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Christmas is cancelled

I was hoping to test out some of the ideas I’ve been playing with in workshop form up in the islands this week but due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve had to push it back. 220 more words


Me, my island, my world: Identity and ownership in the Western Isles

In order to deliver this project, we will be running a workshop in Stornoway as a means to explore questions of identity in terms of what it means to the people of the Western Isles. 365 more words

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Design I********n

What is Design Innovation? That’s a good question. Post-its, as far as I can tell. Lots of post-its. I’m not sure anyone in my department (which is actually called the Institute of Design Innovation FYI) could give you an answer to that question which wouldn’t make you squint at them sideways and wonder when they were going to get a real job. 307 more words

Design Innovation

Social practice art vs citizen design

The area of social practice art looks at using creative practices as a means to engage with communities that are traditionally disenfranchised or unheard in society, and the majority of programmes or artists operating in this space either come from the communities with which they are working or spend a significant amount of time either embedded in or working alongside organisations who are embedded in the community. 228 more words

Community Engagement

Social Media Day: Catalyzing #ChangePH Beyond Slacktivism

We live in a hyperconnected (at least through the internet and mobile means) world, and it makes it that much easier to learn about the country’s issues, discover solutions to the world’s problems, connect with others, and be “slacktivists” or “armchair activists” by simply tweeting about something with a hashtag or signing a petition via… 406 more words


What is citizenship design?

There seems to be a conception within the design community that the reason that invisible communities are invisible is due to a lack of ability, resources and creativity to make oneself visible. 184 more words

Design Innovation

Les plateformes d'innovation pour structurer les clusters mondiaux

L’écosystème de l’innovation se structure progressivement avec l’évolution et la complexification des clusters qui s’articulent autour des plateformes d’innovation au centre des collaborations, facilitées par l’ 1,553 more words

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