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051718: Leaves Left

I am constantly brushing leaves aside whenever I’m rummaging through the many fossil laden rocks that surround my studio.

Here in the northeast, these leaves bring us beautiful colors during autumn. 47 more words


A review of the nature documentary “The Riot and the Dance”

This movie premiered in US movie theaters on March 19, 2018, followed by a nationwide theatrical encore on April 19th. It is not yet available on DVD. 1,579 more words


040518: Maine on My Mind

Generally, when many people think of Maine they often conjure up images of lobsters (and lobster boats), or perhaps moose if they go inland. I, on the other hand, remain mesmerized by its coastal rocks. 110 more words


030118: Two From Maine

The northernmost coast of Maine (oddly enough known as “Down East” Maine) is a rocky coast with an occasional sandy beach cropping up. Jasper Beach… 113 more words


Self Defense: A Thorny Issue

Have you ever been stuck by a thorn on a rose bush? It hurts, doesn’t it! But think for a moment… why does that rose bush have thorns in the first place? 410 more words