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Design Challenges

With everything there is always a challenge that we are faced with. This design work was that for me! Even though design class was always one of my favourites, I never felt like the work I was doing was good enough. 181 more words

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Ally J Design challenge: Typography 

So life has changed in the past couple of months.  New mother here! With that this challenge is about how to draw out the alphabet using a clear and bold design that helps a baby learn. 47 more words


Ally J Design challenges are back.

I have always been that person who started and stopped projects that was the old me. This is the end of that. No more doubt no more fear of failure. I am all in 100%.


Bead Soup Blog Party 2017

After a short (2 year) hiatus, the Bead Soup Blog Party will once again be in full swing! I’m so excited to be back as a part of the original bead swap, and love what the host, … 140 more words

Peacock & Lime

Design Challenges

One of the main issues I had was when I was trying to create my blog. I found it difficult at first to understand how to navigate my way around WordPress. 179 more words

Design Challenges

Design Challenges

My favourite illustrators style to draw was Kelly Smith, i loved working with pencil as it was my favourite media to use in art, I enjoy shading to add light and dark tones, the slight hints of watercolour added a pop of colour which contrasted nicely to the grey tones of the pencil. 79 more words

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