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Keeping Design Alive

We have a dilemma at AIS Kuwait. We weren’t able to find a high school Design teacher on the recruiting trail. Because of this, our two K-12 technology integration coaches may have to each teach 2 classes next year. 957 more words


What is STREAM?

S: Science  T: Technology  R: Readin’ and wRitin’  E: Engineering  A: Arts and design     M: Math

STREAM is a problem-solving, team-skills teaching, strength-based learning class. 510 more words

STEM Middle School

Laser Cutter Parameters

The current prototype is based on parts that are cut with a laser cutter. When using a laser cutter one has a choice of different parameter for each cutting sequence. 87 more words


Back to the drawing board

In our meeting with Prof. van der Meer and Drs. Frederic Truffer and Alessandro Crespi, we received critical input on our current prototype to try to get a fluorescence signal above the background noise. 313 more words


Designing a database for environmental data

One of the main goals of bio-design for the real-world is to enable large-scale sharing of environmental data gathered by citizen scientists. We envision in particular that the collected data could be visualized on a geographical map. 1,179 more words


eGFP or not to eGFP

One of the ways to improve the signal to noise ratio of the reporter fluorescence, is to have a brighter (proportional to the extinction coefficient x quantum yield), more stable protein with a larger difference between the peak excitation and the emission wavelengths ( 463 more words


Sustainable Technology lecture by Michael Ashby

The lecture room was completely full and overflowing to hear Professor Michael Ashby from Cambridge University give the EPFL Materials Science and Engineering Distinguished Lecture “What is Sustainable Technology? 733 more words