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How to: Inverted Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcakes

These cupcakes can be quite tedious, but they are always a hit whenever I make them. These are chocolate cupcakes with a vanilla frosting and a chocolate topper and a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting and a vanilla topper. 284 more words


Making Lavender Ice Cream

Here is a simple recipe for lavender ice cream made from fresh lavenders.

What are the ingredients needed?

4 cups of milk

2 cups of whipping cream… 283 more words


How to Choose the Best Tasting Cakes

Cakes come in different sizes, shapes and flavours. They are now creative wonders and bakers are like master craftsmen, who can make any wish come true when it comes to cakes. 485 more words


Father's Day Special: 4 Sweet Salads That Everyone Will Love

Sweet salads are a perfect addition to any menu, especially when there’s a special occasion. They can both serve as an appetizer or a dessert. You can prepare mainly fruits for a mouth-watering sweet dish or add some vegetables or spices for a bit of savory flavor. 292 more words


Coco-nutty for ice cream

Ah. Puns puns puns puns.

So, right after I decided to be vegan for a week (which wasn’t 100% effective, but still pretty good) I started my time of the month. 802 more words

Mardi Gras Mambo: King Cake Recipe

I have missed king cake. I mean it didn’t even cross my mind to make my own.

I’d think things like, “I don’t want to have to get special ingredients I’ll never use again” or “it’s going too much effort and what if it’s not good.” 734 more words



Based in Seattle, American photographer Cody Cobb captures portraits of the earth’s surface, focusing on the American West, from the deserts of Utah to the Hawaiian Islands.

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