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Styling of Design

– Problem: Hands and facial designing
One thing which I particularly struggled with, is designing hands and facial expressions to convey the following story in general. 49 more words

Challenges And Obstacles

Character Sizing

– Problem: Character sizing
Another problem which I faced was the size of some of the characters which I either drawn too small or large. This resulted in me having to stretch out the artwork, making it the work appear pixelated and made it difficult to trace over. 49 more words

Challenges And Obstacles


– Problem: Initial sketches of hairstyles
The difficultly which I encountered during this project, was that the style was easy for me to hand draw my artwork in preparation of drawing over them digitally. 104 more words

Challenges And Obstacles

There's No Place Like Home

Let’s start off with a little update of good news – the refrigerator fit…. BARELY. But it’s in and NEVER MOVING AGAIN. I literally spent last weekend stocking and restocking the thing; I cooked up a storm! 159 more words

Design Challenges

bead peeps swap n hop #2

After taking it easy for the past month or so, it is now time to hit the ground running! The Bead Peeps Swap n Hop… 275 more words


No Ice Ice Baby

Today marks day #25 without a refrigerator. You read that right, we’ve actually been without a fridge since we moved. The space in our kitchen (and the doorway in to our kitchen) is so uniquely sized that there was only 1 fridge carried by Best Buy or Home Depot that could work and that was pleasing enough to the eye that we wouldn’t hate staring at it 3 years from now. 349 more words

Design Challenges

Design Challenges: Abstract vs Concrete

When using real life data in a game, do you go abstract or concrete?

It’s a difficult question to answer. Every game must wrestle with the need to depict realistic aspects, be it the character or world design to the game’s physics engine. 381 more words