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Learning Factory Pattern using C#


Factory pattern is very common in programming. If you check .NET framework or any other frameworks Factory Pattern is widely used which shows its popularity. 954 more words

Java 8 Lambda Expression for Design Patterns – Strategy Design Pattern

The strategy pattern defines a family of algorithms encapsulated in a driver class usually known as Context and enables the algorithms to be interchangeable. It makes the algorithms easily interchangeable, and provides mechanism to choose the appropriate algorithm at a particular time. 673 more words


UML diagrams for Payroll Processing System

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To model the “Payroll System” using the software Rational Rose with various UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams.


USE CASE DIAGRAM: 30 more words

Design Pattern

Fault Tolerant Process Design Patterns

Designing a fault tolerant system in a loosely coupled system based on async calls can be quite challenging, usually certain trade offs must be made between resilience and performance. 473 more words

Solution Architecture

OOP Practises (1)

OO characteristics to use in practice :
1.Try to use different class with different responsibilities to solve problems.
2.Then try to use composition to design high cohesion module… 46 more words

Design Pattern – External Protected Access Management | Taking Solvent and Turning into Solutions

Perimeter Protected Access Design Pattern Design pattern called “Perimeter Application Protection of Identity Access Management” describes the general pattern for following securing applications with e… A Design Pattern provides a scheme for refining the subsystems or components of a software system, or the relationships between them.

Design Pattern