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New Year's Resolution: I Will Declutter My Home

Clutter: it’s the bane of your existence. You swear you’re not a hoarder but your home seems to be crammed full of stuff. Your mother bought you yet another ugly Christmas sweater, so you go to hang it in your closet next to the one she bought you last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and you catch yourself thinking: … 1,273 more words


House interior desig

from Antonio Velardo ift.tt/1w0qgrE House interior desig

House interior design , tomaszow mazowiecki | TAMIZO ARCHITECTS #antoniovelardo

from Flickr http://flic.kr/p/qEAqXE

Antonio Velardo

Do This Today: Holiday Pop-Up

Tonight you should head over to Chapel St and check out the Re-Worx holiday pop-up shop! A portion of the proceeds goes to the New Haven Habitat for Humanity, and the pieces are made out of recycled materials so you can feel doubly-good about supporting local artists. 45 more words

Do This Today

DESIGN IS ART! OR IS IT ?..... (Part 1)

While working on one of my design assignments I had an argument in my mind. Is design an art? Should I be known as an artist?  1,092 more words

Sketchbook spread

Just some Sunday night sketches. Micron fineliners in a moleskin sketchbook.

7-year-old boy Reminds Us All That We're Trying Too Hard

The story of the 7-year old who redesigned a bottle of Waitrose Essential Brown Sauce may just be a charming human interest story to most, but to those in our line of work, it raises legitimate concern. 441 more words