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Slides for Sacramento .NET User Group

I had a lot of fun presenting last night at the Sacramento .NET user group. It was great to hear that people learned a lot and are looking forward in incorporating the things they have learned about the Provider Model design pattern and object persistence in general into their own projects. 40 more words


Object Persistence Reference Implementation

I’ve been updating my reference implementation in the last few days. I’m actually using this reference implement in my own projects. You can download the latest version on my… 222 more words


Software Design Patterns 01 : Introduction to Software Design Patterns

How extensive is your knowledge of Design Patterns?  In this article we will start with an overview of software design patterns and the different types.  Future articles will dig in deeper and provide some examples. 404 more words

Software Development

Simple Traditional GoF Patterns Over MapReduce WordCount Series

Before we go over some of the known MapReduce Design Patterns out there, I wanted to go over some of the traditional “Gang of Four” Design Patterns over the ubiquitous WordCount application. 411 more words


GoF Over MapReduce WordCount Pattern 3 and 4: The Factory and Flyweight

One of my favorite design patterns is the Flyweight. I’ve not implemented this pattern (as well as singleton, factory, service locator, etc) in production in a very long time with the advent of dependency injection containers. 570 more words


GoF Over MapReduce WordCount Pattern 2: Template Method

Moving along the next set of patterns include the Template Method. This is interesting and used in common refactorization sessions because it allows algorithmic discipline in a family of objects. 488 more words


GoF Over MapReduce Word Count Pattern 1: Bridge Pattern

Just to begin, the traditional patterns are usually taught starting from the creational patterns onwards. This series will start with the bridge pattern. For a more in depth description on the bridge pattern, please refer to a few design pattern resources available on the web. 513 more words