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Dissecting Design and Color

This is a reverse engineer post for a Nike poster. I took apart the design and analyzed the contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, and color. The original designer of this poster is Chris Pow, and can be found at this link: … 336 more words


Design and Color Reverse Engineer

Design and Color

Photo: LA Times

This image was an ad campaign directed by Rihanna to launch her seasonal collection. The ad was meant to give a sneak-peek into the personality of Rihanna: to be bold and expressive. 457 more words


A Prickly Situation: Volkswagen Reverse-Engineer Project

This assignment explores the use of contrast, repetition, alignment, ¬†proximity and color in design. The advertisement below for Volkswagen Precision Parking was produced by Cerebro Y and R, Panama… 301 more words


Medallion Process -- A New Center Block for Class

When I teach Medallion Improv!, I use a blueprint specifying the size of the center block and the widths of each border. This frees the student from concerns about those proportions, allowing them to focus on other aspects of design. 626 more words


Worth a Thousand Words

Credit for this design goes to DDB Tribal Berlin, Germany. The ad was created for Volkswagen.
The original image can be found HERE
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Schoeffler… 406 more words
Reverse Engineer

Photo 112: Project 1: Design Elements

Design elements & principles are what make a photo or image ( or any other medium) successful. In photo 112, our first project was to re-examine these principles and elements. 282 more words


Coffee Table Love

Over the past year I have taken a bit of break while pursuing some career goals. In this time I have shifted my focus to marketing and what impact my marketing role has on sales. 299 more words