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Wzorce projektowe

O wzorcach projektowych na pewno słyszał każdy, kto rozpoczął swoją przygodę z projektowaniem obiektowym, a już na pewno spotkałeś się z tym określeniem przeglądając oferty pracy dla Junior Developera. 233 more words


Java: What to learn to write code frequently

I am going to type my first article on Java, one of my favorite programming language. Java is so much popular now a days. Somebody loves it, somebody scares it, somebody don’t know what to learn, somebody hates it, somebody founds it complex. 767 more words

Data Structure

Microservices with Spring Cloud & Docker

In the recent past, a team I was working with was facing an architectural decision regarding what technology and deployment footprint to go with for a greenfield project. 2,067 more words


Singleton Design Pattern

Singleton design pattern can be implemented in the following ways.

1. Lazy Instantiation

Advantage: Lazy instantiation avoids instantiating unnecessary singletons when the application starts.

Disadvantage: 364 more words


Singleton vs Static Class

  • Singleton Class instance can be passed as a parameter to a method whereas static class cannot
  • Singleton class can implement interface(s) or derive from another class whereas Static class can’t…
  • 45 more words

Alternative Patterns for Method Overloading in Go

TL;DR – In this post I share 3 patterns, 2 of which can be used, to deal with Go’s lack of method overloading – a functional way, an object oriented way, and a “JavaScript” way. 1,509 more words


9 Anti-Patterns Every Programmer Should Be Aware Of

A healthy dose of self-criticism is fundamental to professional and personal growth. When it comes to programming, this sense of self-criticism requires the ability to detect unproductive or counter-productive patterns in designs, code, processes, and behaviour. 3,160 more words