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This brief required me to create a concept for a social action project and produce a piece of work to promote this and encourage change or awareness.I chose to look at the topic of mental health and the stigma surrounding it. 581 more words

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Pass Notes: What is GCSE Irritative Design?

Up, down, in, out and all around the country, Design & Technology teachers are attending training meetings and busily checking out the new GCSE specifications for their subject, due to commence in September 2017. 1,238 more words


Idea Generation - Geoff Petty's ICEDIP

ICEDIP is an acronym of the six phases to a creative process according to Geoff Petty.

Inspiration – Researching and generating ideas.

Clarification – Focusing on goals. 80 more words

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Passion Projects G7

This was my first time trying Passion Projects. I have wanted to do it for quite a few years but, was worried about the… 553 more words

Grade 7

Ruby Elliot (Rubyetc)

Ruby Elliot (otherwise known as Rubyetc online) is a young artist who has suffered from and dealt with ill mental health from the age of 14 and now draws and illustrates her feelings, emotions, daily struggles, experiences and thoughts on her own mental illnesses that people in a similar situation to her like can relate to. 119 more words

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Mental Health: Facts & Statistics

Key Facts & Statistics

(Statistics mostly based in the UK)

  • 1 in 4 people will be diagnosed with a mental illness every year, the most common diagnoses being depression.
  • 524 more words
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Editorial Illustration & Metaphor

Creating Visual Metaphor

Juxtaposition:   Placing an object out of its natural context/in a new environment.

Combination:   Combining two objects of different scale/context/meaning together.

Replacement:   Replacing an object from a composition with another object maybe similar                                 but out of context. 108 more words

Design Cycle