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Winter School Kicked-off!

17 participants from academia, industry, and independents are now together for the BRAAVOO Workshop and Creative Design Course & Biodesign for the Real World Winter School… 268 more words


What Do You Deserve?

Everyone can list on and on about things they want in life, but what you want and what you deserve can be quite different. This can be in realm of relationships, careers, or materialistic wishes. 319 more words

Provocation: The Egg Drop

The egg drop is a well-known physical science experiment used to help students apply their knowledge about physics, materials and crash science. Often it is used midway or last in the sequence of learning as an opportunity for practice. 362 more words

Lesson Plans

This is why you should be using Design Thinking 

The inspiration for this post comes from two things happening this year for me.

  1. I am still in the Project Officer position running major projects across our college and teaching one class only this year  (Year 11 Design and Technology).
  2. 706 more words
Student Engagement

Scattering test

The prototype aims to quantify the amount of Arsenic using eGFP. We are using spectruino to quantify how much light scattering influences the detection of green fluorescence. 515 more words


Printed circuit for the Music Box

In order to finalize our prototype and our project, we decided to solder the components of the Music box on a printed circuit.

Here is the scheme of the circuit: 317 more words


Music Box prototype

The idea behind this circuit was to model the detection of the fluorescence emitted by the bacteria: if we apply an intense source of light directly to the light-to-frequency converter (which is the same than the one used in the prototype), it models a great intensity of green fluorescence (and thus supposedly a large concentration of Arsenic in the sample). 463 more words