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Combating desertification

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Holding back the growing desert

Fertile soil is disappearing, swathes of land are being eroded away. Through its convention on combating desertification the UN is attempting to stop the desert growing and take back the land. 238 more words


Combating desertification in China

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Desert-greening at the Kubuqi Desert in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, December 2012. (File photo/Xinhua)

Desertification fight begins to dust up in China… 216 more words


A new study of drought impacts at forest sites worldwide

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This is a stressed forest in the southwestern United States.

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Drought’s lasting impact on forests


Forests across the planet take years to rebound from drought, storing far less carbon dioxide than widely assumed in climate models… 348 more words


Amazon deforestation

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More than 1 million people have been given land to farm in the Brazilian Amazon since the 1970s (Image: Andre Vieira/Polaris/eyevine) 247 more words


Underground ocean

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Workers digging a well for underground water are dwarfed by the sand dunes of the Taklimakan Desert, 13 September 2003, outside of Tazhong, in China’s northwest Xinjiang province.(FREDERIC J. 238 more words


Greening the desert

Photo credit: ECNS.cn

This composite photo shows Kubuqi Desert in the past and the present, spanning 20 years. (Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn)

Entrepreneur turns sand into gold… 221 more words