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Collecting magic items with a day job

I love roleplaying games with tons of weird little magic items and strange oddities. They’re the secret sauce in games like Into the Odd, Numenera… 922 more words


Monster Invasion: Design Diary #1

**Note: Monster Invasion is very much a tentative, working title for a new game design I am tinkering with.

Okay readers, a new post here because I want to share my excitement level for a game I am currently working on. 662 more words

Solo Gaming

Change Agents of the O.D.D.

I’m running Agents of the O.D.D. tonight for the first time since Metatopia, and looking to playtest some changes. (Please feel free to grab a free “community copy” of the earlier edition if you’re practicing good social distancing or performing essential services during the pandemic, by the way.) We likely won’t even get to all these changes in an online session with six (!!!) players, but still, I want to be able to advise players of what to expect, and make sure I’m clear myself on what I plan to do. 1,752 more words


Constraints Are More Equal Than Barriers

Design is characterized more by the constraints imposed on designers than by the freedom given to them.

Identifying the constraints of a given design problem is critical both in framing the problem and in finding a solution. 446 more words

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