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Journal Log #13 - MVC

MVC is Apple’s recommended architectural pattern. It stands for Model-View-Controller design pattern. This journal log is about MVC and how to use it. 195 more words

Design Pattern

Design Patterns : State Pattern

State Pattern is share a lot of similarities with Strategy Pattern, but has its own fundamental differences as well. The State pattern allows to change the behavior of a method, depending on the state of an object, in other words it encapsulates the behavior dependent on the state ( 236 more words

Best Practices

design patterns: structural patterns

Structural Patterns:

1) Adaptor

create a channel between the interface client wants and the interface that the classes have so that they can be used… 307 more words

Design Pattern

design pattern: behavior patterns

Behavior Patterns:

1) Strategy Pattern


  1. the animal move behavior example (run or fly or swim). make the strategies independant (subclasses of an interface) and pass them to users as parameter instead of implements strategies inside of user classes separately to reduce redundancy and improve maintainability.
  2. 247 more words
Design Pattern

design pattern: creation patterns

1) Factory Pattern

Factory of what? Of classes. In simple words, if we have a super class and n sub-classes, and based on data provided, we have to return the object of one of the sub-classes, we use a factory pattern. 295 more words

Design Pattern

design pattern 1


reusable, decouple, improve performace

better performance of a system: high level thoughts

1) cache

2) load data/objects as needed

3) distribute

4) load balancing… 195 more words

Design Pattern

Builder design pattern

Intent:-  It is used to separate the construction of object from its representation. This separation is done so that the same construction can be used to represent the same object in different form or representation. 1,038 more words

Design Pattern