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A New Approach

Okay so part of the reason, aside from Don Giovanni, that I’ve not been posting much is because I’ve been thinking of a new approach I want to take, not necessarily to the blog in general because it’s not to be able to have somewhere to keep your thoughts and to post some random stuff, but to the Design and Systems thinking reflective essays. 1,091 more words

Vegetables are Hard to Cut

I don’t really know where I got the above observation from, possibly some of my flatmates taking the mick out of me for how I choose to cut vegetables…anyway, this kinda reminded me of an innovation that the centre showed us at the start of term that made cutting easier for amputees. 285 more words

Design And Systems Thinking

Videos of the Month

I’m gonna try and create a blog post each month with different videos that I’ve found cool on the internet – sometimes I’ll say something about them, sometimes not. 353 more words

Design And Systems Thinking

Interview Techniques/Tools

So over the last couple of weeks, Travis has shared with us some techniques and activities to run during group workshops and one to one interviews to help us get people talking and get the best insights out of people, for use further down the line. 1,112 more words

Design And Systems Thinking

Where've I Been?

Time for a little bit of honesty…I could very easily write a load of posts in a months stime and backdate them to cover this month but that’s not particulatly healthy for a productive mindset. 685 more words

Design And Systems Thinking