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30 May 2016

Finished the Week 3 of R programming.

Learned several split-and-combine functions

lapply : return a list;

sapply : simplified result of lapply

apply: apply functions on the matrix, directions (rows or columns) could be chosen. 126 more words

Design patterns in the real world: Flyweight

Quite some software engineers think that design patterns are some overly complicated, mythical, abstract things that bring no practical value to software development. This is unfortunate. 1,533 more words



Singleton is one of the simplest patterns to learn.

The objective of this pattern is maitain only one instance of a class.

Imagine this scenario: 111 more words

Singleton Design Pattern

1, Q: How many objects can be made out of a singleton class?

2, Q: In what circumstances would you like to implement your application as a singleton class? 162 more words


25 May 2016


The R control syntax,

if… else…


for loop and several usage of for loop

repeat, next, break


Some practice in ‘themes’ and ‘styles’. 69 more words

Iterator Design Pattern

In this article I’ll write about the Iterator Design Pattern. This pattern is used to iterate over an aggregate object without exposing the underlying implementation of this object. 1,000 more words

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