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Pengenalan Konsep Observer Design Pattern (I)

Observer pattern merupakan salah satu Software Design Pattern yang berguna untuk memantain state (keadaan) dari sesuatu dan mengabarkan state tersebut kepada bagian-bagian yang membutuhkan.  Saya akan menjelaskan gambaran lebih detail tentang design pattern ini dan contoh implementasinya dalam Java. 801 more words

Design Pattern

Penggunaan Singleton Pattern di Java/Android

Pada tulisan kali kita akan membahas tentang salah satu Design Pattern yang cukup populer, yaitu Singleton.
Singleton merupakan salah satu dari Gang of Four design… 807 more words

Design Pattern

Adapter Pattern

Adapter pattern is generally used to bridge between two perception, module or application. One module has different way of solution and another module has different way of solution for same problem, so for filling gap of these module is done through Adapter Pattern. 531 more words


Fitted Crib Sheets (DIY)

Fitted sheets with beautiful fabric can run upwards of 40+ dollars PER sheet. However, buying your own fabric (even at a steep 20$ a yard) you can likely get many of your themes elements included in making your own custom fitted sheets and get exactly what you like for less. 227 more words


Cloud Adoption Patterns for Enterprise

Cloud adoption has become a main stream strategy for Organisations to deliver innovation, agility, better TCO etc. But there are many big and small enterprises that are struggling with successful cloud adoption even after four years of hype and maturity. 1,119 more words

Sự khác biệt giữa Singleton Pattern và Static Class

Trên các diễn đàn, có rất nhiều developers đề cập tới vấn đề: Đâu là điểm khác nhau thực sự giữa Singleton Pattern và Static Class ? 257 more words


[JavaScript framework wars] May the force be with you

Before reading this post, just let you know that it could be very long post. If you don’t like to read, just scrolling down to the end of post because I put the stuff for evaluating JavaScript frameworks there. 1,335 more words