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Design Diary #1 - The Honor of the Queen

Little known fact: I designed a game last year. It is a small game, one I had snuck in at the last minute into the 2018 Solitaire Game Design Contest – and then life blew up with my daughter and I wasn’t able to do much with the game, much less playing any of the other entries into the contest. 1,526 more words

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Rumors, Legends & Lies for a soulslike campaign

Here are 45 snippets of lore that probably aren’t making it to the final text of Grave, but that I could imagine making use of someday. 1,750 more words


Grave: Hacking Knave for soulslike adventure

I’ve been wondering aloud for months about how (and whether) to fix the rules for my soulslike game, Exhumed—but learning that its working title is taken by… 1,077 more words


Driftwood Polystyrene

When the oceans rise and the floodwaters come rushing into your big cities, I am optimistic that the plastic in the oceans, what we passionately unify and outrage over, will be what keeps us afloat. 22 more words


The Myth of Co-Designing

Co-design is not about democracy among users, stakeholders, and designers. Co-design is, in essence, about creating synergy among them.

Creating synergy takes time. Personality, communication style, and motivation can easily drag people out of sync in co-design activities. 135 more words

Design Diary

Design Diary: Grave Knave

I recently wondered aloud whether I’d be better off rethinking my soulslike game Exhumed as a Knave hack, especially given that my earliest pre-playtesting version of… 2,378 more words