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Week 5 Grassland Mgmt

In the video How to Fight Desertification and Reverse Climate Change, Allan explains the transition from reduction to increasing livestock overgrazing. I saw there was linear thinking perspective of people trying to eliminate the number of cows to avoid desertification and methane emissions. 518 more words

October 2017

Great Green Wall

How beautiful, dope and NECESSARY is this?!


Scientist Train 10 Nigerian journalists on Climate change & scientific reporting

Scientist Train 10 Nigerian journalists on Climate change & scientific reporting

The aims of the one day workshop which is organize by women Hood school of health sciences and African climate reporters , with other environmental expert is to sensitize 10 Nigerian journalists on Climate change education, and to train them on the importance of science reporting as the harmattan is just behind the corner,so as to avert the spread of environmental pollution as the season comes with differents respiratory diseases… 730 more words


Priority Check: Greening the Belt and Road

After the 2016 political earthquake, the United States started a gradual retreat from global climate action. Now, more eyes are turning towards China, which seems poised to become the new leading force in implementing environmental and energy policy. 531 more words


New BBC shortform doc about the Great Green Wall

Watch it here.

The most sci-fi moonshot project going on right now isn’t the hyperloop—it’s the Great Green Wall. They are literally fighting a battle to hold back the desert with a gigantic created forest that cuts all the way across Africa. 52 more words

Science Fiction

Depletion, Destruction, Devastation - and Regeneration

I have recently been in southern Spain for a yoga retreat. Here’s the view from the yurt I was staying in. Lovely, right? But this photo actually tells a different tale – a darker tale of drastic intervention, depletion, destruction and, dare I say it, devastation. 577 more words

Countries agree on a landmark 2030 strategy to stop losing land

Ordos, China: A third of the world’s land is degraded.  By the end of the Conference, 113 countries had agreed to specify concrete targets, with clear indicators, to reverse degradation and rehabilitate more land. 573 more words