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Design Principles through Photography

Photography is the perfect way to capture a beautiful moment and preserve a memory you may cherish forever (or one that you wish your parents didn’t). 79 more words


An Unarticulated Principle of User Interface Design

A few month’s ago I renewed my British driver’s licence while sitting at my computer in São Paulo. As a British resident, all I needed to have with me to be able to renew online were the following: 1,124 more words

Design Principles

Impact Investing: Return on Investment From Marketing Social Goods

Can you do well while doing good? This is the ultimate question for a marketer in the public and social sector. Doing well in the public and social sector means more than just money. 575 more words

Principles Of Marketing

Design Principle #1 - Separation of Content and Presentation

How do we deliver the content to the end users? Depends on the audience, we might need to deliver the same content in different formats such as html, PDF, printer, voice prompts, braille, etc. 136 more words

Design Principles

Design I // Line Explosion

This semester I teach 2 sections of Design I. A new experience for me is teaching an overwhelming number of Landscape Architecture majors, along with Fine Art, Photo, Interior Design, and Floral Management. 166 more words

Mississippi State University

Good AND Bad examples of UX - App Annie

While I was researching for the competitor analysis for the ISS Detector app, I was signing up for App Annie, a site that provides reliable statistics for 4 major app stores ( 379 more words

Design Principles

High Cohesion

When I first started learning about object oriented programming, and really digging into the best practices, loose coupling and high cohesion kept cropping up.  I had a hard time trying to keep them straight and remember which one I wanted more of and which one I wanted to reduce.   747 more words

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