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Favourite Design Books

Hello again! I’ve been wanting to write this post for absolutely ages but each time I’ve put it off due to having another book on order…oops. 768 more words


Reading About Furniture

As part of my summer reading, I’m getting back to books that I have collected over the past year. One of these is Witold Rybczynski’s… 641 more words


Newbooks: from design to fashion, writing, film & animation.

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“Inspiration is the fuel for an artist/ designer; it’s what gets our creative juices flowing. It’s natural for that imagination to have its slow days and fizzle out; it doesn’t mean that you’re losing your talent… Anything can inspire the artist.” 307 more words

I Can't Get Rid of Books

I was planning on doing a decluttering post for my books, I’ve been going through them and sorting out which to keep and I realised I don’t get rid of books, though I probably should for quite a few of them. 1,058 more words


Decorating a House, Designing a Life

After living in 9 spaces in the last 12 years the thought of decorating our new house is thrilling but oh, so intimidating. For someone that loves to shop, but loves a bargain even more, I am excited but a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of it all. 201 more words

New House