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It’s the simplest design that’s often the most sophisticated. A subtly curved vase, filled with a single flower. A delicately-proportioned daybed fit for luxe lounging. Thoughtful technology that’s easy on the eyes and equally easy to use. 96 more words

Artists I Know: Trine Bumiller

Sitting in Trine Bumiller’s light-filled, Park Hill studio, we talked of memory and landscape, the meaning of trees, the color blue, our lives as working artists. 653 more words


Fun with Photography


I love photography! I have worked in digitization for the last decade, and I really enjoy being able to use photography to capture amazing sights. 687 more words

Great Design

Typography in 2018!

Sans Serif

The majority of this ad was written in a sans-serif font. There are no serifs on the ends of the letters and the letters have no variation in thickness. 126 more words


Types of Type(faces)


This week we dove into uses of typography in ads, and I found a super simple Coke ad made by design firm, McCann Erickson Germany… 396 more words

Great Design

About Seeing Colors Differently

In my artwork, I’m more guided by what visually satisfies me than what makes me fit into the contemporary art world. As much as I love the red tones in a pomegranate, I almost always choose to draw instead of paint. 94 more words


You're Not Still On MySpace

The ad we’re gonna take a look at is by the company Noom. This is a fitness/health app and the ad was found while scrolling through Facebook on my phone. 482 more words