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Factory pattern

This is a creational pattern and simplify mean is centralize the object creation. Mainly three characters there. Client which is using Factory to creates Products. 33 more words

Design Pattern

free design pattern e-book

another guy share you an e-book, but you need to “register” your email, and they will use it to spam you. for me, I will make it straightforward, just klik this blog post, and download your e-book copy. 22 more words

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The Builder Pattern

Builders make large data objects simpler to create, read, and maintain, and they are a great way to maintain immutable data objects and give default values.

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#1 Composite Pattern Basic

Below are the basic understanding of this pattern.

  1. It work on structure hierarchy like parent child relation for a depth of x length like parent has two child each has two/one child etc.
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Design Pattern

Simple class in Python

Created on Dec 30, 2016

@author: asharda

class Class:

def __init__(self,name,salary):

def displayCount(self):
print(“Count seen is “,self.studentcount)


Honeycomb Engine: Devblog #5 ~ A Component-Based Architecture

The backbone of a game engine is its architecture. When and how you update the game state can have massive performance implications; as such, a large chunk of the time taken while writing your main loop will be spent making trade-offs that make the engine more complicated but ensure maximum performance. 1,269 more words


State of shock (1)

In dit artikel wil ik ingaan op verandering van gedrag. Hetzelfde object gedraagt zich andersin een specifieke situatie of als het ergens door getriggerd wordt. Daarvoor heb je het State Design Pattern en de State Machine. 646 more words