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Project 4: Portfolio Site

Through this project I had the opportunity to design my own portfolio site and the different pages that would go along with it, including about, contact, and project pages. 279 more words

Design For Web

Portfolio Site Design

This project was to make a portfolio site for our personal brand. We started with three different designs. My goal was to make my site fun and playful. 48 more words

Design For Web

Project 4 - Portfolio Site Design

When I started working on this design project, I had a pretty image heavy portfolio because I wanted to combine both my photography and design work into one website.  712 more words

Project 3 - Redpoint

For this project, I wanted to design something other than a media player.  I feel that media players can only be so different before they become unusable.  567 more words

Call to Action

For this part of the project, we worked on creating a landing page for our app. I wanted to stick with a strict color palette and decided to add some imagery. 75 more words

Design For Web

Project 3: Call to Action

Overall this project was a continuation of our previous working, building upon our music app, in order to create a 1-page promotional landing page for our app. 282 more words

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Project 3

This project is a continuation of my previous project, now including a landing page to market the app, Jam.

When I found out that we were continuing the designs from our second project including the onboarding and homepage of the app, I knew I needed to change a lot. 278 more words

Design For Web