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Flat shapes are...flat

creator: Mother Volcano

Now with this piece, I honestly was just looking for a nice flat shape to talk about, when I found this little beauty, a collection of beautifully designed squares, triangles and circles, all flat and nice to look at. 32 more words

Design Fundamentals


Creator:Michael Cina

In this piece, We are meant to be finding and defining the positive and negative space in this piece. Well clearly you can see by just looking at the photo that the white space is the negative, while the colored space is the positive.

Design Fundamentals

The circle of life (which is symmetrical)

Creator(s): Andreas Preis and HOLY WOW

So first off, this is stunning, and beautiful. With beautiful, rich colors that reminded me of  the opening sunrise scene of the Lion King. 37 more words

Design Fundamentals

This picture is too cold!

Creator: Lee Juyong

This piece is so beautiful and fantastic, using the same blue in different shades to make the piece feel cold and lifeless, the only other colors being the red letters in “life”, the magenta colored hammer, and the clocks and little dog poops on the floor. 35 more words

Design Fundamentals

Color Mood in Gotham!

Creator:George Caltsoudas

So first off this design is extravagant! Look at the use of shape for the pegasis and Batman! It is so smooth yet so sharp due to the heavy use of red, it is almost blinding. 45 more words

Design Fundamentals

First blog post

Creator Name: Tino Valentin

I chose this hand drawn image as my first post because it shows a different way capturing pokemon is perceived. We throw poke balls at wild pokemon and force them away from there home. 13 more words