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Finding a Missing Link in Design - Guest Blogger: Mary Martin

I’ve been trying to understand design for over forty years, beginning in my later twenties when I got interested in creative stitchery in the “pretty-much-anything-goes” 1970s, a time when one could get away with not knowing very much about good design and still have a fair degree of commercial success. 589 more words

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Design Thinking Process - Adobe

Adobe CC: Design Thinking: A Manual for Innovation

Demian Borba

Design Thinking is a method or process that starts with a design challenge, moves to the empathy phase (interviews, observation or experience), then to definition (or re-definition) of a problem or challenge, embraces ideation (diverge first and converge later), uses prototypes (build to think and learn fast) and continues with testing.


Why everyone is a designer… but shouldn’t design

tnw: Why everyone is a designer… but shouldn’t design


Everyone is a design participant. But you’re the expert. You must drive the design, not allow others to drive you. 24 more words


A Look at Retail Store Windows & Their Impact on Consumers

I’ve created this page on my blog for my class, Fashion Promotion, but I think this will also be a fun addition to my blog! For these posts, I will have pictures of fashion store windows that catch my attention, and do a good job of visual merchandising- getting shoppers attention and drawing them into the store! 84 more words


10 Design Principles from the "How Posters Work" Exhibit

This past winter I went to the Cooper Hewitt museum in NYC and saw the exhibit How Posters Work.”

“The exhibition dissects the designers’ creative uses of design principles and visual expression to underscore the significance of a designer’s and the viewer’s eye to the design process.

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the user, the stakeholder, and driving a VW Bug

Also forever after referred to as “The Volkswagon Story”

Somewhere early along the path of becoming a UX architect, we’re all taught this truism – … 1,891 more words

The Volkswagon Story