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Mobile App to BLE communication using Hierarchical State Machine

When a Mobile App communicates with a BLE (Bluetooth 4.0+) device, it commonly has App as master and device as slave paradigm. The App performs various actions such as scan, connect, read/write characteristics and listen to notifications. 831 more words

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Adopting Builder Pattern with Abstract class

Builder Pattern helps simplify constructor and increase readability with fluent interface. It can also be handy to make the class immutable (not demonstrated here).
Here is an example if you have an abstract base class in the way: 131 more words


Design Patterns #2 - Observer Pattern

In the last design patterns post we looked at the strategy pattern and how it is a good idea to decouple your constantly changing code from the rest of your application. 639 more words

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Command design pattern

The command design pattern is a behavioral design pattern in which object is used to represent and encapsulates the all information need to call a method at later time. 398 more words

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All You need to Know about Static

In this post we will discuss all about Static Keyword. Static in general means something which is fixed, singular, stable, steady and unchanged.

In C# Static keyword can be used with following: 949 more words


Microservice Architecture

Son dönemlerde sıklıkla bahsedilen microservice mimarisini araştırmayı ve öğrendiklerimi blog yazısı haline getirmeye niyetlendim. Microservice mimarisine geçmeden monolithic mimari hakkında kısaca bir özet geçelim.

Monolithic/Layered mimari aslında traditional SOA yaklaşımıdır. 615 more words


Designing faceted search (training course in London)

In case you missed it last time (since it filled up pretty quickly), there’s another chance to catch my full-day designing search tutorial in London on May 10. 657 more words