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The Art of Persuasion

Pitch Evaluation

Things are starting to wind up in the studio. This week, it was time for all the designers to pitch their concepts to the group as a way to gauge interest for certain topics and proceed to develop the top ideas. 1,515 more words

Design Studio

The Art of Mixing and Matching

  • Reflect on your experiences as an individual researcher.
  • Describe the research methods you used to garner inspiration and user research. What worked best?

As a designer, I believe that there is a a key aspect that you must address in your work. 1,001 more words

Design Studio


I believe art is a living force that expresses life as it occurs in an animate and inanimate condition. For art to flourish, it is important that the artist remains true to it-expressing it honestly and intuitively. 93 more words

Design Studio

Waiting for the "Aha!" Moment.

In the past, coming across a marketing campaign or product that I thought was a fantastic idea I always had the same thought: “the person who thought of this is a genius”. 1,102 more words

Design Studio

Article about the movie "Manifesto"

Often when introduced to the concept of a chameleon the most basic characteristic is its ability to blend into any environment its put into “MANIFESTO” IS Cate Blanchett’s equivalent of this characteristic of a chameleon. 548 more words

My Manifesto

design process book cover copy  

Why do you speak the way you do? Why do you feel the need to be friends with people you do not necessarily gel with? 458 more words

Preparing for the Challenges Ahead.

Computer on, textbooks out, and pens ready. The official welcome to my second semester has started and I am greeting it with nothing but excitement and curiosity. 594 more words

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