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010 Board of Governors August Project Approval List

Check out the pre-meeting materials for the Board of Governors meeting last Friday. Projects in the UNC system that are up for approval are listed. Look under Committee on Budget and Finance item 2. 22 more words


009 How Many People Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

“He may have won the battle, but I won the war,” she said with the click of her ink pen.

I laughed. “What happened?”

As a construction manager, she had just met with a subcontractor to install a small access panel in the soffit of a campus building. 1,021 more words


007 Stakeholders- A Resource or a Constraint?

Given and Find

Scott, Julie, and I looked at our next homework problem, in the grey study room of the Engineering Sciences Building. The problem: “ 1,093 more words


006 One Easy Way to Show Appreciation via Email Response

I closed my email on the Mac that I shared with my fellow architectural students at Arizona State University. My dad hadn’t written me back again. 484 more words


005 Project Milestones & Marketing Strategies

With the help of my parents, my first job was delivering The Dominion Post, in Westover, WV. I earned a fair amount of money for my candy habit, and had enough left over to buy a piano. 945 more words