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I almost died, but didn't

That was my first attempt at suicide and obviously, I was unsuccessful. The feelings of hopelessness, unworthiness and drowning were just too intense for me to cope with.  711 more words

I almost died...

I went to bed to go to sleep forever peacefully; that was my genuine intent. It didn’t go as smoothly as I wished it had.  My stomach was reacting to the overload of prescription and over the counter pills.  1,181 more words

The first time I tried...

After the New Year’s Eve party I felt alive and positive!  The feeling of being loved and satisfied with life’s surprises was absolute bliss.  This lasted for as long as it possibly could have and then the fighting and tears started again.  1,020 more words

Our First New Years Eve

Who doesn’t love New Year’s Eve?!?!?! Me? I love any reason to party but this was a ‘must do’.  Excitement was running through my veins!  This was the first New Year’s Eve away from my parents  My parents had never allowed me to be on my own before on this world wide party night.  436 more words

First Christmas with the in laws...

Ahh, I lay in bed smiling, thinking Christmas is right around the corner. I’ve started all sorts of lists of what to buy my new family, what they needs, how impressive my 1st Christmas will be with them!!!  1,068 more words

Everyday life

I started to morph myself into the perfect wife I thought he wanted me to be. The whole time I did this, I was, of course stacking myself up against his girlfriend.  747 more words