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Self-Evaluation & Stories: Part 2

Phases 1 and 2 continued:

Phase 2, Step 1: Keeping Track of Your Money –  In December 2013, I started keeping track in a notebook anything tiny house related that I bought. 997 more words


Self-Evaluation & Stories: Part 1

In April, I posted the first two phases of the steps list I’m writing (see them here), noting that every tiny house journey happens in a different order. 1,327 more words


A Couple of Decisions

I’ve decided to get the trailer delivered. I talked to Randy again this morning, and he said that he can double-up trips to lower my delivery cost to $350 (plus tax). 277 more words

Design & Planning

All Is Well

I can breathe a little easier. I spoke to Randy on the phone and he confirmed everything. They have all the pieces cut and they started the welding today! 693 more words

Design & Planning

Trailer Stresses

I pick up my trailer in ONE WEEK. I’m starting to get pretty stressed thinking of all the things I want to get done really soon. 827 more words

Design & Planning

Tiny Documentaries, Big Thoughts

Happy May everyone! I got to sleep in today and I spent some time day dreaming about my tiny house before I got out of bed :) 606 more words


Character Model Guides and Character Creation

Character Model Sheets are the templates of the characters used by the animation staff. They provide the construction, structure, proportion, design, etc. for each character. Usually, several models sheets are needed for each character to show the physical and design nuances.

984 more words
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