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Are you a Professional Debuggerer?


Are you a professional developer or a professional debuggerer?

Find out by answering the following questions:

o    Do you spend most of your time building software or debugging it? 758 more words

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Singletons have their use but can also be problematic.  I wont go into full detail about this but to my understanding there are a couple different ways you can create a singleton. 129 more words

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Design Patterns for IBM Cloudant and DashDB

IBM’s Bluemix platform offers dashDB ( a cloud-based data warehouse service) and Cloudant (a NoSQL DB with CouchDB as its core). I’ve been exploring these two databases from the past 6 months now. 1,067 more words


Singleton pattern

What’s a singleton pattern?
This pattern is responsible for creating an object while taking into care that only one instance is ever created.
Take a look at this code… 136 more words

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Great Contributions to Apex Enterprise Patterns!

Just one week before the start of Dreamforce 2015, the Apex Enterprise Pattern library will be 2 years old since it was first published. My community time is increasingly busy these days not only answering questions around this and other GitHub repositories, but also reviewing… 734 more words


C#: Partial Classes versus Regions


In .NET, we can stop relying on code regions within a class and instead use partial classes and file nesting to isolate code.

An example of nested classes is the following: 775 more words

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