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Design Patterns

Design patterns provide solutions to common software design problems. In the case of object-oriented programming, design patterns are generally aimed at solving the problems of object generation and interaction, rather than the larger scale problems of overall software architecture. 139 more words


Rust and the Cloneable Globals Pattern

The Rust programming language offers a sleek way to manage shared memory. Rust uses an ownership-and-borrowing scheme that actually does at least 2 things that language designers have been trying to do since C++ (or possibly even earlier!): 997 more words

Legacy Thinking

A review of GoF Deign Patterns Book

Nowadays, in the world of functional programming, object oriented design patterns are probably not fashionable. But here is a short review of Design Patterns book written by the Gang Of Four. 552 more words

Design patterns: Adapter in PHP

Software development is improved every day by new concepts, methodologies, and high quality libraries and frameworks. But even with all these improvements, we cannot prevent change in software development. 652 more words


Event stores and event sourcing: some not so practical disadvantages and problems


This post is some kind of answer to the article mentioned in a tweet by Greg Young. The blog post of the author has no comment section. 671 more words


WPF Data Grid with extensible columns

Almost another year has passed again. And here’s my next post. I’m sure I didn’t start this blog thinking that it would be an annual thing. 1,683 more words


GOF definition “Match interfaces of different classes“. This pattern comes under Structural design patterns


Adaptee : Client needs to access this functionality

Target: Client use this interface to request Adaptee’s methods… 17 more words

Adapter Pattern