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Six Principles of Principles

I love a good principle.

They’re fundamental in nature. Sometimes simple, often deep. They guide behaviour. They help make decisions in the complex world of multiple decisions required. 528 more words

Design Stuff

SOLID principles in .NET revisited part 10: concentrating on enumerations resolved


In the previous post we built some bad code. We built it like that deliberately to make you aware of how easy it is to misuse enumerations. 656 more words


Rules of Interior Design - Scale

Scale and proportion can be tricky.  Most things we use everyday are scaled to work with the proportions of the human body, such as door knobs and light switches.   266 more words

SOLID principles in .NET revisited part 9: concentrating on enumerations


In the previous post we streamlined our demo code so that it adheres to the SOLID principles. You may still spot bits and pieces that violate some design principle. 779 more words


Object Oriented Design Principle: The Open-Closed Principle (OCP)

When there’s a single change in the program that results to unexpected changes to the other dependent modules that program have obviously undesirable traits that we have come to associate with… 368 more words

Clean Code

SOLID principles in .NET revisited part 8: clean-up


In the previous post we covered letter ‘D’, i.e. the Dependency Inversion Principle among the SOLID principles.
A class can have a number of dependencies in order to perform its functions properly. 1,136 more words