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Getting cosy

I’ve recently come across the Danish concept of hygge. In English it roughly translates as ‘getting cosy’ or more accurately the art of being convivial and relaxed. 313 more words

Design Principles

Organizational Structure: Start with Design Principles

It would be foolish to design a home without first thinking through your needs. How much living space do you need? How many bedrooms?  What style do you like? 505 more words

Organizational Performance

Recognition over Recall

My daughter is 6 1/2, and she is an avid reader.    She has six different series that she’s reading through.  But spelling will bring her to tears.  440 more words


Assessment 1: Post 1: The Idea

The area of my specialisation is within the banking and finance industry.

The way of executing the format will be ideally delivered by the regional general manager by way of newsletter form and rolled out on a monthly basis. 272 more words


The 6 Principles of Design [Infographic]


Here is an interesting look at the various elements of good design including Unity/Harmony, Balance, Hierarchy, Scale/Proportion, Dominance/Emphasis, Similarity and Contrast. The application and perceived psychology of each determines the overall success of a design.

Source: folography.com


Mandatory Assignment 01- Design Principles

My interpretation of the assignment was to learn about the Gestalt design principles and find examples of each, and then I would need to pick up the three I liked best and illustrate them using my own technique. 589 more words


MA01 - Design Principles


Most people have seen good and bad examples of design across various platforms. These can range anything from a nice logo, a eye catching poster to an engaging website. 341 more words