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Work saved my sanity

Being a working woman was exhilarating especially since I didn’t have to be home with his parent 24/7! I loved going to work, putting on a uniform, putting on my makeup, looking the part of someone who was necessary in this world.  849 more words

My first job after I got married

1 year had passed and I was finally ALLOWED to go work outside of the home! I was sooo excited that I had secured a job and really loved it!   957 more words

Priyanka Chopra's favourite film also stars Shah Rukh Khan

No matter how many shows or movies Priyanka Chopra does in the US, she will forever remain India’s desi girl.

The actress recently opened up about her favourite film (no guess here, it’s a Bollywood film). 83 more words


1st Birthday as his wife

The once bubbly, outgoing girl who was going to conquer the world, was being silenced by the violent abuse behind closed doors. Not every day was horrible or bad, but it definitely wasn’t an ideal life!  569 more words

I almost died, but didn't

That was my first attempt at suicide and obviously, I was unsuccessful. The feelings of hopelessness, unworthiness and drowning were just too intense for me to cope with.  711 more words

I almost died...

I went to bed to go to sleep forever peacefully; that was my genuine intent. It didn’t go as smoothly as I wished it had.  My stomach was reacting to the overload of prescription and over the counter pills.  1,181 more words