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Sarah Boris Hothouse Talk

Sarah Boris is a Graphic Designer who’s past work has included the barbican, the ICA and many publishing companies in the realm of books.

I really enjoyed viewing Sarah’s work. 124 more words

Graphic Design

Exhibition - making stuff

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my choices for Design Competition is Exhibition route. This week I’ve started to create more posters and illustrations to add to the pile of work that I’m going to be showing in January, possibly at The Cass.


That’s so kickstarter!


Hate Mail

Mr Bingo attempt at making a interesting pitched works as you listen to every part as he takes you on a journey starting with the history of post ironically it works well to deliver the pitch. 134 more words

Design Competition

What makes a good portfolio?

First of all show what you know and are good at but keep in mind the time limits and restrictions you may face when going for an interview or meeting a client so craft your portfolio to fit the employer or client. 104 more words

Design Competition

What is a pitch?

A proposal that should use persuasion helps you understand what they will deliver, who they are, what they are and the intended outcome/user. Keep this in mind when pitching to a brand and remember they will buy into your character so do your research, understand their ethics, story, audience and how they want express themselves. 11 more words

Design Competition

Presentations and Pitches

This session focused on types of presentations and we got to a range of different pitches from a few voluntary peers that were set the task of presenting a tennis ball. 65 more words

Design Competition

Design Competition Week 1

This session with Cecilie Barstad took us through some key elements and things to consider when crafting our blog and its content. A few being make it professional, the importance of having high quality photos and correct lighting, having a similar feel/style to your images (Branding). 122 more words

Design Competition