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Ugly Fruit website design

My latest design project has been to create a website design for an imaginary client called ‘Make A Difference’ who own a fresh fruit & vegetable franchise that sells ‘ugly’ produce – perfectly good in quality but aesthetically unappealing. 168 more words

Design Principles

SOLID Design Principles

SOLID is an acronym comprised of 5 basic principles intended to create clean, maintainable and simple software architecture.

Single Responsibility Principle:

  • “Every software module should have only one reason to change”, meaning each class should have one distinct purpose and only contain code for that exact purpose.
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Alignment: All of the category titles are aligned center while the body text is aligned left. Inside the brochure, all three sections are aligned with each other in terms of the images and text. 196 more words



Contrast: I used a varying degree of font sizes while maintaining the same 2 font types to contrast the difference between the body of the articles as well as the titles and the table of contents. 189 more words


Mastering Mobile Design

InVision Blog: Mastering mobile design: Focusing Vs. Expanding

SC Moatti

The best mobile products feel so obvious that it seems like anyone could make them. Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth: it takes a lot of work to make something beautiful. 20 more words



Contrast: ​I used the difference in color for most of the contrast. The colors vary between the
darker shades of green for some text and my logo and the lighter shade of green for the flat… 199 more words


Logo and Business Card

Contrast: ​I used a green hue as my primary color in my logo. When applying the logo to my
business card I used a tint of the same green as the half of the background opposite the logo, 176 more words