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Guillermo Aguilar Huerta

Guillermo Aguilar Huerta is an op-artist from Mexico, living in Germany. He works traditionally, using materials such as wood and plastic, and produces paintings as well as sculptures and installations. 46 more words

Design Cycle


Op-art, short for optical art, is a style of abstract visual art that uses optical illusions. An optical illusion is something, usually an image, that deceives the eye by appearing as something it’s not. 274 more words

Design To Sell

Ideas #1

Initially, I had an idea to create a product for children, with the intention of it being educational as well as fun. After some thought, I decided i did not want to aim my product/work at children as I don’t imagine my minimalist style of art to appeal to children. 57 more words

Design To Sell

All About Illustration

What is Illustration?

An illustration is a visual explanation, description or interpretation of a concept, text, point or process. Illustration literally means to ‘illustrate’ and ‘make clear’ through creative media. 483 more words

Design To Sell

Mind Games

I have chosen the theme ‘Mind Games’ to base my project on. I chose this theme because it immediately interested me and i was able to come up with a few broad ideas of ways in which i could use and develop this theme. 99 more words

Design To Sell

Artist Research Task


Tang Yau Hoong

Tang Yau Hoong is an illustrator and graphic designer who uses and experiments with light and negative space to create pieces of art that require some thought to understand. 106 more words

Design To Sell

Design to Sell - Brief Overview

Design to Sell is a project focussed on professional practice and my own maturity as an artist/designer. The brief requires me to produce one or more product(s) to be sold at a pop-up shop based around one of three given themes; Women Fashion Power, Mind Games or Every Human. 231 more words

Design To Sell