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MUNI Meetup: Creativity & The Brain on October 5

#MUNIonThis: What are our brain’s defaults, and how might we build good brain muscles to mindfully overcome them? How can we get manage self-defeating thoughts, creative blocks, and brain hyperactivity in order to focus, center ourselves and put our best, most meaningful work out there? 299 more words

Mind & Body

Deane Miguel of Serious Studio, Niña Terol & Jen Horn: On Finding Your Voice, Speaking Your Truth, Making Your Mark

“Storytelling is about knowing and finding your truth. You first need to know who you are and what you’re about, before you can even begin to tell your story,” shared… 684 more words

Design & Innovation

Peer Reviews: A Disappearing Tool

Very often, I am tasked with assessing a team’s requirement verification plan – essentially determining whether or not they have the necessary artifacts to show compliance to each requirement. 568 more words


Telling Your Brand's Compelling Story - a Mindful Workshop Series by MUNI

With the explosion of social media platforms, content channels, and an over-saturation of media in a multi-screening society, how do you effectively cut through the clutter to tell a story that is truly worth sharing? 1,021 more words


No need for doctors in the future?

This post is inspired by recent events, when I was approached to moderate a controversial discussion with an expert panel at an international health innovation event in Europe.  1,278 more words


Design to Inspire: Packed Pavilion

Packed pavilion takes CAAD drawing to its limits at the exhibition 3D paperArt, part of the final leg of the Shanghai World Expo.The overall goal of the pavilion is to demonstrate how architects can use CAAD to customize the design process. 15 more words

The Real “Internet of Things”: On Technology, Psychology & Ecology

There is this buzzword going around in the tech, startup and innovation scene called “The Internet of Things” or IoT, a rather airy term referring to “the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). 730 more words

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