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Implementing Factory and Facade Pattern in Python

I am studying Design Pattern course in which I am learning different design pattern and how to implement it in the real world problem. I am currently doing some implementation of Factory and Façade design pattern and came up with an idea to implement these two patterns in to one problem and implement it in python. 419 more words

Observer Pattern

Now here I come with one more behavioral design pattern in this series, which is the Observer Pattern. Observer means that someone is looking at your activity, and it may be possible that the observer takes some action depending on your activity. 964 more words

Design Pattern

Strategy Design Pattern

So far we have covered three design patterns in this series. We have defined four categories of different design patterns. In this article, I am going to explain the  975 more words

Design Pattern

Factory Pattern

The factory pattern is one of the most commonly used design patterns, something you’ll definitely be glad to have in your toolbox. It’s also pretty simple to get to grips with and start reaping the benefits. 3,361 more words

Design Pattern

Builder Pattern

The builder pattern is another creational pattern, meaning its purpose is the creation of objects. Similar to the purposes of Singleton, Multiton and Factory patterns. 899 more words

Design Pattern

Decorator Pattern

Earlier in this series we explored both the facade and adapter design patterns in this series. Using facade, we can simplify large systems, and by implementing adapter we can stay safe while working with external API and classes. 1,599 more words

Design Pattern

Facade Pattern

When it comes to design patterns, you may have questions:

Why should we use design patterns in programming? Our code can work just fine without it.

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