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Stuck and Stressed

I wish I had progress to report, but the trailer is still wall-less and summer is getting away from me.

Work, the weather, the engineer, the roofing, and calculations kept me from building before leaving for vacation for two weeks. 411 more words

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Starting Small

So I’ve discovered that I’m terrified of nail guns. I’m not gonna let that stop me, but it has slowed me down.

I bought a nail gun and some nails: 295 more words

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Not My Day Job

The days are counting down until I leave for vacation and I’m stressing! Researching nail guns by night and getting up early for wood deliveries isn’t very much fun, but I get to go to sleep daydreaming about my future kitchen :) 445 more words


Steps List: Procrastination

There is one step in Phase 2 that I didn’t include that I should’ve. I’ve been procrastinating on it myself, and now it’s holding up my build. 532 more words


Shell Budget: Trailer/Floor

The second part of my budget is the Shell. It includes everything from the wall studs to the roofing material. When the shell is done, the house will look complete from the outside, with windows and siding. 350 more words


Preparing Budget

This blog is 50% for myself, to keep track of the build and to be able to look back on, and also to keep friends and family updated <3 The other 50% is for other tiny house hopefuls, looking for resources. 1,094 more words


All-Threaded Rods

When I ordered my trailer, I knew I was going to need all-threaded rods to attach the house to, but I didn’t have exact framing plans to go from. 801 more words

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