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Penguin Design Awards- Development

They say that there is a madness in repetition.

I started off with a simple pattern of a symbol depicting an eye. I wanted to see how it would tessellate and how it affected the ability to recognise and tell the cover from another book. 269 more words

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Penguin Design awards- Research

This brief consisted of creating a cover for one or more Penguin published books. It had a template for download and had to be kept at the size required. 180 more words

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House of Illustrology website

This past week I’ve been focusing on the making of my website. It’s a very fun process I must say, but also very tiring since every single detail must be thought of with maximum attention so everything looks concise and according to my brand’s visual concept. 142 more words


Secret 7- Finalisation

I decided to split my ideas in to two. I developed the lyric approach with the hats further by adding in the character element. I used the character for my FMP to realise the design and felt it fit in to give a worried, anxious feel to the cover. 40 more words

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Secret 7- Experimentation

Further experimentation with textures and colours resulted in some stronger pieces. I had decided to mix it in with pattern. I think the result looks better than I had expected it to. 69 more words

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Secret 7- Development

For the brief, I chose to look at Jack Garret’s song worry. I started to think about the word worry and what colours it would reflect. 197 more words

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Secret 7 - Research

The visual research I viewed for inspiration was mainly formulated from patterns. I have really enjoyed creating new and varied patterns over the last few year. 188 more words

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