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Surrender Now: Introduction to Inversion of Control

Many software design patterns exist that can greatly simplify complex application development processes. One very important goal in many application developments is to increase modularity and extensibility of the application, and to enable easy testing of the delivered results. 1,361 more words

.Net Core

The Prototype design pattern

“Need an almost similar object, don’t create, just clone it”

Where/Why did I use this pattern:
Object creation is costly. Heavy weight objects are costlier. Assume a case where we need to create heavy objects frequently but in most of the cases, the newly created objects are almost the same w.r.t. 260 more words

The Builder Design Pattern

“Need to create a composite object with optional attributes, don’t create, build it”
Where/Why did I use this pattern:
In a class having multiple attributes, we can having constructors of all combinations of these attributes. 404 more words

Software Design Patterns

I am excited to announce my first cut at creating a tutorial. The screen-cast software I am using on my Ubuntu box seems to not like my southern drawl. 21 more words

Software Development

Why learning design patterns?

When it comes to the software quality , Any software product a common set of aspects of quality, each come with a price and you have to pay for. 369 more words

Anti Patters

Way to Serialization Proxy Pattern

The serialization API provides mechanism for encoding Java objects to byte streams. These bytes may be stored or sended between different virtual machines and reconstructed back to the objects (deserialization). 835 more words