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Artists I Know: Tonia Bonnell

Talking with Denver-based abstract artist Tonia Bonnell about clouds, one can begin to look at them differently.

Clouds have long fascinated Bonnell, who noticed during her undergrad years studying printmaking at Illinois State University that from the ground a cloud looks solid, but from an airplane, its makeup of millions of tiny water droplets is evident.  367 more words


Event Design Fundamentals

The colors you chose on your design can be determinant in the experience of your attendees. You really shouldn’t underestimate what design can do. For example, if you love color red and you decide to decorate the room completely in red, your guests could end up feeling angry and irritable. 352 more words

Event Management

Mini Mandalas & Frames

So much fun to play with Mandalas!

Originally hand-drawn and hand-inked this set is a variation on the Mandala theme and is my first offering to other creatives. 52 more words

Design Elements

Colour as a visual element

Colours have very important rule in the designing of any space, it is not easy, and simply used element, it is very complicated, and  structured steps to reach the perfection. 319 more words

Design Elements

Psychology of Colours

The rule of the colour within any space has a very strong impress on the mood, creating the atmosphere, and building the identity of the space in relation with the activity and users. 313 more words

Design Elements

Patterns and colours decorative identity

What is pattern and decoration?

It has been defined by Judy Chicago and Faith Ringgold in 2016, as a contrary to what we might think when we look at it, an art of subject matter: in the most limited sense, the subject is visual experience which is one of sensory delight and of a decorative aesthetic.  395 more words

Design Elements

Assignment | Oscar awards card redesign

Did you watch the Oscar’s over break? If not, then you may not have heard that they called the wrong movie as Best Picture! How could that happen?  103 more words

Assignment: GD1