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Ethical + Modern Gift Guide #3: For Your Pregnant Friend who deserves pampering

Pregnancy can be so tough on women. I know that being pregnant is a privilege, do not get me wrong. However, for that mama who has to travel everywhere with an extra 35lbs while shuffling toddlers into their car sear, offloading groceries, cooking dinner and keeping up with the daily task of motherhood – … 118 more words

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Ethical + Modern Gift Guide #2: For Your Over-worked Mom Friend

Its been a crazy year for us mothers. Is it just me or motherhood is totally becoming  a competitive sport? From hopping from piano to swimming lessons, attending PTA and Scout meetings, to the various homework and test preps; girl are we exhausted. 204 more words

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Ethical + Modern Gift Guide #1: For Your Wild + Loving Kid

It’s that time of the year again and I am seriously thrilled to put together an ethical gift guide to help you guide your holiday shopping this year. 275 more words

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Project Clydfan

Read about how I worked with Derek and Ailsa to redesign their existing website for their holiday rental cottage, as well as to develop them a strong brand which would make them stand out in a crowded market place. 49 more words


Renovating our First House

Now that back-to-school is out of the way for us, I find myself thinking heavily about our new house. This is our first biggest purchase ever and we are still adding to the total amount by taking on a full renovation. 649 more words

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The art of protest

Is the current social and political upheaval breeding a new form of creative expression?

Text Hannah Vasdekys

There was a time when a humble flap of old cardboard with a hastily scrawled slogan was sufficient attention-grabbing signage to take to the streets. 386 more words

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Why Organic Clothing Matters for Babies

As a Chemical Engineer who worked for the largest chemical companies in the world, you can imagine how many chemicals I have encountered, managed or contained. 557 more words

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