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The link between desertification and climate change

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An olive grove in the Mascara Region, Algeria (Photo UNEP)

Algeria: IPCC Adopts Algeria’s Proposal On Desertification, Climate Change

Algeria’s proposal on the elaboration of a special report on the link between desertification and climate change have been recently accepted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 57 more words


Watershed Management in Ethiopia

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Mt. Damota in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Watershed Management Contribute for Sustainable, Effective Agricultural Yields

By Zelalem Girma

Some years ago, due to erosion, Damota Mountain surrounding dwellers used to be advised to leave their farms and move to other places at the expense of farming activities they carried out. 184 more words


Success and achievements of women in agriculture

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Tea farmers in Uganda

Women Farmers Making it Happen

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the success and achievements of women in agriculture, while also calling on more resources and support. 275 more words


Drought and climate-change

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Drought in California

Droughts in Syria and California linked to climate change

by Debora MacKenzie

Syria and California have both recently suffered their worst-ever droughts, exacerbated by global warming. 207 more words


Drylands Dialogue and Social Diversity

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Drylands Dialogue; Second Meeting in Nairobi Jan 20-21, 2015

Action Plan for Drylands Dialogue and Social Diversity

by Purabi Bose

The second gathering of the Drylands Dialogue meeting achieved the objective to identify priorities for research and development action plan. 140 more words


Is bamboo an answer to deforestation ?

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Bamboo nursery in Africa. There is debate over whether commercially-grown bamboo could help reverse the effects of deforestation and land degradation that has spread harm across the African continent. 333 more words


Science and practical guidance for dryland restoration and combat of desertification

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Overgrazing, as seen in Botswana, can also leave the soil exposed and easily eroded, and is therefore an indicator of land degradation. 255 more words