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Remote config in MicroServices

We are in a world of microservices, an application typically uses one or more infrastructure and 3rd party services. Examples of infrastructure services include: multiple environments, cloud configurations, a message broker and a database server.Examples of 3rd party services include: payment processing, email and messaging, etc.Although every microservice instance is an independent unit, it is recommended an approach to externalized their configurations management from one central service/location. 48 more words


Proxy Design Pattern

Q.1. When to use proxy pattern ?


  • When we have the requirement to not instantiate the actual class. Where we must have one class(proxy) which internally call the main class in it.
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Null Design Pattern

Q.no.1 When To Use Null Design Pattern ?

Ans.1. When we have the requirement to return the value or instance of any class instead of return completely null value. 65 more words


Proxy Pattern

This is not same as Bridge Pattern.

“Provide a surrogate or placeholder for another object to control access to it” is the intent provided by GoF.   420 more words


Adapter(Wrapper) Design Pattern

This pattern is easy to understand as the real world is full of adapters.   For example consider a USB to Ethernet adapter. We need this when we have an Ethernet interface on one end and USB on the other. 278 more words


Facade Pattern

The Law of Demeter (LoD) or principle of least knowledge is a design guideline for developing software, particularly object-oriented programs. In its general form, the LoD is a specific case of  266 more words

Design Pattern

Design Pattern

Since the invention of object oriented programming, different programmers are using their own approach or algorithm to solve a particular problem. Though their approaches are right and able to solve the particular problem for the time being but, still they can generate bug after a certain period for handling a unexpected input scenario. 55 more words

Design Pattern