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Icon Set

This Icon set has a harmonious theme. It was created using adobe Illustrator and is geared towards a young adult audience. They are specifically created to be simple and easily recognizable so that more than the target audience can identify the meanings of the icons and relate to them. 68 more words

Design Elements

Testing Paint Colors in Natural Light

I recently realized that I’ve been living among wall colors I DON’T LOVE for way too many months and that it is time to make some of my planned color changes now while I can appreciate them rather than at the end of the project when I’m just about to pass it off to someone else. 228 more words

Natural Light

Design options for stairs & railings

Log and timber frame homes are naturally beautiful and, when done right, can beĀ  considered a work of art.

Most log home owners want to weave as much natural beauty throughout the home as they can. 554 more words

Log Home

Draw, DRAW, Draw

Friday 20th October 2017

On this Friday’s lesson we were supposed to work on a different task but Ricardo went around asking us about our trip to Chinatown and the outcomes and my work was incomplete and I told Ricardo that I couldn’t draw and he felt like we as a whole class had taken a few steps back in terms of drawing techniques and the use of elements. 105 more words

Final Draft Ensign Layout--Adobe InDesign


In starting this project I admit to feelings of intense inadequacy. It felt like a crash course in Adobe InDesign and I couldn’t figure out where to start. 548 more words


Magazine Spread

My Magazine spread uses an article names TURN ON YOUR LIGHT by Sharon Eubank. I used the principle of repetition through colors and page header/footer I used both left and right alignment. 22 more words

Design Elements

Architecture in the OTTMAN Empire

Historically the establishment of the Ottoman Empire from a small emirate in the era of Anatolia was next to the Seljuk emirates, led by the Roman Seljuks. 870 more words

Architectural Design