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Empowering smallholders

FTA at Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit: Empowering smallholders

Originally published at CIFOR’s Forests News

Mediating the push and pull of agricultural expansion and conservation is no easy task. 92 more words


More extreme droughts could negatively affect carbon sequestration.

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A new article explains that understanding the seasonality of photosynthesis can help scientists assess whether or not the Amazon is under stress and how it handles and recovers from stress. 79 more words


'Desertification'—A timely synthesis of three decades of evidence that this topic has (long) passed its sell-by date

Goats graze drylands in the dry season in Zimbabwe (photo credit: ICRISAT/Swathi Sridharan).

The picture of the Sahara as marching inexorably south year after year is incorrect and was, moreover, an illusion created not by livestock over-use but rather by a recent string of dry years.

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Climate Change


Sustainable dryland cropping in relation to soil productivity

Posted by Prof. Dr. Willem VAN COTTHEM

Ghent University – Belgium

Having participated in all the meetings of the INCD (1992-1994) and all the meetings of the UNCCD-COP, the CST and the CRIC in 1994-2006, I had an opportunity to collect a lot of interesting books and publications on drought and desertification published in that period. 35 more words


Grass strategy in drought conditions

Crop roots enact austerity measures during drought to bank water

Grass strategy in drought conditions could be harnessed to improve crop productivity

Source: Carnegie Institution for Science… 78 more words


Water use efficiency of plants

How plants can be set to use water more efficiently

Source: Technical University of Munich (TUM)


Boosting food production with limited water availability is of great importance to humanity. 103 more words


Drought and Amazon carbon sink

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Fieldwork in the Amazon.

Credit: University of Exeter

Drought stalls tree growth and shuts down Amazon carbon sink, researchers find

Source: University of Exeter… 31 more words