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HCI Patterns & Method of Using them! 

​HCI Patterns:

Interface design patterns are solutions to frequently-occurring problems and situation in the design of interfaces. The end users and the implementation teams conceptualize the interfaces in terms of interface design patterns. 378 more words

Design Pattern

Factory Method Pattern

Define an interface or abstract class and let the subclass  decide which class to instantiate. This is a principle behind factory method. This also know as Virtual Constructor.

Design Pattern

Data Access Object Design Pattern Java

DAO design pattern works with Data transfer object also known as value object.

DTO is a java class with properties, getter and setter methods.

Now let us create a DTO class. 255 more words

Design Pattern

[ SOLID là gì ] Nguyên tắc 5: Tính tương thích động - Dependency Inversion principle (DIP)

        Chúng ta tiếp tục tìm hiểu bộ nguyên tắc lập trình SOLID – là các nguyên tắc giúp chúng ta thiết kế chương trình và viết code tốt hơn: code trong sáng và rành mạch, dễ bảo trì, dễ mở rộng trong tương lai. 2,595 more words

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Create Custom Workflow Activities

Aim: Create Custom Workflow Activity

Purpose: The Main purpose of Creating custom work flow is to update or change the value of field item before save activity. 501 more words


Template Design Pattern

The Template Method design pattern is part of the so-called behaviour pattern family. These patterns help solve problems of interaction between classes and objects. This pattern arises from the need to extend certain behaviours within the same algorithm by different entities. 514 more words