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The “Handled” Pattern

If there was a Pattern of the year award, last year the Arguments table would have won. The year before the Hook pattern. Or maybe that was the year before. 1,279 more words

Dynamics NAV

The rise of Polymorphismo

In my first article ever, I’ve already mentioned about how these two approaches we know now (“interface” and “abstract class”) actually have their own special benefits (and their own hardcore fans as well). 799 more words


Context Dependency Injection

The Java EE programming model has been simplified substantially since J2EE. Annotations have replaced the XML description files, convention over configuration have replaced the tedious manual configuration and dependency injection hides the creation and look up of resources. 248 more words

Design Patterns

The beginning of Design Patterns

The beginning

Did they just appear overnight? Where did they come from? In fact design patterns have a long history starting way before computing, in architecture. 188 more words

Design Patterns

Producing super-suites in The Factory

After playing around with this man Tony Stark in my previous article, how about helping him now in his mission of survival. Let’s get to another base class we have then, the “matter”. 1,210 more words


Am I a Prima Donna or a Software Craftsman?

I recently did a podcast with David Rael on his show Developer on Fire. While on his show, he asked me a question regarding my professional persona. 115 more words

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Change is a necessity. "Dictionary" and "Enumeration" make it easy.

In my previous article, I’ve tried to describe what a human class can be. Besides some basic attributes like ‘name’ and ‘id’ (from their first ancestor, the “thing”), and some from their direct parent (age, health points and stamina), human has their own attribute too, ‘intelligence’. 1,430 more words