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Which new technique will help plants survive with less water?

Creating Drought-Tolerant Plants By Hacking Their Natural Responses

By Erin Blakemore



In a new study, published in Nature, botanists pioneered a new strategy for reprogramming plants to do better during droughts. 183 more words


1,000,000 mangrove trees

Please help me plant 1,000,000 mangroves

by Sami Grover

When nine corporate giants committed to move to 100% renewable electricity, I suggested that the reason it mattered was not just the sheer amount of dollars now going to wind, solar and the like. 175 more words


New technologies for smallholder farmers

Africa RISING research trials yield impressive options for boosting smallholder farm profitability in Tanzania


Results from a cost-benefit-analysis of fifty-nine Africa RISING technologies  in Tanzania show that almost all of the technologies being tested by the project are better than the base technologies currently used by farmers. 102 more words


The maintenance of biocrusts in the drylands is crucial

Biocrust-forming mosses mitigate the negative impacts of increasing aridity on ecosystem multifunctionality in drylands

  1. Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo,
  2. Fernando T. Maestre,
  3. David J. Eldridge,
  4. Matthew A. Bowker,
  5. 247 more words

And finally every dryland country will get the spineless Opuntia ficus-indica

Photo credit: Fast Co Exist

California Has No Water, So It Might Be Time To Start Farming Cactus

Livestock can eat the drought-tolerant cactus, and we can eat the livestock, and everyone can be happy. 262 more words


Regreening of West African grasslands

Photo credit: Science Daily

Children herd cattle in the Sahelian region of northern Senegal. Using satellite data and statistical modeling, South Dakota State University scientists confirmed that the semiarid Sahel region, which is dependent on seasonal rains, have largely recovered from devastating drought in the 1970s and 1980s. 90 more words