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Realization of the double cap

After 3D modeling, we try to make a double cap by hand.

We start from the vial caps with a hole covered by a silicon septum. 256 more words


Prototype v2.1 - First Tests

We have begun testing our prototype, as said in this article!

Cream :

This test was done to see how the scattering and excitation LED’s are sensed when measuring with different concentration of scattering medium. 435 more words


Analysis of our prototype

What we were focusing on for the last months was factorising the process of our prototype, to be able to precisely understand which part does not work, instead of looking at the whole process not working and wondering why! 231 more words


Prototype - Second version

Finally, after encountering every possible problems, the second version of the prototype is ready, working and has already been tested!

The new features of the prototype include : 111 more words


Cap for Fieldwork

One of the aim of the spring team at EPFL was to design a new cap for secure sample collection. We need to keep the GMO reporter bacteria from being released into the environment. 682 more words


Keeping Design Alive

We have a dilemma at AIS Kuwait. We weren’t able to find a high school Design teacher on the recruiting trail. Because of this, our two K-12 technology integration coaches may have to each teach 2 classes next year. 957 more words


What is STREAM?

S: Science  T: Technology  R: Readin’ and wRitin’  E: Engineering  A: Arts and design     M: Math

STREAM is a problem-solving, team-skills teaching, strength-based learning class. 510 more words