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Is there anyone like Pedro Almodóvar?

Famed for his insane plots, charged emotions and a radical queer sensibility, we reflect on the Spanish auteur’s timeless cinema

Text Hannah Vasdekys

Those who know his work well will know that Almodóvar has experienced commercial and critical success in equal measures. 384 more words

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Helping Judy live her WHY

Read about my latest project, JudyK, which I have been working on through my brand & web design studio, Burning Leaf Creatives – and see how I helped her live her WHY. 51 more words


Zohra Rahman

We sit down with the jewellery designer to talk grit, craftsmanship and the power of design purism

Text Hannah Vasdekys Photography Matt Monfredi

“I didn’t realise that there would be so much grit involved in creating something so beautiful, and that is exactly what I fell in love with. 880 more words

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Form design rules

When designing online forms, here are my rules —

 1/ Simplicity is key

That’s it.


VULCAN: the world's largest 3D-printed pavilion

As China was designed as the design capital (now THAT is a lame pun) in 2011 by the UNESCO, there is no wonder why innovation in that sphere came from there. 148 more words