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  1. The code should be closed to change and open to extension, should be easily maintainable for future change requests.
  2. Prefer composition (change behavior in runtime, encapsulate family of algorithms) over inheritance (your behavior is stuck).
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Factory method design pattern C#

Factory Method Design Pattern

In this post we will discuss about Factory Method design pattern

  • What is Factory method
  • Advantage
  • General Example
  • Code Example

What is Factory method… 354 more words

Design Patterns for screen

This week’s lecture pod is an introduction to screen design basics and design patterns for screens. All about recurring patterns in the design world and what it means for designers and users. 1,013 more words


Week 7 - UI Visual Design Patterns

Visual design patterns are more about providing the user the right tools to accomplish their goals. Good UI should strive for a balance of aesthetics and efficient interactivity. 224 more words

Lecture Notes

Interactive Design

Interactive design is where a user can be involved in the journey a design takes you through. By making it a more personalised experience, the user is able to learn more efficiently through interacting with the design rather than just interpreting the designer’s way of viewing information. 323 more words


MVC: The Beyonce of architectural patterns

This pattern is very popular it is the Beyonce of design patterns. It’s so popular it need its own Album. It’s so popular that developers both love it and hate it. 247 more words

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