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Part 4 - On Becoming A Citizen Of The World

In 1978 I boarded an airplane and headed off to a remote area of SW Asia in order to work in a non-profit development organization.  My job was to evaluate feedstuffs, breeding stock, and building material so that local farmers could raise hogs in a cooperative setting and so boost their income from what was then an annual per capital family income of $100/year – the poorest area of SW Asia.   727 more words

Transforming cassava peels into high quality feed

Photo credit: ILRI News

Bags of high quality cassava peel mash feed, Ibadan, Nigeria (Photo credit: ILRI/Iheanacho Okike)

Processing African cassava peels, potentially a billion dollar business… 230 more words


Use of TerraCottem soil conditioner (TC) in Chinese greenhouses

Photo credit: WVC 1999-11

Use of TC in a Chinese greenhouse in HongHe (Gansu Province (P.R. China)

Report of the Chinese partner of a Belgian project set up by the TC-Dialogue Foundation… 56 more words


Food security and disasters caused by all types of natural hazards

Photo credit: FAO

A parched field in Kenya. Drought is especially devastating to sub-Saharan agriculture.

Surge in climate change-related disasters poses growing threat to food security… 282 more words


Somaliland: Drought and Desertification

Somaliland is not a region of the world that gets much coverage in the media. Most people have never heard of it and those who have can’t agree if it is a country or not. 118 more words



For today’s prompt, write an apology poem. I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything to add to what this type of poem might entail.

SORRY… 204 more words

November 2015 Poem-a-Day