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Increased desertification of unstable areas

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Climate change ‘may worsen instability in ME’

Climate change could aggravate existing instability in the Middle East, a diplomat has warned. 145 more words


California isn't the only state grappling with drought

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Bales of hay sit on a family farm near Logan, Kansas. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)

The Drought Is Bigger Than California: New Relief Money Will Go to 8 Dry States… 283 more words


Mad Max: Fury Road

For a moment, ignore the monster truck sideshow, the absurd names like “Rictus Erectus” and “Immortan Joe.”  A second story runs like a quieter, subterranean river beneath the chrome-plated veneer of this noisily sunburned popcorn spectacle.  949 more words


Savannahs and climate change

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Savannahs Help Slow Down Climate Change

By Jenna Iacurci

Savannahs, though they are not jam-packed with carbon-absorbing trees, nonetheless help to slow down climate change, according to a new study. 273 more words


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Éthiopie: Surveiller la sécheresse

Hassan Adile connaît bien la sécheresse. À l’instar des 12 millions de pasteurs que compte l’Éthiopie, il parcourt de grandes distances pour trouver des pâturages et de l’eau pour son bétail. 31 more words


Termites and desertification

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Termite mound in Kruger park

Impending Desertification Prevented by Termites?? How Is It Done?

Paper Reviewed
Bonachela, J.A., Pringle, R.M., Sheffer, E., Coverdale, T.C., Guyton, J.A., Caylor, K.K., Levin, S.A. 118 more words


Deforestation in Cameroon

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Cameroon’s forests are home to two endangered subspecies of chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). Photo courtesy of Greenpeace/Filip Verbelen.

Satellite images show deforestation on fringes of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cameroon… 224 more words