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Singleton Design Pattern

Singleton Design Patterns: Singleton pattern comes under creational patterns. Design patterns are specification for designing repeatable solutions for specific type of problems. Singleton is a design pattern to solve problems which require only a single instance of any class. 755 more words


Refactoring With the Observer Pattern

What is the Observer Pattern?

Have you written a system that has the concept of “events” that need to notify users? Perhaps you send an email on a system error to an administrator. 1,644 more words


The Command Design Pattern - An Important Necessity

When we look to digital game design, and the implementation of design patterns within the coding of games, there is a constant: command design patterns. 1,648 more words

JavaScript: quick guide to Module pattern

In previous post have seen how to create JavaScript objects literals, we also saw how we can use those to encapsulate parts of our code, creating… 704 more words

Quick And Dirty Guide To ...

Searching for the right software design pattern - part one

A problem that software engineers and developers face is their inability to choose a right Software Design Pattern.


Design patterns are creative solutions, are not static parts. 272 more words

Design Patterns


Singleton is one of the simplest design patterns, yet it is easy to get it wrong. It is also called anti-pattern. Why? Let’s start from the beginning. 711 more words

Design Patterns


Software design prinsipləri pis dizayna gətirib çıxartmamaq üçün qoyduğumuz qaydalardır. Bu postda SOLID prinsiplərdən danişacağıq 894 more words

Object Oriented Design