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What the hell are design principles?

Simply put, design principles are like visual grammar. With them, we can create a hierarchy of visual elements that helps us guide the audience around an image or page and emphasise the most important aspects of a design, without the viewer ever having to think about it. 724 more words

Data Visualisation

Why Properly Using Design Principles is Critical

As we all know, it is pretty easy to look at a website and determine, right off the bat, whether it is designed well, or not. 568 more words

Web Design

Concrete Turns Cozy in House in a Mountain Meadow

When one typically thinks of a romantic meadow, concrete walls and chrome finishes rarely come to mind. However, the Gelotte Hommas designed House in a Mountain Meadow… 277 more words


Rediscovering the Lost Art of Dress

Reading The Lost Art of Dress by Linda Przybyszewski opened my eyes to a great deal that I hadn’t known about how women and girls learned to dress appropriately in the past and how well-educated women carved out careers for themselves in home economics departments of leading universities in this country long before women entered male-dominated professions in large numbers. 824 more words

Flat Pattern

This Seaside Bathroom is Sure to Wow

Dreaming of a spa-like master bath? Gelotte Hommas architects designed a stunner of a bathroom in their Cape Cod inspired home, Northeast by Northwest. Here are some of the design features that make this beautiful bathroom so enviable: 212 more words


Iconic Interior Design or Iconoclastic Interior Design?

Like Horace’s definition of good poetry, this blog intends both to delight and instruct.   But, I hear you ask, does the world really need another blog about something so frivolous as interior design.   321 more words

Design Foundations Resources

Hand outs for your reading pleasure (you have hard copies already)

Design Elements