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Interior Design: Functional Freestyling

What’s the difference between Modern Design and Contemporary Design? And, how to apply which style (or both!) to your home.

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Visual Metaphors in Posters as a Call for Attention and Awareness

  • A designer created an Anti-Alcoholism add with the use of images and color to address the increasing criminal acts with the influence of alcohol in Bulgaria…
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Women Empowerment: influence in shaping the realms of Art & Design

  • On International Women’s Day, Adobe features female artists who incorporates female empowerment in their visual work.
  • Kelly Walters encourages the presence of role models for female designers of color as inspiration in developing their creative journey.
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Typography's Vitality in Evoking Creativity

  • Typography is important in design because it is associated with the readability of a message. Playing with size, type and placement of type communicate various goals and make the viewer’s feel.
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Critical Factors in Communicating through Website Design

  • Most website visitors have short attention span and creating a one-page user friendly website containing a large amount of information that is aesthetically appealing can be challenging.
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5 Reasons to Consider Combining Carpet and Hard Surfaces in Your Design

When choosing flooring for your design projects, it’s easy to get caught up in the debate of carpet versus hard surfaces. And though we’re partial to the beautiful versatility of carpet, we know that it doesn’t have to be an either-or decision. 470 more words

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