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Portfolio Curation

Creating my portfolio was fun!

For page layout and grid purpose I decided upon a 2X2 grid system. I chose this layout due to it allowing up to four landscape images max, without the images being too small, also allowing me to add a larger image on either side portrait or landscape, this allowed me to utilise my space. 506 more words


Portfolio Investigations

I have a clear image in mind of what I would like my portfolio to look like. As a great contrast, black and white always works, there’s no doubt about it. 511 more words


'Summer Show 2017, proposal 2'

As I mentioned at the end of the previous post, I went on to create a final proposal by myself, as it was difficult for us to meet us a group due to personal commitments. 146 more words


'Summer Show 2017, proposal 1'

As instructed, my group of students has split into 3 further groups, each creating an exhibition concept for our Summer Show. 149 more words


Design Competition: Internship: Conclusion

So far, I’ve done three articles for Grafik. (four if you count last year’s). All three of them have been predominantly other people’s words. It’s the easiest and most effective thing to do, but it does feel like a wasted opportunity to hone my independent writing skills. 169 more words

Design Competition

Design Competition: Internship: My SPOT cards

As part of the competition to win SPOT cards from Alex,  readers needed to create their own designs using a PDF they could download from his website. 259 more words

Design Competition