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It was he,

Who sat on ‘our’ couch,

With her

Around his neck;


It was me,

Who felt disdain

Run through my veins,

Infecting my heart, crippling my motion; 37 more words



Forgive me folks, in times of stress, trauma and high emotion I need to hide away in the Writer’s World, where there is always an open door and an adventure to be had.

357 more words

As History Repeats...

On a Saturday evening,

On a black couch,

History repeated.


It was the same couch,

Around the same time,

The same you,


Except in my place, 109 more words


The Option

I’m his option,

The one he opts from,

But never opts to;


He’ll exhaust

Of the blithering crowds,

At the movies,

The deafening sounds, 76 more words


Doggie Paddling

I never delete. I save nearly every email, junk, read, or otherwise, and I just don’t delete them. I don’t think there is any real reason other than a feeling of “just in case I may want to reread this…” Surfing through my thousands of “sent” emails, desperately trying to find a lost contact, I happened upon an email that must have just floated into outer space somewhere a year ago. 892 more words

Another 'czar' might emerge in Washington

It’s been some time since we’ve heard the term “czar” kicked around Washington, D.C.

But here it comes again, this time in the form of legislation that creates a “hostage czar” who would coordinate efforts to gain the release of Americans held hostage abroad. 247 more words

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I imagine,

That she has sparkling eyes,

That showers you with mystery,

She knows the key

To all that you lock inside,

She has a smile, 132 more words