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3D-Collisions basics

One thing that is absolutely vital in most games is the actual event when two objects somehow collides.

Be it bullets that collides with it’s target, wheels touching the floor, a paperMario reaching the end of the map or just a FPS-player that tries to walk through a wall, we just need to see whether something is touching something else (especially if inappropriate :) ) Now, there are several ways to detect this and as usual it’s all about processor vs quality. 1,256 more words


Kill your darlings

One of the most important tips I could give you in here is not in any AS3 area nor is it a 3D tweak but it’s a pretty common saying in many creative industries. 562 more words

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Multiplayer in Flash - How to..

The biggest reason I chose to start up this project at this current date is that before current date it has not been possible to create what I am trying to do , using Flash. 1,387 more words

Archon 2160 - WT

Huge update now. Are you ready?

Problem with writing a blog about such a creative thing as developing a game is that things happens very fast and sometimes very, very much. 2,021 more words

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The importance of being lazy!

I will soon code a LOT, actually I’ve started already behind this scene but before I make it official and show it all to you I want to pull the breaks and look in the rear window so I got all of you with me. 446 more words

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The challenge of creating a game without writing a single line of code

If you’re new to OOP (which I still do consider myself to be) words like Interfaces, Abstract classes and Polymorphism might sound pretty intimidating, but trust me, it will make your life so much easier (no your private life, don’t mix polymorphism into that!). 563 more words

Archon 2160 - WT