, as if on guard. 124 more words

Daily Prompts

Why el desierto de la Tatacoa is a must see

After receiving plenty of friends in Colombia we realized that most people don’t manage to fit in the Tatacoa desert in their tight schedules. And since we only went there last weekend, we just realized now that we need to convince people to make time for it! 590 more words


Day one of our Desert tour- part 1, way to the yellow city of Yunkai

To be honest, we didn’t really know what to expect when we subscribed to this particular tour as the booking process seemed a bit odd to us and the price was awkwardly cheap compared to the ones offered by other tours. 998 more words

Kayenta and Monument Valley

I was surprised when I arrived to Kayenta, the time was changed, it was one hour ahead of the rest of Arizona, I was in Navajo County . 78 more words

Teddy Bear Cholla

In Phoenix, the desert landscape can seem deceiving.

A lizard blends into a rock as you hike by, only giving itself up when it scampers away. 322 more words


Medicinal Plant: Morman Tea

After encountering this bush along the trail, I decided to read up on it. I discovered that Morman Tea (AKA Cowboy Tea, Squaw Tea, and Whorehouse Tea-to name a few) was historically used in folklore medicine to treat such ailments as constipation, lack of energy, common cold, headache, joint pain, and venereal disease! 148 more words