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Pat on the back time ...

Last week I gave the presentation for the end of the Responsive Professional Practice Own Brief : Surface Pattern Design. It was a great chance to look back and see what I had produced and break it down into the visible steps of the design cycle, even if it was a bit retrospectively in places. 271 more words

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Design Cycle: Getting the Ball Rolling

We are in a Makerspace overload after we were able to send several teachers to the Learning2 conference in Italy.  I wish I was there too, but thrilled with the ideas and excitement that came back to our school. 280 more words

Patterns : use them or lose them

Continuing with the pattern design brief I’ve now started to look to applying the best pattern designs to products (design refinement and exploration of media and aesthetic options). 317 more words

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Why didn’t I know about this before?

Continuing pattern development I’ve been following tutorials for creating pattern swatches using Adobe Illustrator as a grid repeat – matching the edges exactly for a seamless repeat. 166 more words

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Children's books.... and shelving it.

Aside from the next brief I’ve been independently working on a dandelion lino piece  which I originally planned to be a multi block multicolour print. I had shelved it because I wasn’t happy with the way it was going and was going have a think about it and revisit it someday. 176 more words

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Winter School Kicked-off!

17 participants from academia, industry, and independents are now together for the BRAAVOO Workshop and Creative Design Course & Biodesign for the Real World Winter School… 268 more words


What Do You Deserve?

Everyone can list on and on about things they want in life, but what you want and what you deserve can be quite different. This can be in realm of relationships, careers, or materialistic wishes. 319 more words