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The Deskless Classroom: Environment as the Third Teacher

The grammar of the classroom tells us what is possible there, tells the learner what to expect, how to act, how to interact, what is important. 695 more words

Language Arts

Reflection 6

Reflection #6 – Active Learning

Do students need to learn foundational facts and procedures before participating in higher order thinking or application skills?

Blooms Taxonomy categorizes learning based on complexity. 224 more words


Fear of Marketing = Fear of Starting

Lately, when I talk with business owners, I often sense a fear of getting started in today’s marketing arena. Due to the myriad of choices available today, both entrepreneurs and owners of established companies are confused and uncertain as how best to spend their limited marketing dollars. 68 more words

Design Thinking

Idea Depression or How to Find Inspiration in a Hamburger, Sandwich or a Cake

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Do you feel that there are no new ideas?

You browse around on the Internet, talk to friends and read newspapers but you find nothing exciting. 694 more words


Reflection 4

Katrina Schwartz of MindShift states “Design Thinking is an approach to learning that includes considering real-world problems, research, analysis, conceiving original ideas, lots of experimentation, and sometimes building things by hand.” The process as described by Schwartz reminded me a lot of the ADDIE model. 326 more words


We spend 90% of our lives indoors.

But how does this material world influence our wellbeing? If we are all indeed design thinkers and we do shape our surroundings, are we doing it in a mindful way? 1,395 more words


KNOW Your Customer - The KYC Irony

In social circles, I have often come across discussions on what makes a teacher a brilliant teacher, what makes a manager a worthy leader,  what makes Apple products great, which is a better concept for care of senior citizens today, what is the best way to address drug addiction etc. 517 more words