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Case Study: Carle Kitchen Cabinets

Nestled deep in Southwest Portland, the Carle family kitchen was the subject of an extensive remodel that was completed in late 2014. Interior designer Barbara Sumner and architectural designer Kristyn Bester worked with Versatile’s Product Designer Rex Vaccaro, to update and modernize the kitchen. 503 more words

Custom Design

PBL: From Tinkering to Thinking

It’s easy to think that kids are learning all kinds of science when they are incredibly engaged with building their solar ovens. It sure looks that way. 548 more words

Critical Thinking

The scariest part of PBL: Build Days (with the Solar Oven example)

I was anxious about this departure from the more directed labs I’ve done in the past. Kids running rampant with spray paint, box cutters, glue and cardboard. 528 more words

Class Management

Design Thinking: Design a Better Solar Oven!

From the ground up, how do we come up with a new project? How could you? It’s easy to talk about PBL but how does it work for a real project, especially a project that could be useful in the real world? 373 more words


Window Word of Day: Air Infiltration

Air Infiltration: The amount of air that passes between a sash and a frame; Measure in terms of cubic feet of air per minute per lineal foot of crack (margin). 123 more words


5 Ways to Build a Classroom Community with Design Thinking

I recently went to a party where I didn’t know a single person. All I kept thinking was that there has to be a better way to experience a party. 1,748 more words


Starting a School Makerspace from Scratch

JULY 16, 2015

With the National Week of Making behind us, you might be ready to start a makerspace in your school — but not know where to start. 189 more words

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