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F#: Computation Expressions (sad path)

The following example demonstrates how I can empower my client to decide how to handle sad-path scenarios versus the server.

In this example, I rely on Partial Application to inject my handler for a user not being authenticated. 258 more words

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Design Patterns in ASP.NET


Design patterns provide general solutions or flexible way to solve common design problems. This article gives you a simple introduction regarding learning and understanding design patterns. 1,505 more words

Design Patterns

F#: Computation Expressions (Bank Account Kata)

I have been avoiding the concept of Monads in my journey to learn F#. However, I know that sooner or later, I’m just going to have to man-up. 324 more words

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Singleton - Creational Design Pattern

Singleton Design Pattern is one of the creational design pattern which creates only one instance of the class. Only one instance of the class is created per Java Virtual Machine. 155 more words


Asynchronous execution and celery musings

Lately, I had a task of creating a workflow manager and after much testing and feature evaluation of products such as Luigi, TaskFlow, Azkaban, etc. I settled on doing it with plain celery. 1,420 more words


Sitecore 8.2: Setting up custom DI using Autofac

I’ve spent quite a while looking for a straight forward guide on how to set this up so I thought it might be helpful to put up one based on what I’ve gathered from the interweb. 615 more words


Design patterns - Visitor

Visitor is a behavioural pattern. It is used to perform some action on group of similar object without editing these objects. Updating logic is in visitor, rather than implemented in visited objects. 311 more words