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Design Pattern - fragment for all (2)

This session will talk more about sample for common usage.

The reason of made these demo , is not for just ask you can doing like this. 478 more words


Design Pattern - fragment for all ?? (1)

If you develop android start from 2.X , you will know most of UI code will inside activity. But since we have fragment , look like we can move everything goes for fragment , let take a look of that. 534 more words


Design Pattern/Anti Pattern: Reporting Hierarchies

In the data warehousing world we often need to report on data in aggregate hierarchies, allowing users to drill down to various depths or increased granularities similar to using pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. 969 more words

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Strategy Design Pattern

Strategy design pattern is a pattern for objects that have behavior can be changed at run time.

Example on this you have a two classes… 205 more words

Design Pattern

[Gang of four design patterns] - [Observer]

Đây là mẫu mà chúng ta bị xài nhiều nhất, hehe. Mục đích của nó đơn gian là khi bạn thích ai, muốn biết tất cả những thông tin gì mới nhất của người đó, bạn có thể dùng bất cứ cách gì để biết được điều đó. 200 more words

Design Pattern

Method Hiding Vs Method Overriding

Method Overriding (Virtual/Override keyword) Method Hiding (new keyword) Same method name and same params. Same method name and different params. Used in method overriding 136 more words
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