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The Next Chapter

Final collection, these are the words that instil fear into the toughest of any university fashion student fuelled on double shot latte’s and sausage and egg Mc Muffins. 111 more words

Personal Development

Cmart community website

The design concept in this project is “A portal website” that must be simple and had essential community contents on it.

First I set 3 sections which classified, Blog that are provide by user. 39 more words

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Monthly Market

Establishing 32 pages newspaper using InDesign from start to finish was a big challenge for me.

In the project, I had to provide most banners and articles by myself because there was only one graphic designer in my company. 22 more words

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Gag Character Design

Both characters have different personality. The horse is lay-back and dumb. On the other hand, the master is clever and peaky.

I tried to express their characteristics on their face, so I made the horse’s eye slanted. 11 more words

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Crisis Center

The Crisis Center in Rexburg seeks to help restore the faith and strength of individuals who have suffered from domestic violence and/or sexual assault. They also want to help decrease the amount of future victims by educating others on how to help and friend and/ or stay away from these negative situations themselves. 273 more words

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RSA - Logo and Icon developments

From the list of names Listed in the previous posts, I narrowed the list down to 3 from which I let my fellow classmates pick the final name. 270 more words

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Website Development: Changing Lenses, Changing Lives

Project Duration
2 months

Key Stakeholders
Jennifer Wynne, President & Founder of Changing Lenses, Changing Lives


  • Communication and interaction design
  • Front-end web development (HTML/CSS)
  • 161 more words
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