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Abstract Factory Design Pattern Java

First of all you have to read Factory Design Pattern before you learn about Abstract Factory Design Pattern. You can go through factory design Pattern article with… 336 more words


FileSystem Syncher – Part 3

Hello and welcome,

I thought it’s just about the time we continue from where we were in the last part of this project.

As always if you want to follow along, the source code from last time can be found… 3,563 more words


Design Patterns: C++ Strategy implementation

Today I bring you an implementation of the Strategy design pattern. I’ve recently started to read Head First Design Patterns (go read it, it’s awesome) and became inspired to code their case studies on C++, just because its a language I like more than Java. 405 more words


We’ve added tables to our design manual

This week, we’ve added a section about designing tables to our design manual. We’ve done this so that our tables are understandable, are used for suitable information and address user needs first. 484 more words


Factory Design Method

Factory methods let us to choose how our class decides the way of interface implementation.

Package can have multiple 534 more words


Create Value Object in C#


How to create a value object (pattern in Domain Driven Design) in C#


Create a class that abstracts away (encapsulate) ‘data’ in your domain and provide methods to work on it. 308 more words


Builder Pattern in C#


Initialise a new type using Builder pattern in C#


Create a simple immutable type:

    public sealed class Greeting
        private readonly string timeOfDay;
        private readonly string to;

        public Greeting(string timeOfDay, string to)
            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(timeOfDay))
                throw new ArgumentException("Time of Day must be set");

            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(to))
                throw new ArgumentException("To must be set");

            this.timeOfDay = timeOfDay;
            this.to = to;

        public string Message => $"Good {timeOfDay} {to}";
… 345 more words