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Improved traditional agricultural techniques and a greener landscape in the Sahel

Photo credit: SIANI

Innovative farmer in front of his field of half moons in Burkina Faso. Photo credit: Anneli Sundin

Re-greening the Sahel?

by Anneli Sundin… 433 more words


Local communities and effective adaptation strategies

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Emergence of new diseases and pests for some crop varieties has affected farm productivity in Uganda. Photo: IITA

Drought and pest epidemics among top climate risks in rural Uganda… 209 more words


Climate change impacts and adaptation

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Adaptation measures for especially maize, common beans, Arabica coffee, banana and finger millet are urgently needed in Africa to curb future negative climate impacts. 227 more words


Conservation and care of crop diversity by women

Photo credit: Food Tank

Women farmers in the Andes play an important role in preserving crop diversity.


Women Farmers are Guardians of Crop Diversity in the Andes… 369 more words


Reforestation in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, women find simple solutions to bring back trees

GLF Committee

Originally posted on CIFOR’s Forests News

A simple fence that protects against grazing livestock and bush fires is all it’s taken to transform three hectares on Bertin Doamba’s farm in central Burkina Faso from denuded and degraded land into a bio-diverse little dryland forest. 127 more words