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Design Pattern - Abstract Factory

Abstract Factory – Provide an interface for creating families of related or dependent objects without specifying their concrete classes. [1]

Just wrote down a few notes. 162 more words

Design Patterns

Making ASP.NET MVC code more testable using a Service Layer.

Common wisdom says regarding the Repository and Unit of Work patterns in ASP.NET MVC to implement it on top of Entity Framework. This is supposed to make your code more testable and more decoupled, which is always desirable. 894 more words

Design Patterns, Part 10: The Visitor Pattern

The visitor pattern is about attaching functionality to an object temporarily.

Suppose that I am making a town-building game. I have houses that the people in it give me money through tax, which I can then spend on public services. 344 more words


Docker design patterns

Below are a few design patterns for Docker. It is an abbreviated version of docker-container-anti-patterns.

  1. Containers are ephemeral. Data or logs should be stored in volumes.
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Testing multiple application types with the Repository pattern and dependency injection

I’ve been doing a good amount of reading and learning recently about some new (to me) programming techniques: dependency injection and the Repository pattern.

A thought I had today is that these techniques could be combined to create a great way of testing different versions of a database-backed application. 296 more words


The Go4 Design Patterns Reclassified

From the video text…

So the Gang of Four (Go4) collected 23 object-oriented solutions to common programming problems, which they published as a catalog in… 1,037 more words


Design Patterns, Part 9: The Command Pattern

The job of the command pattern, as the name suggests, is to pass along “command” objects to different objects to order it to do something. 401 more words