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Making A Living Week 2

Today was about crowd funding and legal side of being a creative individual. We had guest who had successfully launched an illustrated book, ‘Let’s play Murder’, to share about his experience on using the Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform.  299 more words

Hothouse Talks

Making A Living Week

We have three young inspiring speakers/founders of a company here today to give us a talk.

They included : 

Will Hudson, founder of magazine It’s Nice That, creative agency Anyways. 370 more words

Hothouse Talks

Making CV great again- CV Session with Sara

On Friday we had CV session with Sara. After this I landed in real world of recognizing CV i done before is bad. Well, I’m still on my journey to call myself graphic designer. 86 more words

Hot House - "Making corridor great again"

I’m part of the Hothouse team. On the last session Myself, Joao and Armando discussed  “Making Corridor great again”. We decided to mix up  together photographs from last year workshops,  illustrations of ‘design tools” created for Hothouse branding, and Photographs of tote bags and posters created for Hothouse events. 60 more words

Hot House-The begining

A new  project or shall I say experience has started. I am now working for the Hot House, what is it? a studio space with in the university environment. 401 more words

Project 4

Excel & marketing

Just came back from an interesting exhibition – Integrated Live : Marketing – Technology – Innovation.

It was the last day of the exhibition, I missed so many of the talks because I didn’t know that they have so many, should have done my research. 439 more words