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Is Randolph County's Confederate Monument a monument to White Supremacy?

Many Confederate monuments erected at or around the same period were used overtly to advance a racist agenda. “Silent Sam,” on the Chapel Hill campus, for example, was dedicated in 1913 by Civil War veteran Julian Carr of Durham, then the president of North Carolina’s United Confederate Veterans.   2,714 more words

Civil War

The beacon

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Sahil anxiously opened the door to his tiny apartment. Rita hadn’t answered his calls all day and now the apartment was completely dark. 90 more words


Notes from a small dog - Trying times

It’s been a while, what with one thing and another. First she blew up the computer, then the interwebby thing stopped working… and now, well… I can’t keep track of her. 654 more words


US-Backed Forces in Syria Run Away, Again

As reported by South Front, another group of Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra members in southeastern Syria defected to Syrian government forces, according to pro-opposition sources. Previously in July, the first group of the US-backed force ran away from the US-controlled at-Tanf garrison and surrendered with arms and equipment to the Syrian army. 148 more words

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All of life on Earth has been giving an astounding ability. The ability of choice. Now before you go and comment how trees and flowers don’t have the choice of where they grow, bare with me. 487 more words

There's a line on my face where a smile once curved.

Heartbreak shows itself in many forms. When you have lived a full life, you know the feeling when it hits you. It’s sudden. You can be completely at peace and content in one moment and then: WHAM! 459 more words


Awol (Deb Shoval, USA 2016)

Actors: Lola Kirke, Breeda Wool, Dale Soules
Director: Deb Shoval
Writers: Deb Shoval, Karolina Waclawiak
Music: Gingger Shankar
Cinematography: Gal Deren
Editing: Jeffrey Wolf