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Domain Driven Design with Web API revisited Part 9: the overall database context


In the previous post we looked at the repository pattern and abstract repositories in general. We discussed the role of repositories and saw how they can be useful in hiding the implementation details of the concrete data store solution. 1,144 more words


Jibo: Perfectly Flawed Just Like All of Us

In prior posts we have described Jibo as a character. At Jibo Inc., we talk about the importance of a “perfectly flawed” character.

You might ask why? 275 more words


Interface design 1

01 Introduction and a historical perspective

Its the second day at IBA and we were introduced to another subject, Interface design. First we went through the course curriculum, which is divided into three parts – knowledge, skills and competences. 150 more words

1. Semester

Domain Driven Design with Web API revisited Part 8: the abstract repository


In the previous post we finished working on our domain layer. We have built the aggregate root of our load test aggregate, i.e. the Timetable object. 1,303 more words


Creating a delightful product!

Some days back I was working on a desktop application that was doing reasonably good in the market. It had a set of dedicated users who were using it for a longtime. 422 more words

Product Design

The power of brand: Designing city flags

In his TED talk, Roman Mars of the podcast 99% Invisible makes a strong, touching and often funny plea for city branding, beginning with the city flag: 397 more words


Domain Driven Design with Web API revisited Part 7: the aggregate root in our domain model


In the previous post we discussed the concept of associations and standalone classes. We saw why it was important to keep the coupling between domain objects at a minimum. 1,827 more words