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ek link :)

Quick note (gori has a cold- acchoo! so not much today lekin).. here’s a link to gori’s Technorati page.. trying to wean sub yaaron off of the CL postings lol :P Will try to figure how gori is supposed to get her latest FP posts shown.. 87 more words

Sri Lumba Kala Sundar ;)

Third I filim fest :D

Tik new page is here: gori’s Third I filim fest reviews :)

Here is sched for filim fest itself: Third I fest this weekend

All is explained (in a confused way na?) there.. 150 more words

Sri Lumba Kala Sundar ;)

Happy Diwali :D

Ok it’s a day early here but it’s already midnite Mumbai mein na? All the news on Google says is about how markets Hindustani mein are slow this season, since gori sells online retail (antiques/vintage in case ur wondering lol), she can relate :P Well, just wanted to put a direct link to mehri (silly, very poorly done) Hallowe’en/Deepawali costume directly here. 336 more words

Desi Yaar

Halloween, complete with ulloos :P

Gori found out recently that Lakshmi traditionally has a white ulloo, na? as a companion… interesting u don’t see it pictured much.. gori hypothesizes it may have to do with the connotation, na? 426 more words

Sri Lumba Kala Sundar ;)

Um.. garam ladkiya, hai na?

Just a quick shout out to whomever is looking up this blog via WordPress the last few days using KW like ‘garam ladkiya’, or more specifically- ‘sexy gori’ aur ‘desi gori’ lmao :) I personally prefer the ‘sexy gori’ one, although ‘desi gori’ would sort of be a compliment, were it to be actually used as a descriptive term in an effort to find my blog ;) Because again, ‘gori’ is unfortunately already taken on WordPress by ek ladki(?) blogging en Espanol.. 139 more words

Sri Lumba Kala Sundar ;)