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Design Principles

This is a blogpost series listing the design principles and pattern definitions.

  1. Identify the aspect of your application that vary and separate them from what stays same.
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Design Pattern


Here is description of Builder design pattern

Design Patterns

Repository Pattern

If you have ever heard of software design patterns, you have heard of the Gang of Four and their book. It’s the bible on this matter and it would be a disservice not to reference it, but the pattern we will talk about is missing from this book. 685 more words

Sharepoint Testing

The Adapter Design Pattern

In this article I’ll introduce the Adapter Design Pattern and how you can use it in Java. This pattern is mostly used to enable loosely-coupling of plugins into applications (for example the way Eclipse does this). 916 more words

Software Development

[Design Pattern] Bạn đã triển khai mẫu Singleton như thế nào?

Trong các ngôn ngữ lập trình hướng đối tượng, chắc hẳn các bạn đã quen với những Design Pattern – những mẫu thiết kế và đặc biệt với là mẫu cơ bản thường gặp là Singleton. 2,050 more words

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Asynchronous Processing=True in connection string

非同步的寫法算是一個常見的design pattern,很多地方都可以看到。因為database的操作需要花時間,沒辦法用UI Thread或是IIS Thread來處理,所以database的一些操作也可以用非同步的寫法來處理。 205 more words

Introduction to MSSQL session and connection pool

打字猴前陣子有碰到connection pool和MSSQL Session的一些問題,研讀MSDN相關文件後做個簡單的整理,避免以後忘記。 534 more words