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Typeface Classification: Adidas

For this brief we had create an A3 poster containing at least 12 examples of typographic classification. But I wasn’t allowed to use actual type. I had to choose an object to apply to the typographic classification for example a chair, shoe, tree, beard almost anything you think of. 253 more words

Design Principles

Typeface Classification



3.Slab Serif


5.Abrupt Serifs


This is a typeface classification exercise that I had to where different fonts style are layed out. And you have to drag the right label into the correct box next to that font. 220 more words

Design Principles

Cheese or Font

We had to go to the Cheese or Font website so we can test our knowledge for font names. It’s very simple click the “Cheese” button if you think the name is for a cheese. 259 more words

Design Principles

Figure & Ground

For this task we had to choose letter forms to merge together to create something unique and stylistic using each letter form. Which all have their own weight, style & Geometry. 194 more words

Design Principles

The power of design: basic elements of graphical communication

In a recent presentation, research and senior TED fellow Genevieve von Petzinger showed 32 ancient graphical symbols that she found repeated in cave paintings and hieroglyphics arounds the world. 299 more words


Vodafone Cloud & Message+ - Customer journey design

We were asked to assist with the exploration of Cloud sharing scenarios, which would accordingly be used to enrich Vodafone’s instant messaging app, Message+.

By analysing the earlier conducted market research, customer needs and industry examples, enabled us to cluster our insights to design principles. 80 more words

Vodafone CXX - Customer journey design

This project was focused on improving the Vodafone customer experience, across all markets.

In our case, we focused on both renewing customers as well as customers that could become ‘converged’ (combining mobile with home services). 53 more words