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Stihl: Keep it Simple


The moment I saw this ad, I fell in love with it. The clean simplistic look is beautiful. The designers took a very ordinary everyday scene to cleverly makes the viewer look at it in a different way. 446 more words


Exploring Memory and Place with Xochi Solis

At the opening of artist Xochi Solis’ workshop at the Art Students League on Denver on June 17th, my fellow attendees and I were asked to describe the last place we had traveled to that was completely new to us. 464 more words


Building a Cohesive Brand Identity

I know companies understand that they need to have a brand, but many miss the mark on creating a cohesive brand identity. Although many may see this as ‘fluff’, creating a strong brand identity can be a complicated process that’s difficult to master. 566 more words


A Summer Jacket that Means Business

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted on this blog and it seems like forever since I’ve finished a garment to blog about. So, let’s get down to business with the jacket that I was going to wear on a trip to Brazil that has since been cancelled. 902 more words

Design Elements

Artists I Know: Mindy Bray

“Living Wall” and “In the Presence of Absence,” mixed media paintings on raw canvas, ©2017 Mindy Bray

“Rivulet” and a small work on paper pictured in Bray’s studio in Denver. 401 more words


5 Reasons I Sketch

Sketching your design seems pointless, sometimes doesn’t it? It’s all in your head. You know exactly where everything needs to be. I get that way too. 606 more words


Flooring element I believe is one of the most under valued element in a booth design. An excellent booth design not only has to consider the visual elements of the structure, but also take in the consideration of all the other senses. 90 more words

Design Elements