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The 352

My partner Louise and I visited the National arboretum,in Staffordshire today, as it is Armed forces day, seeing all the memorials was awe inspiring, however one had a profound effect on me, SHOT AT DAWN I cannot get the image out of my head,it’s a statue of a soldier blindfolded, behind him approx 351 wooden plinths, that represent the 352 British soldiers executed, for cowardice and desertion. 46 more words


Do you have Temptations of Desertion like Demas?  Colossians 4 verse 14 part B

Colossians 4:14 (NET) 14 part B Our dear friend Luke the physician and Demas greet you.
Our dear friend Luke the physician and – see previous Bible study about Luke… 568 more words


Julie Mujic Talks Desertion and Abandonment

Good luck today to ECW’s Julie Mujic, who’s presenting a paper at the conference of the Society of Civil War Historians in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Julie, an assistant professor of history at Sacred Heart University, recently did… 116 more words

Common Soldier

Picture of misery

When benefit of doubt is crushed from fear of desertion. And one looks for possible ways he’ll be hurt by you. When emptiness can be seen radiating, when all the hope is at the end just evaporating. 63 more words


Part past part fiction 5

When I was six years old my father walked out of my life for good. Actually, if the truth be told, he’d been absent almost from the beginning. 1,086 more words


Daybreak and doubts

Namrata had 45 seconds to decipher the code and save the spaceship from exploding. If this spaceship does not reach earth, then our entire civilization would stand endangered. 1,071 more words


I CAN'T live with a low paid Inspector says wife. Husband gets divorce, wife gets 10K p.m. ! P&H HC

A wife leaves her husband and files false cases on him. She files complaints with his superiors etc. The Husband says that the wife deserted him because he was just an Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Even the couple’s son who is taken away by the mother, joins the father and testifies in favor of the father. 2,437 more words