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Deforestation in Brazil and Bolivia

Photo credit: CIFOR

Decoding deforestation in Brazil and Bolivia

More than meets the eye

Amazon – Recently, I came across a much publicized article in… 381 more words


The burden of malnutrition in all its forms is shifting from rural areas to cities

Food and nutrition are moving to the city

For too long, we have traded off calories for nutrition in our quest to end world hunger. While the numbers of people with caloric deficits is falling, the number with micronutrient deficiencies is stubbornly high – an estimated 2 billion people – and the number suffering from over-nutrition is rising distressingly fast. 241 more words


Cattle grazing on pastures that were on an ecological knife edge and desertification.

Photo credit: International Business Times

The Sahara desert was lush and green 10,000 years ago. Within a few thousand years it became barren. Humans are now thought to have pushed it over the edge – Wonker / Flickr… 303 more words


Innovative technologies for young agricultural entrepreneurs

Photo credit: SciDevNet

Turning the youth into agricultural entrepreneurs

Equipping the youth with innovative technologies could expand their business opportunities in agricultural value chain and turn many into entrepreneurs in Southern Africa. 168 more words


A World Unknown: China

A World Unknown will be an eleven part series about adventure, lost love, and being offered a chance to blow up a cow in Cambodia. I have traveled around much of Asia. 977 more words


A part of the international response to prevent another famine in Somalia

Photo credit: UN News Centre

Women milking goats on the outskirts of the village of Qardho, Somalia. Photo: FAO/Karel Prinsloo

UN approves $22 million loan to boost agricultural work to prevent famine in Somalia… 146 more words


Wastewater, once treated, can help meet the needs for freshwater as well as energy and agriculture.

Photo credit: UN News Centre

A wastewater treatment facility in Manila, the Philippines. Photo: Danilo Pinzon / World Bank

Wastewater should be recognized as a valuable resource, UN says on World Water Day… 281 more words